Book 2: Chapter 90 - Grow Up Together

He seemed very nervous. He hugged his knees, his back tense, and didn’t dare to look at me.

“Did you really call Raffles your wife back then?” I asked.

His body trembled. The tension in his back relaxed. He scratched his head bashfully as he turned around, still hugging his knees. “Mm.” He nodded embarrassedly. Under his curly hair, his ears were blushing. “How would I know how to differentiate guys and girls... Raffles has long hair and he looks like that. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not making fun of him!” He looked at me anxiously and explained, “I don’t mean to say that he looks like a girl.”

I laughed. Raffles did look very pretty, to the point that it was hard to tell if he was a guy or a girl. I couldn’t blame Harry for thinking that Raffles had been a girl when he was younger.

Harry saw me smile, and was stunned. He relaxed in relief.

I continued to look at him. “I know. Raffles must have been very pretty when he was young. I accept your self-criticism letter and I forgive you. Please don’t act rashly next time. Everyone is worried.” I folded his self-criticism letter and put it in my pocket.

“Didn’t you do the same?” Harry became serious, with a touch of anger in his face. “How many times did Raffles tell you not to enter Kro?”

“But he said that Kro might not be cold.” And in truth it wasn’t cold in Kro.

“Might!” Harry almost roared, his expression heavy. “The snowstorm outside might change drastically at any time. Ice Dragon might not have reached Kro, Xue Gie might not have pulled through, and there were ten thousand other possibilities that you might have died in the snowstorm but you put all your belief in only one possible outcome?”

I became quiet. I had been too reckless too. I felt bad and blamed myself. Kro had been too tempting for me and I hadn’t been able to resist.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Harry nudged me with his fist. I lowered my face. I couldn’t look at him because of how guilty I felt. “Sorry.” I had nearly killed Harry.

“Don’t be like this. I didn’t know that there’s no heater in Snowstorm either.” Harry sighed. “But I can’t blame Raffles. The metal and raw material for a thermostat are hard to find. Raffles had to prioritize ensuring the main parts of the spaceship could operate with the resources that we’d found.”

Raffles had it tough too. He had to work with only scrap metals to build so many spaceships and flying vehicles.

“Hehe, I never expected us to be so alike.” He smiled and lowered his face while scratching his head.

Yeah, we are alike in terms of recklessness.

“Promise me to not act recklessly anymore.” Harry extended his hand to me. I looked at him; his amber eyes were serious. I nodded and high-fived him. “Mm, you don’t act recklessly either. Let’s keep an eye on each other.”

He grinned, his smile relaxed and wide.

I retracted my hands and looked outside. “We are returning to Noah City!”

“So soon?” He muttered. I looked at him suspiciously. “You don’t want to leave yet?! It’s so dangerous here!”

“Of course, we have to return.” He looked up at once. “We have to hurry up and leave. Everyone is worried about us.” Then, he blinked and looked to the side. I could see a tinge of disappointment in his side profile.

“Noah,” I called for Noah, and she appeared again before Harry and me. “Prepare to return to Noah City.”

“But my engine is busted. We can’t return to Noah City,” Noah replied calmly. I looked at her in shock while Harry exclaimed in surprise, “We really can’t leave?” He seemed thrilled with excitement, leaning forward slightly as if he was about to pounce on Noah, only to knock into me instead. He quickly stepped back. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He looked secretly delighted.

Noah City said solemnly, “Yes, we can’t leave. The weather outside is too severe. Both of you have great facilities here to keep warm. I suggest that the two of you stay here for now. It is safer.”

“How do we go back then?!” It’s impossible for us to stay here. I’d cut Ice Dragon’s face. He doesn’t have a sealed protective shield anymore so I can’t head back to Kro in him. We would starve to death here.

Noah pursed her lips in deep thought.

Suddenly, Ice Dragon popped up and stood next to Noah. “You can use my engine instead.”

“Yes, Ice Dragon’s engine is working.” I looked at Harry excitedly. “We can go back!”

Harry smiled at me, “Yes. However, it’ll take some time to change the engine. Let Noah take care of it. There are robots that do repair work in Snowstorm. It seems like we’ll have to stay overnight here.” He crossed his arms behind his head and stretched. He gave me a smile. “We can return to Noah City early tomorrow morning.”

There was only one thing for us to do then. I looked at Noah and Ice Dragon. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Ice Dragon smiled cunningly. “I’m happy to work together with Noah once again.”

Noah blushed and glared at Ice Dragon. Then, she faced Harry solemnly. “However, there’s not much energy left in the simulated blue crystal energy because the Snowstorm used it for traveling. If we have to charge the robots, we won’t have enough energy to return.”

“It’s okay, I have blue crystal energy.” Ice Dragon smiled at Noah. “I’m willing to give you my heart.”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at Ice Dragon. He is so sickeningly disgusting.

“Ice Dragon, you are so sickeningly disgusting!” Harry frowned at Ice Dragon in disdain.

Ice Dragon grinned at him. “I can be your mentor in how to chase ladies.”

*Pfft.* Harry rolled his eyes at him and crossed his legs, his hand casually placed on his knee.

Noah looked glum. “I’m going to charge the repairing robots. Both of you can rest.” She left without looking at Ice Dragon.

I turned and took the sleeping bag as I got ready to sleep.

Harry sat next to me and watched me. I got into the sleeping bag, which was warm inside.

“I…” Harry’s face blushed. His skin was as fair as Raffles’, which made his blush all the more obvious. “I’m not sleeping with you, right?” He eyed my sleeping bag.

I glared at him. “You’re sitting on yours!”

He was stunned. He looked under him with his legs spread, then let out a breath of relief. “You gave me a shock. I thought I was going to sleep with you. Hehe,” he chuckled and got into his sleeping bag. “This is so warm. You really found a treasure. This is much more comfortable than Noah City’s bed.”

“Mm.” I turned around so that my back faced him. “I’m going to sleep now. Saving you is tiring.”

It was quiet behind me. After a while, I heard him say softly, “I’m sorry."

“We all make mistakes. No one is right or wrong. Oh yeah, you don’t snore, right?” I leaned my head sideways.

“No, no. Don’t worry.”

“Mm. If you snore, wait till I fall asleep first. Yawn.” I was really sleepy. I was a metahuman, not a robot that didn’t require rest.

What had shocked me was how the simulated blue crystal had turned out to be incompetent. It had been in Noah City but had only been used for communication and composition in the meeting room. Everyone had used it very economically.

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