Book 3: Chapter 2 - Amorous Feelings

“Have you gone through the coming-of-age ceremony yet?” Harry smiled maliciously. He was still behaving light-heartedly, although he didn’t do that to me anymore.

Sis Cannon looked at Harry suspiciously. “Wasn’t my coming-of-age ceremony held on my birthday back then?”

Harry maintained his malicious smile and the other guys sniggered ambiguously.

“That was your coming-of-age ceremony for everyone to see. I am talking about the other kind that we can’t see.”

“Captain!” Khai blushed as he tried to cover Harry’s mouth.

“Coming-of-age ceremony that you can’t see? What is it?” Raffles asked curiously.

I turned away from them. Guys sure like to talk about these things.

“He’s asking if you slept with Khai!” Ming You suddenly shouted from a distance. It sounded like she used her loudest voice possible, so that everyone could hear her. She finally took her revenge against Sis Cannon for making fun of her earlier.

Sis Cannon was stunned on the spot.

“Pfft. Hahaha.” Harry burst out into a fit of laughter.

Raffles blushed next to Harry, blinking as he tried to process the conversation. Truth be told, he was a bit slow in understanding certain things despite having two brains.

“Oh!” The guys became excited and they whistled and howled.

“Sis Ming You lives up to her reputation. She is the most knowledgeable!”

Ming You chuckled as she had vented her anger.

“I don’t understand these adult affairs,” someone joked.

It was snowing heavily outside, and one could immediately turn into a frozen statue if they were to venture outside in this blizzard. Yet it was very lively inside Snowstorm, fueled with intense male hormones. They were like bucks cheering and courting, as they were turning into adults in the upcoming spring.

Khai blushed in panic, and shouted at the guys, “That’s enough!”

We were expecting Sis Cannon to be shy like the other girls, when discussing these kinds of topics. But she completely surprised us. 

Sis Cannon caught everyone’s attention by suddenly slapping her palm on the windshield. She stared at Khai. “Khai! Come to my room tonight and let’s study for a bit!”

“Oh!” It instantly stirred a great commotion in the cabin. Spring was really coming.

Sis Cannon was staying true to her personality by being straightforward, simple and brutal. She didn’t blush, nor pant. She had a Queen’s bearing.

Khai’s blushed face had now turned purple. He covered his face and squatted down, as if  he was preparing to jump deep into a hole, if he could conjure one up.

“Captain,” Sis Cannon suddenly called for me. I looked at her in confusion. She blushed as she asked, “Teach me about it.”

I was stunned.

Everyone redirected their attention to me, and the guys exchanged glances.

Harry and Raffles were standing beside me, and I could see that Raffles was completely taken by surprise.

Harry leaned against the windshield behind me, as his shocked gaze alternated between me and Sis Cannon.

“Sis Cannon, you should look for Sis Ming You. She knows more about these things. How can you ask Brother Bing about these things?!” Moorim leaned against Mosie’s shoulders, while looking at her in disdain.

“Exactly, why would Sis Cannon ask Brother Bing?!” The guys were making fun of Sis Cannon.

“Look for me for what?!” Before I could even answer her question, Ming You continued and replied bashfully, “I don’t know anything! Go and ask the adults!”

“This is embarrassing.” Sis Cannon blushed too.

“You are feeling embarrassed?” Ming You smirked at Sis Cannon, “I can smell your pheromones even from here!”

“Hahahaha…” The guys started laughing.

Xiao Ying also covered her mouth to muffle her laughter.

Sis Cannon pouted as she was at a loss for words.

“I reckon you don’t need to learn about these things from anyone, especially not from your captain. She is even younger than you!” Ming You had finally found a great opportunity to tease Sis Cannon.

“Younger, so what?” Sis Cannon rolled her eyes at Ming You. She then glanced at the guys in disdain. “I’m telling all of you! Our captain here knows the most among all of us!”

Now I was suddenly wishing to hide inside a hole, just like Khai.

“Sis Cannon, that’s nonsense. What would she know?” Harry pushed my head lightly as he chuckled. I was even more depressed by Harry’s reaction.

Sis Cannon looked at him with a smirk. “You’re childish! Our captain…”

“Ah! We’re here!” I immediately pointed outside the window. Snowstorm finally stopped and I sighed in relief. It was getting a little too hot in there. I put my hands behind my back, and ignored Harry’s grinning face.

“Prepare Ice Dragon!” Harry commanded.

“Captain, captain, don’t leave yet!” Sis Cannon caught up to me. “Teach me when we go back to Noah City, okay?”

I glared at her. Then, I lowered my voice and told her, “Go and look for Noah. She has a reference film.”

“Film? Oh! Captain! Thanks!” Sis Cannon hugged me and I pushed her away. “Go back!”

“Yes! Captain!” She extended her hand to open the door for me.

I nodded heavily and stepped outside. 

The moment the door closed behind me, I hugged myself and shouted inwardly, Sis Cannon... you are an idiot!

“What film?” I was shocked as Raffles suddenly appeared next to me. “Ah!” He relied on his image to teleport as he wished.

“You frightened me!” I walked away from him.

He floated next to me, “What did you mean, when you told Sis Cannon to watch that film? What kind of film is that?”

“There’s no film. I want to go to Kro. Tell Xue Gie to get ready. That’s it!” I quickened my pace. In the end, I began to jog. My face was blushing deeply as I ran to Ice Dragon’s parking space. I leaped into Ice Dragon in one go without halting even for a second.

Ice Dragon’s cabin had already been repaired and returned to its main ship.

“Activate.” I gripped the operating lever.

“Oh, my little Master, what made you blush so deeply, and your heart race faster? Did anyone find out our little secret?”

“Go away! Let’s go!”

*Sigh.* Ice Dragon’s engine hummed as he sighed, “I never expected Khai to be a virgin; these kids are completely innocent and kind.” Ice Dragon shook his head.

I glared at him. “Don’t mislead them! You perverted fox!”

Ice Dragon flashed a sly smile. “Oh, it is a male animal instinct. I reckon they would be worse than me when they get started.”

I must tell Raffles to convert Ice Dragon into a female!

The above cabin door opened, and I could see that the blizzard had died down. We flew out of Snowstorm, and could see cargo vehicles following behind us. All team members took their places, and we departed to Kro once again.

The snowflakes fluttered in the air, and Kro was just as quiet as before.

Ever since the last time, after I had dreamt about Kro, the spirits had stopped appearing whenever we had entered Kro. However, they would stand at the top of the towering buildings and watch us leave.

There was hope in their eyes, but they never asked for any favor from me.

The noble lady had said, We are selfish and we are sorry.

Why did she say that? She is so selfless. She opened the door for us to take everything from inside Kro.

Today would be the last time I come to Kro.

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