Book 2: Chapter 94 - Punished Together

It turned out that I had already taken Noah City as my home. I treated Sis Ceci as my elder sister, Raffles and Harry as my brothers, Arsenal and the other girls as my sisters.

I am coming home. I’m sorry that I’ve made everyone worry.

“Xue Gie!” Raffles exclaimed in surprise and pointed upward.

Harry and I lifted our heads in unison as the protective layer on top slowly opened. We immediately saw a person standing with her hands spread open, up in the white sky between the huge walls of snowflakes. The snowflakes encircled her like elves dancing around their Queen.

“Wow!” Raffles gasped in admiration.

“That’s so cool!” I watched Xue Gie in the snow. At that moment, she was really the Queen of Snow World!

“Mm, she’s cool.”

The three of us were simply looking up at Xue Gie.

She slowly descended in the air. Although she didn’t have any cape on her battle uniform, it didn’t affect her imposing manner as the Queen of Snow World. She landed above us and looked down at us. Her expressionless face made her look even more imposing!

The three of us were instantly intimidated by her imposing manner. We nearly knelt down on our knees and chanted, “Greetings, Your Highness!”

Snowstorm plunged forward at full speed under the protection of our Queen of Snow World!

We finally saw the entrance of Noah City ahead while Xue Gie continued to stand steadily above us. 

Her superpower was too imposing. It was a pity that we could only see a glimpse of her demeanor through the snowstorm.

As Snowstorm began to descend, the snow immediately became rampant as we entered Noah City.

Xue Gie waved her hand and the snowflakes encircled her wrist like a bracelet. She lifted her hand and studied it carefully. Her thin lips lifted into a faint smile, like an ice beauty who was coaxed into a rare smile by a whiff of spring breeze, like a snow lotus that bloomed in the snow.

Snowstorm parked steadily. Harry and I immediately took off our cold-proof suit and ran out of Snowstorm. We were in a hurry to return home; all we wanted was to stand on Noah City’s ground again. This was our love towards our homeland, an unexplainable strong calling.

“Dad! Mom! We are back!” Harry rushed out. In the huge hangar, Elder Alufa, Arsenal, Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, Raffles, Bill and the girls were there.

The guys and girls stood in two lines on both sides. They looked nervous and kept quiet while Elder Alufa, Uncle Mason and the other authorities stood there in a dignified manner.

I ran out too, and felt a cold breeze from above. It was Xue Gie leaping down from the top of Snowstorm to my side. Her hair fluttered and fell to her shoulders while she remained composed.

Bill relaxed then. He must have been worried about Xue Gie.

Raffles looked at us excitedly and wanted to come forward. However, he stopped behind Elder Alufa and sent us eye signals.

Elder Alufa looked glum, with a wave of faint anger. It was my first time seeing Elder Alufa angry.

“Dad! Mom!” Harry ran to Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci excitedly.

Uncle Mason also took huge strides towards Harry but his footsteps brought about an intense murderous look.

*Pak.* A loud slap reverberated throughout the silent cabin. The moment Harry stopped before Uncle Mason, Uncle Mason gave Harry a tight slap. I instantly stopped, tense, at Snowstorm’s door.

Harry stopped on the spot. Uncle Mason had slapped him and blood was flowing out the corner of his mouth. However, he quickly looked up and put his hands behind his back. Then, he stood in pride like a soldier!

“Do you know that you did wrong?!” Uncle Mason roared. Just the night before, he was still worried about Harry and made fun of Harry after he had found out that Harry was fine. Now, he had turned into a strict military office again!

The night before, he was Harry’s father and had hence been worried and anxious.

Now, he was the general of Noah City, the highest military officer. Even though Harry was his son, he had to be punished for going against the rules!

The slap also held a father’s concern and worry towards his son. Uncle Mason who usually looked light-hearted was actually strict with Harry.

“Yes!” Harry replied in a bright and clear voice. He sounded proud and unyielding.

Uncle Mason gave him a glum look. “From today onwards, pack organic fertilizer in the ecology lab after training!”

“Yes!” Harry furrowed his eyebrows and replied.

I remembered him saying that he would rather be hung at the square than be punished to pack organic fertilizer.

“Luo Bing!” Sis Ceci suddenly roared. Arsenal watched me with concern and the other girls tensed up too. It was as though they were the ones who were going to be punished. The sight itself proved Sis Ceci’s imposing manner.

Before I had come to Noah City, Sis Ceci had been in charge of training Sis Cannon and the other girls. Eventually, Sis Ceci had handed the DR team over to me. I became their military officer and captain while she and Uncle Mason slowly passed over the two elite troops in Noah City to Harry and I.

Then, Harry and I had acted recklessly and forgot all about retaining the steadiness of a captain.

I had nearly gotten Harry’s life into danger while Harry had taken the one and only precious simulated blue crystal in Noah City without permission, which had caused the communication system to collapse. Later he had even exhausted the simulated blue crystal.

“Yes!” I immediately moved forward and stood by Harry’s side. We had made mistakes and so we accepted punishment.

Sis Ceci looked at me sternly. “Luo Bing, do you know you did wrong?”

“Yes.” I looked down in guilt. I didn’t dare to look Sis Ceci in her eyes, which were filled with worry and anger. I also didn’t dare to look at everyone’s worried expression.

“You go to the ecology lab to pack organic fertilizer with Harry then.” Sis Ceci sounded gentler than Uncle Mason had.


“What? Luo Bing too?!” Harry got anxious. “Mom, that isn’t suitable for girls!”

I looked at Harry. “But I did wrong. Of course, I have to accept my punishment. I will accept whatever punishment is given to me.”

“What do you know?!” Harry signaled me with his eyes frantically. The corner of his lips was still swollen. He lowered his voice and whispered, “Organic fertilizer means sh*t!”

My eyes instantly opened wide! Sh*t!!

Harry immediately turned around and said solemnly, “I am willing to take the punishment on behalf of Luo Bing so that Luo Bing can train everyone instead!”

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci looked at Elder Alufa, who looked troubled. I was suddenly nervous. I was willing to be punished but if it was to pack sh*t, I shared the same thoughts as Harry. I’d rather be hung at the square for a month.

Elder Alufa looked at me. “Luo Bing, are you willing to accept Harry’s suggestion?”

“Yes!” I accepted it without hesitation. My instant reply caused Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci and the others to not be able to hold back their urges to laugh. Raffles covered his mouth and tried his best to hold back his laughter. Even Elder Alufa who kept a stern look couldn’t help but look at me smilingly.

The mood had finally relaxed and everyone let out breaths of relief.

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