Book 2: Chapter 95 - Wait For Spring

Harry spun to look at me, stunned. He seemed shocked that I would accept his offer without hesitation and I hadn’t even tried to be courteous with him.

I didn’t look at him. What are you looking at? You suggested it! I didn’t force you to. I wouldn’t feel bad if you have to pack sh*t.

“Heh.” Harry chuckled. He turned around and shook his head with a smile.

“Mm,” Elder Alufa agreed then he looked at Harry and me. “Do not act recklessly next time! Your lives are the most important thing!”

“Yes!” Harry and I replied in unison.

Raffles who had been tense finally let out a breath of relief and smiled at us from behind Elder Alufa.

Arsenal smiled playfully too.

Everyone’s worried expression was replaced with excitement to pound at us, but they didn’t dare to move recklessly as they watched Elder Alufa carefully.

Sigh!” Elder Alufa sighed. He supported himself with his wooden staff and shook his head. “Too young!” 

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci’s expression became stern again. “Dismissed!” Then, they turned to help Elder Alufa leave.

Williams, Khai and the other guys immediately ran towards Harry.

Bill followed far behind everyone. His gaze bypassed everyone else and fixed upon Xue Gie. It was as if everyone else had turned into air in his eyes. 

Xue Gie looked back at him quietly. Their communication method reminded me of the saying, No hint will be lost on a kindred spirit.

Sis Cannon and the girls ran to me too. “Captain.”

Raffles smiled bashfully and walked up to us with Arsenal.

I suddenly recalled something. “Report! I brought back the simulated blue crystal!”

Everyone instantly froze on the spot.

Shocked, Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci quickly helped Elder Alufa to turn around.

Raffles and Arsenal paused on the spot too.

The entire hangar was in silence once again, as if time had frozen over.

This time, the silence was due to surprise, astonishment and disbelief.

“Which simulated blue crystal?” Elder Alufa asked me nervously, not daring to rashly believe that it was a new simulated blue crystal. As if he was afraid to be disappointed if I had meant the one from Noah City.

“Is it from Kro?!” Raffles ran over excitedly. Gaze following him, Elder Alufa stepped forward haltingly. Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci supported him as he watched Raffles run to me, full of anticipation for Raffles to get him the good news.

True to his nickname, Raffles was really the mascot of Noah City.

“Mm.” When I nodded, Elder Alufa finally let out a breath of relief. Elder Alufa looked so terrified to lose his hope. He must have experienced too much gain and loss. That must be why he would get so worked up when he heard about precious things like simulated blue crystal. 

“That’s awesome!” Raffles became excited. The others stared in surprise too.

“You really brought it back!” Harry looked at me in disbelief.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Otherwise, why would I go? I can’t let you come and save me for nothing.”

Harry rolled his eyes at me. “How did you bring it back?! You didn’t just bring it back like that, right?” Everyone started retreating all of a sudden.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci protected Elder Alufa at once anxiously.

Raffles looked at everyone. “Don’t worry, everyone. If there’s radiation, we would have died long ago.”

Everyone came back to reality and smiled at one another.

I rolled my eyes at Harry. “I found a box for storing simulated blue crystal in Silver Moon City’s spaceship.”  Then, I turned to walk into Snowstorm.

The cabin door was already open and Snowstorm sent out Ice Dragon, which I had broken. Ice Dragon had lost its windshield so I climbed in to take the box from under my seat. The simulated blue crystal was shimmering in the box.

I popped my head out and looked at everyone. “Can simulated blue crystal be cut?”

“Cut?” Raffle, the smartest person in the room, was dumbfounded.

Everyone exchanged a confused look too.

Elder Alufa smiled and replied, “Luo Bing, a simulated blue crystal is normally a gemstone of one carat in size. There’s no cutting required.”

“What do we do with this huge one then?” I held up the glass box that contained the simulated blue crystal. Everyone gawked at the sight.

No one had ever seen such a huge simulated blue crystal. Elder Alufa got so excited that he nearly had a heart attack.

The simulated blue crystal caught everyone’s attention, who all gasped in admiration. They were excited and looking forward to the coming spring.

Raffles reckoned that if he could cut the simulated blue crystal, they would be able to realize the plan to transfer all the goods from Kro to Noah City.

Although the transporting would exhaust the simulated blue crystal, wasn’t the reason why everyone worked so hard looking for simulated blue crystal to provide the people in Noah City with a better life? To bring back abundant resources?

Therefore, Elder Alufa thought it would be worth it. This was something we had to do!

After cutting the simulated blue crystal, one piece would be put back to where Harry had taken the old one from and the remaining would be installed in cargo vehicles like Snowstorm. I would lead them into Kro and move everything back from Kro before spring.

“What do we do about the spirits?!” Harry was worried.

In the meeting room, a trail of cargo vehicles were neatly lined up to Kro. It was so exciting!

I smiled at everyone who looked worried. “The spirits won’t hurt us because they were once humans. They are willing to provide us with the resources. They are selfless.”

“Then, why did they attack Silver Moon City’s robots and spaceships?” Raffles looked at me with a confused look.

I stood there in silence before Elder Alufa, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason and Arsenal. Then, I spoke again, “Because the people in Silver Moon City treated them as monsters. Naturally, they had to stand up for their homeland.”

At my words, everyone became quiet. Only Elder Alufa revealed a gratified smile.

While Raffles was busy testing the spaceships, Harry went to the ecology lab to pack organic fertilizers.

The ecology lab was mainly in charge of recycling resources in Noah City. For example, the recycled water.

Recycling organic waste was an important task too.

Hence, poor Harry went to pack sh*t.

Because Noah City’s daily discharge amount was much greater than demand for fertilizer, it would require vacuum packed storage. Sh*t was great fertilizer.

In this polluted world, sh*t was a precious resource. With it, we could slowly cleanse the polluted soil so that it would become fertile again for planting various crops.

After Noah City had found a decent habitat, the fertilizer would come in handy for creating a piece of fertile land for the next generation in Noah City. A land clothed in wild profusions of vegetation.

One generation would plant the trees under whose shade another generation would rest.

One generation would pack the shit on whose soil another generation would reap the harvest.

Everything that the people in Noah City did was for their next generation or even the following generation. They hoped that their future generations would have a beautiful homeland and be able to live a happy life. In order to achieve the goal, everyone wouldn’t give up hope.

I stood in front of Snowstorm and smiled. Although the snow was heavy outside, hope was somewhere afar. Spring was coming too.

Xing Chuan, I’ll leave a surprise for you in spring. I hope you like it.

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