Book 3: Chapter 1 - Coquettish Youthhood

The boundless universe blended into one in the snowstorm, just like a world as white as a sheet. If there wasn’t a GPS, I would have been completely lost as though I was traveling through the desert. To top it off, I would suffer from snow-blindness from staring into this whiteness for too long. 

It was still heavily snowing outside and it was hard to believe that spring was on the horizon.

This marked my last time going to Kro.

For the past few months, Harry had been packing sh*t in the ecology lab when he wasn’t at training. Every night he would return to his bedroom with a pungent and unbearable smell.

Raffles and I would go and pick him up, and then the three of us would return together. But Raffles and I would keep our distance from him because the pungent odor was too overwhelming.

We would let Harry shower in secret, while Raffles and I would keep watch to ensure no one came by.

He would shower using the sunflower-shaped floral shower gel that I had brought back from Kro. He liked the bright yellow sunflower that was like the brilliant sun, and it felt like the air was filled with the scent of the sun itself.

He could take off a flower petal and sink it in the water to take a bubble bath. Or he could put it on a loofah and it would foam up like a shower gel too.

Harry liked the sunflower, which was just like his character; he was cheerful, courageous, always improving himself with unremitting efforts, and working hard in order to achieve a better life.

Raffles liked the orchid, which matched with his quiet and elegant personality. Maybe, not quite as much because he would speak non-stop when both of his brains were working simultaneously. He would continuously blabber all the calculations that would do with his other brain.

“Spring is coming!” Raffles was looking forward to spring. Harry and his troops can bring the resources they found in Kro to exchange for precious seeds in spring.

I had also found seeds in Kro, but it was a pity that they couldn’t be used. There were also rose seeds that Arsenal liked.

There wasn’t any in Kro, but there were some in Blue Shield City.

Seeds were extremely precious in this world, and they had almost become the currency of the highest value, similar to gold. It could be exchanged for anything you wanted.

Hence, one needed seeds to exchange for other seeds or other valuable items. 

We looked at Raffles. Every time we would head into Kro, the scouting troop and the DR team would come along. They would control the robot and enter the historical site with me. Then, they would be in charge of moving things and controlling spaceships.

However, Raffles was only a holographic image.

God was fair since He had given Raffles two brains, but He had lowered his radiation resistance power. Raffles might only be slightly better than ordinary people. I also understood why he would desire for the outside world so badly.

He was a scientist, therefore, everything from outside was tempting for him. He was dying to explore and discover new things. However, he couldn’t leave his lab, which was undoubtedly the most painful thing for a scientist.

He wished to walk around and explore Kro personally. He wished to encounter the spirits. He wished to pick up a blue flower from the tree-vine. He wished to touch the light-wall that was covered in blue crystal energy.

But he couldn’t!

He could only be with us in the form of a holographic image.

“Would spring be here?” I couldn’t believe it. The snow in front of my eyes was still heavy. It didn’t look like spring was coming at all.

Raffles installed a heater in Snowstorm, and finally, everyone could take off their thick cold-proof suits.

Of course, there were limited resources. He had only installed heater pipes in Snowstorm and Ice Dragon. However, there wasn’t any facility to cool the air. Hence, there wouldn’t be air conditioning during the summer.

“Spring is coming; Xue Gie would be disappointed, right? Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon laughed as she looked at Xue Gie.

Xue Gie looked expressionless, but her eyes indicate that she loathed to part from the snowstorm. Without the snowstorm, she couldn’t perform her superpower.

“But there’s the rainy season.” Xiao Ying held Xue Gie’s arm. “Xue Gie can still control the rain.”

Bill watched Xue Gie from the side in silence.

For the past three months, the scouting troop had been going on missions with the DR team. That had made Bill and the other guys very happy.

“Bill, you are not saying anything to Xue Gie; you should go and say something.” Khai and the other guys started making fun of Bill and Xue Gie. The guys were always behaving like that.

“What are you doing?!” Sis Cannon roared and Khai immediately became serious. Sis Cannon glanced at him in disdain. “Childish!”

Khai squinted his eyes and looked away in grievance.

Bill glared at the rest of the guys and said, “I’ll sing if you continue.” 

“No, no, no. Don’t!” Everyone immediately retreated by three steps.

Harry chuckled and looked at everyone. “Look at all of you! Bill, you and Xue Gie are turning adults this year, right? There’ll be coming-of-age ceremonies!” Harry wriggled his eyebrows at Bill.

As expected, Bill blushed immediately as he stole a glance at Xue Gie and lowered his head. His long straight hair hung by the sides of his face and covered his red cheeks.

“Oh!” Sis Cannon raised her eyebrows. “There should be many coming-of-age ceremonies this year, right? That’s fun!”

“So, did Sis Cannon pick Khai during her coming-of-age ceremony?” I asked out of curiosity.

Sis Cannon supported herself on one hand against the windshield and flipped her short hair, “That’s right. We have to fight for great men. Otherwise, they would be taken away by the others. Luckily, I am the oldest. Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon laughed with pride. Her laughter made Khai blush.

Sis Cannon had picked Khai, but they didn’t share a room. The adorable young guys and girls in Noah City were innocent in their relationships.

“How about Sis Ming You?” I asked Ming You as she watched them in silence.

Ming You was stunned. Then, she suddenly blushed and lowered her head.

“Sis Ming You didn’t pick anyone.” Harry nudged me. “She has yet to decide. She is an adult anyway. She can pick at any time.”

“Sis Ming You didn’t choose because she has a high standard,” Joey intentionally said loudly as he glanced at Harry.

The other guys sniggered.

“That’s right. Ming You is not interested in any of us since we are at a lower radiation resistance level. Isn’t that right, captain?” Williams purposely hit Harry.

Harry didn’t understand the guys’ amorous glances but chuckled along. “That’s right. None of you can match Sis Ming You’s high expectations.” 

Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying were exchanging glances behind Ming You as well. They looked at me meaningfully, while I blinked at them.

I had never expected Sis Ming You to be interested in a romantic relationship with a younger man.

“... Because Sis Ming You is still waiting for the person that she likes to grow older. But he should be old enough now. Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon laughed and Ming You blushed immediately. She turned to punch Sis Cannon. “Nonsense!” She harrumphed angrily and then turned to leave.

Harry immediately beckoned the guys to stop making fun of Ming You. “Alright! Ming You cannot bear with your bullying. Be careful, she might decide to not heal you when you are wounded next time.” 

Everyone held back their laughter and continued to exchange meaningful glances.

Those closely involved cannot see as clearly as those on the outside.

Snowstorm and the other cargo vehicles traveled forward in the snow but there wasn’t any jolting.

In order to conserve Xue Gie’s energy, we would first head to the level six radiation zone. Then, Xue Gie would open up the route for me so the spaceships could fly behind me in order to return.

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