Book 2: Chapter 93 - Go Home!

“Spirits are humans,” I cut him off calmly. Raffles stopped at once and looked at me in shock. I paused for a while then sighed, “They were once humans."

“How did you know?” Raffles asked hastily.

I furrowed my eyebrows and replied, “I can’t explain. I seem to have made a connection in my nervous system. They were the people of Kro. Their bodies were burned at the end of the world, and they ended up the way they are now. Raffles, do humans have souls?” I looked at Raffles.

He became quiet too; he had no conclusion to offer either. “According to what you say, from a scientific aspect, it sounds more like a mutant. Just like humans mutated into flying corpses. Oh yeah, the human figure monster you saw underwater, from the footage that Ice Dragon had transferred back, we confirmed that it is a water monster. Its origin is identical to the flying corpse. Humans mutated and evolved to adapt to the underwater environment. Hence, we call them water monsters. In that sense, the people in Kro must have experienced a unique mutation and became spirits.”

It turned out that they were once humans.

The metahumans belonged to the category of mutants as well. 

*Hong.* The spaceship suddenly trembled. I realized that Harry wasn’t in the tent anymore.

“Where’s Harry?!” I immediately looked at the cold-proof suits in the tent. Harry doesn’t know about the cold-proof suits. He didn’t leave just like that, right?

“Harry left to check on the repair earlier,” Raffles smiled and assured me, “Don’t worry. He checked the cold-proof suit.”

I looked and there really was one less cold-proof suit. Harry isn’t silly.

Just then, another figure appeared outside the tent walls and patted the tent. “Luo Bing, you woke up? We can go back to Noah City!” He sounded excited.

I pulled on the cold-proof suit and got out of the tent. The cabin outside was still covered in frost but all the screens were working. A protective layer outside the window was opening gradually. The entire spaceship was whirring with vigor.

“Blue crystal energy is amazing!” Harry stood at the front of the cockpit. The protective layer was opening up in front of him and white light was pouring in.

Clad in an orange cold-proof suit, he looked like an alien in the snow-white world.

He looked up and watched the snow-white world. “The snowstorm seems to be milder. That’s strange.” 

“Could it be Xue Gie?” I went forward and stood next to him.

The protective layer in front of us was open. The snowflakes poured on the transparent glass. I wondered what material the windshield was made out of, as it remained clear and there wasn’t any frost. The view outside was clear.

The snowflakes became very slow.

“Xue Gie?” Harry looked at me in shock.

“Yes, Raffles said that Xue Gie is coming to get us.”

“Really?!” Harry turned back to the front in surprise, “I can finally see Xue Gie’s superpower!” Right after his words, the snowflakes stopped in front of us!

This was still a high radiation zone so Xue Gie wouldn’t be able enter. However, Xue Gie’s superpower could cover a great range. She didn’t even know how far she could control but from the sight before us, she was clearly strong enough to control the entire snowstorm. Xue Gie was the one who had sent me into Kro.

Noah’s figure appeared next to us. “The spaceship Snowstorm is ready so I can depart anytime.”

“That’s great! We can finally go home!” I looked at Harry excitedly while Harry nodded. “When I go back, I have to tell Raffles to install a heater,” he chuckled.

Raffles’s image appeared next to us. He looked sorry as he took the blame, “It’s my fault.”

“What did you take the blame for? I’m reckless, it has nothing to do with you.” Harry scratched his head. “Sh*t! I will definitely be beaten up when I return. Raffles, how’s the old man?”

Raffles shook his head uneasily. Harry banged his head on the windshield. “Please don’t punish me with doing the fertilizer. I’d rather be hung in the square.”

Raffles laughed. His wide smile was like mine. He’d forgiven Harry as well and had heard Harry’s apology.

Raffles and I stood by Harry’s sides and laughed as he hit his head against the windshield.

Snowstorm rose. No, it felt more like it had stood up. Its activation was entirely different from Ice Dragon. I had always thought it was a spaceship. Naturally, a spaceship would take off before it flew but this didn’t seem like it.

The surrounding instruments blinked as the windshield in front of us switched to become a transparent screen. A lot of data and a holographic image of Snowstorm appeared. 

“Harry! Snowstorm activated!” Raffles was excited, just like when he had seen Ice Dragon’s first take off.

Harry stood straight, carrying a captain’s steadiness and dignified bearing. “Great! Everything is normal. Prepare to return to Noah City!” Just as he spoke, I saw six legs appear below Snowstorm!

The thick robotic legs pulled out from the snowfield and we rose higher! It turned out that the reason why Snowstorm had managed to stay steady in the snowstorm was that it had rooted itself in the snowfield.

Harry quickly returned to his position as captain while I sat on another pilot seat.

Snowstorm stood up in the snow and the snow in front of us immediately opened up. It really was Xue Gie!

“Advance!” Harry commanded, and I heard a steady and forceful whirring sound. Snowstorm started running down the path that Xue Gie had opened up.

“Let us see if this can fly.” Harry became excited. His hands were engulfed within twin blue light spheres that could be controlled through his nervous system.

“Xue Gie stopped the snowstorm. You can fly Snowstorm!” Raffles was excited too as his image stood next to Harry. He looked just like the vice-captain of Snowstorm then!

“Alright!”  Harry began to lift his hands. Snowstorm immediately leaped and pounced into the air like a huge white grasshopper. It retracted its six huge legs mid-air, then we were taking off swiftly through the world of frozen snowflakes.

When Snowstorm reached its highest point, it began to dive down. I was terrified. “Harry!”

“Don’t panic. I am still breaking in my beauty.” Clad in his cold-proof suit, I couldn’t see his expression. However, his tone sounded extremely careful.

We continued to fall along a parabolic arc.

“Rise! Beauty!” As Harry shouted, Snowstorm suddenly lifted its head and elevated in between the two walls of snowflakes. Snowstorm flew!

Maybe it was because I was on the way home.

Maybe it was because I was going to leave the terrifying snowstorm.

Maybe it was because I was going to see Raffles, Arsenal, Elder Alufa and the others.

I was even more excited than I had been during my first take off in Ice Dragon!

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