Book 1: Chapter 15 - Swear To Never Return To Silver Moon City

*Bang!* I heard the airplane wing break. The entire plane started spinning. My head hit the protective shield in the front and all I could see was the churning world and the rolling monster in my chaotic sight.

Finally, the entire world came to a standstill. I could only hear a buzzing noise in my ears. If my airbag hadn’t been broken by her, I wouldn’t be so severely injured. In this spinning world, I suddenly saw the monster who wanted to get up but fell down once again.

*Pak!* The safety belt left me as it came undone. *Swoosh!* The protective shield in front of me opened, and I fell straight onto the ground. *Bang!* I landed on the sticky ground again. As I lay prostrate on the ground, through my blurred vision all I could see was the struggling  monster. 

I felt a prickle in my nose and there were tears flowing down from the corners of my eyes,  making my vision even more blurry.

*Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!* In the quiet world, the monster tried to get up again and again, but she kept falling down repeatedly.* Bang!* She fell again at a place close to me. She was looking at me directly and she was gasping for air as she laid on the ground. *Phew, Phew, Phew, Phew!* Tears flowed down from her white eyes. This reminded me of the white goose at my grandpa’s place, and its pair of welled up eyes before it was killed. Grandpa was not able to kill it because of that. That was the time when I understood that animals have feelings too.

As we laid on the ground facing one another, we kept looking at each other. She blinked to squeeze out her tears and she tried to stand up again. Yeah, she tried so hard to stay alive. How could I just lie here and cry? Luo Bing, this is not a time for you to cry. You can cry as much as you want after you survive this.


I could faintly hear noises that sounded like “Vroom Vroom”. At the end of my blurry spinning world, there was a starlight. That starlight… was moving… towards me…

*Bang!* The monster fell down again and it couldn’t get up.

In the dark, a rundown motorcycle dashed over. It stopped and two people got down from the motorcycle. They ran to us and my head became heavy. I was terrified. I was worried that they were the people from the Ghost Eclipse City that He Lei had mentioned. I was even more worried that they were some other people who would threaten my life.

Someone ran in front of me and squatted down. However, nausea hit me and my eyes closed uncontrollably.

“Dad! People from Silver Moon City! Look! It’s an escape pod from their spaceship,” there was a blurry face in my blurry vision. His face was covered with a facecloth. Above the facecloth, there was a pair of shimmering amber-like eyes.

It was a guy’s voice. His voice was hoarse as though he was in puberty, but it was clear. It wasn’t emotional, nor wicked, nor greedy, nor excited, but it was more of a shock of seeing someone with an escape pod.

“That’s strange. Why is she so badly injured? The escape pod of Silver Moon City should be very safe…” I heard him muttering to himself, “Oh, I see. The flying corpse broke it. No wonder…”

“Silver Moon City? You take that female flying corpse,” suddenly, there was a middle-aged man’s voice. It was a magnetic and clear voice of a mature man.

“How about him? It looks like he was severely injured."

“Silver Moon City would come to save their own people eventually. There’s a signal device in the escape pod. The spaceship will come and save him. You give him some water. I believe the people from Silver Moon City will arrive soon. I don’t want to offend them.” The uncle sounded like Silver Moon City gave him a headache and he didn’t want to deal with them.

Give me… water…


“Hey, are you okay? Can you hear me? Here, water,” he helped me up carefully and let me lean on his shoulders. He fed me with refreshing water. I had a gut feeling that they… were not bad guys.

When I saw Ah Xing and He Lei, my gut feeling had told me to be careful, even about the people who were imprisoned together. However, although I trusted my gut feeling, I couldn’t resist the others’ concerns and their sincere smiles.

I exerted all my strength and held his arm. He was stunned when I lifted my face and looked at him. I tried very hard to not let myself faint at that moment. “Save… save me… I… I… ran out… I, I don’t want to… return… to Silver Moon City…” I then fell into his arms. As darkness hit me, I heard the uncle say, “That’s interesting. There are people who want to run away from Silver Moon City. Harry, save him.”

“Yes!” Harry immediately helped me up.

“And, take the signal device out from the escape pod. Raffles is going to be so excited when he sees it! This is Silver Moon City’s technology!”

“Alright!” I felt someone carry me and put me back into the escape pod. Then, my body was once again wrapped with the seatbelt. Then, I heard his gentle voice again, “Sit tight. We are bringing you home…”


Home… That’s great…

*Ring*… The school bell rang.

I saw my classmates rush into the classroom and everyone was holding their admission forms while I was sitting alone in my own seat. I was nervous as the exam was starting.

*Rustle.* The teacher passed down the paper. I picked up my pen and wanted to start writing.

The first question was—how do you feel after travelling in time?

What? What kind of a question is that? The heck!? There are even multiple choices below.

A. Damn; B. Fuck; C.What the hell!? D. Shit

… Can anyone tell me who wrote this question paper? Is this a test for foul language?

Then, I looked again. There was a second question!

The second question was—when you run into a bandit, which part is the most effective and efficient to kick?

A. Face; B. Stomach; C. Groin; D. Leg.

Oh my goodness!

What kind of a paper is this!?

The third question was—do you think you are dead?

I was stunned and I heard a buzzing noise in my ear.

The long buzz made it difficult for me to continue to read the test paper. I looked around and the surrounding world started spinning. My teacher and my classmates smiled at me. Their smiles were so eerie that it made my hair stand.

“You’re dead. You’re dead. You’re dead. You’re dead.” They said in unison like robots.

I stood up hastily and knocked the chair behind me. There was a loud crash. I shouted at them, “I am not! I am not! I will survive! Survive!”

“Hehe,” suddenly, there was a foolish chuckle. Then, the surrounding world became silent. My teachers and classmates didn’t speak anymore, but they stood or sat in the original spot dumbfounded, without any expression.

“Hehe…” Another foolish chuckle, “Waifu…”


What waifu?

“Hehe… Waifu…”


Something dripped on my face. It was slimy and disgusting! And it was a little smelly too. What the heck is this!? I looked up and was shocked. There was a blurry human face!


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