Book 2: Chapter 91 - We Are A Family

The only simulated blue crystal in Noah City was a small diamond that everyone had been using economically. In the end, Harry had taken it and used it to power Snowstorm. He even almost used it all up. No wonder there were so many spaceships in Noah City that couldn’t fly because they had no energy core.

After thinking it over, it did make sense. Just like how batteries could charge a handphone but couldn’t power a car. Simulated blue crystal was like a battery that wasn’t rechargeable.

Operating a spaceship was complicated. Naturally, it would require greater power. The bigger the spaceship, the greater the power and energy required to operate it. Otherwise, Silver Moon City’s escape pod wouldn’t have required blue crystal energy.

Snowstorm looked so bulky and heavy. It definitely required huge energy to move, which exhausted the small diamond.

“Luo Bing,” Harry shouted for me from behind. “Luo Bing, are you asleep yet?”

I was almost about to fall asleep so I ignored him. My head was heavy as I gradually drifted off to dreamland. 

“That’s strange. Why is my chest so itchy?” I could faintly hear Harry’s voice.

“What is it that’s so rough?” He was confused.

“That’s my little Master’s tears.” Ice Dragon’s gentle voice startled me.

My dad had trained me to be a light sleeper. In his words, I would be chopped into eight pieces by my enemy if I slept like a dead pig.

Hence, I would wake up automatically if there was any movement nearby. On the contrary, if I had someone that I trusted by my side, I would fall asleep very quickly and sleep very soundly.

Harry was a person that I trusted so I should have been able to sleep soundly.

However, Ice Dragon had a dishonorable record of mine!

Hence, I had taken precautions against him. Once he spoke, I woke up with a start. 

“What?” Harry exclaimed in shock behind me.

“Remember this. My little Master warmed your heart with her tears. You saved her but she saved you too. Now there is a tie between you and my little Master.” Ice Dragon’s deep and dignified voice made it hard for me to believe that it was really Ice Dragon speaking.

It became unusually quiet. I couldn’t hear Harry’s reply.

“Your parents want to see you. I will connect you to them now.”

“Okay.” Harry sounded depressed, as if something weighed on his mind.

“Harry, are you and Luo Bing okay?” Sis Ceci’s voice resounded in the tent.

*Shh!* Harry quickly shushed Sis Ceci from talking loudly. “Luo Bing fell asleep. Don’t wake her up.”

“You are sleeping with Luo Bing?” That was Uncle Mason. “Good boy! This is a good opportunity!”

“Dad! Do you want Luo Bing to ignore me again?!” Harry lowered his voice and scolded angrily, “She finally forgave me. Don’t you dare call her your daughter-in-law again! Don’t affect my relationship again! She is my sister now! Don’t you dare come up with any more ideas! I’ve always wanted a sister but you and Mom aren’t willing to give me one!”

“Alright, alright. I know.” Harry’s lightheartedness was definitely inherited from Uncle Mason.

“What do you know?!” Harry panicked. The tent reflected Harry’s shadow. I could see him holding his temples in distress. Now he finally got how it felt like to be misunderstood.

“Go away!” Sis Ceci roared. “You’re the one who led your son down the wrong path! He just reconciled with Luo Bing! Don’t you dare make any trouble now!”

“I know, I know.” Uncle Mason still sounded like he was brushing it off.

“Son, I’m warning you, don’t you dare touch Luo Bing when you are sleeping next to her. Do you hear me?!” Sis Ceci strictly warned him.

“Why would I?! Mom, who do you think I am? You are so annoying. We are fine and we’re coming back tomorrow.” Harry tried his best to lower his voice, his tone ruffled like he was about to lose control.

“How can I not worry about you, b*stard?” Sis Ceci roared furiously. “I will be straightforward with you. Don’t you dare do that to Luo Bing!”

“What do you mean, that?” Harry asked stupidly.

“You b*stard. Are you playing dumb? Tell me honestly. Do you have a hard-on being alone with Luo Bing?!”

I instantly tensed up and my heart started racing. Sis Ceci said it so straightforwardly! I was embarrassed just to hear it.

“Wife!” Uncle Mason shouted. “Raffles and the others are here too! Your silly son won’t!!”

“Go away! They are alone together and your son is an adult! If he doesn’t know about that, then he is really silly! We can’t let him do anything wrong!”

“What are you talking about?!” Harry roared furiously in a deep voice. “What do you mean by hard-on?!” Harry abruptly paused. He instantly waved his arms. “Mom, that’s enough! Am I that kind of person in your heart! Alright! I shall tell you then! Mine is frozen and it broke! Don’t even think about getting any grandchildren! Humph! Ice Dragon, make them disappear. They are disturbing me!” Harry said and lay down heavily. The tent trembled a little.

“B*stard son, how dare you hang up on me! You-!”

Before Sis Ceci could finish speaking, her voice stopped.

My tensed nerves finally relaxed. I suddenly pitied Harry.

Sigh!” Harry sighed behind me. He tossed and turned a little. Finally, there was no sound; he seemed to have fallen asleep.

I let out a breath of relief. I can finally sleep.

“Raffles, why are you staring at me?” I could hear Harry’s soft voice again. He’d mentioned Raffles too.

“I’m worried about you.” It really was Raffles’ voice.

*Phew.* Harry let out a sigh. “Alright. Fine! Watch me. All of you don’t believe in me.” I heard Harry turning around heavily. He let out a cold humph, “Humph! Who do you all think I am?!”

It finally became quiet. Raffles wouldn’t really be keeping watch on Harry, right?

“That…” Harry said softly behind me, “Raffles, I’m sorry. Cough. And, I misunderstood that you were the one who sent Luo Bing to Kro. I heard what you shouted that day. I’m sorry. I panicked so I didn’t listen to you.” I heard Harry turning around, “In the future, we will keep watch on her together so that she doesn’t act recklessly. Okay?” Harry went silent for a while. Then, he added, “Raffles? Raffles? You fell asleep! You think I won’t know that you fell asleep if your eyes are open? Pfft!” Harry didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “We grew up together since young. Do you think I don’t know about your habits? Idiot! Idiot, go ahead and sleep,” Harry’s voice became gentle, sounding just like he was speaking to his dearest brother.

Although there was a heavy snowstorm in the outside world that one couldn’t survive, we were warm and comfortable in our small tent. Wherever our family was, that place would be our home.


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