Book 2: Chapter 89 - Self-criticism Letter

*Rustle.* The sound of him taking off his trousers in the quiet made me blush at once. It was a mundane thing, but it became shady in this narrow space and too-silent world.

“Luo Bing.” Harry poked me again.

I ignored him.

Seconds later, he poked me once more. “Luo Bing.”

“I’ll beat you up if you poke me again!” I spat. My blushing face faded to normal.

“Luo Bing.” Haryy only poked me again.

I spun around, my hand raised. Just as I was about to hit him, he raised a letter before me.

He lowered his head behind the letter as if he intended to hide himself behind it.

“What?” I looked at the letter in his hand. It looked like a folded poster. Due to the lack of wood, Noah City’s paper was scavenged from the historical sites. Hence, much of it was posters. The back of the posters was white and could be used.

“Read this!” He pouted, “Hit me after you read this.”

I gazed at the letter suspiciously. It made me feel nervous because there had been a boy who had given me a love letter before. Harry reminded me of that guy who had stopped me to give me that letter back then.

It wouldn’t be a love letter, right?

Although it may seem like I thought too highly of myself, it would be embarrassing if it was true. I looked away from the letter out of anxiety and embarrassment, only to see a pair of fair and slender thighs!

I had seen men’s legs before because the men in my world had always worn shorts in the summer, exposing their leg hair. The only variation would be the volume of leg hair.

However, Harry’s legs had no hair! His smooth skin would definitely make girls with dense body hair jealous. His fair glowing complexion was not at all inferior to those girls who worked hard to take care of their skin. It was hard to believe that his body had looked like a rotten corpse earlier. And right now he was only wearing white underpants below his shirt! 

“Why haven’t you put on your trousers!” I took the letter and turned my back to him again.

*Cough, cough, cough!* He coughed awkwardly. “When I took off my trousers, I remembered that there was a letter in it and was in a hurry to give it to you. I’ll put them on now!”

Then, I heard him pulling on his trousers. I took a deep breath and opened the folded poster. It was a promotional poster of a youth romance movie. A boy and a girl in this world’s school uniform stood with their backs to each other, as if they had been in a fight. However, their hands were tightly clasped like they didn’t want to let each other go no matter how angry they were.

The name of the movie was ‘The Beating Heart’.

I flipped it over and saw a huge title scrawled across the top: ‘Self-criticism Letter!’

I was stunned, then immediately relaxed. Luckily, it’s not a love letter.

The title reminded me of the naughty guys in school who had always caused trouble. After getting into trouble, they would be punished with writing a self-criticism letter. Then, they would have to read it out loud in front of all the students. It was actually very embarrassing.

Harry had written a letter to me. It must have taken great courage.

I continued to read.

Dear Luo Bing,

I’d like to apologize to you. I did wrong. I’m sorry.

I said a lot of foolish things that day and I regret it.

When you said those things in front of my brothers that day, I was embarrassed. I was carried away by rage and said all those things to provoke you. I didn’t mean what I’d said.

When I’d saved you, I’d never expected you to repay me or to be my wife. Dad was the one who’d said that you might become my wife. The more he said it, the more I thought that it might be a good thing.

But now, I realized that it isn’t that simple.

Love isn’t that simple.

In the end, I made you dislike me.

I didn’t want this.

I hope you can like me. Like how you like Raffles, Arsenal and Sis Cannon. I want you to be comfortable with me, like I am with my brothers. I hope I can be your best friend.

But, I think I messed up.

Because of my ego, I messed this up completely.

I came back from Kro and got too carried away.

You recognized my ability, put on the silver badge for me and called me Noah’s Star. I thought you liked me and that you would be my wife. I misunderstood you. I got too carried away.

Luo Bing, can you forgive me for being childish? I don’t want to lose you as a friend.

In the past few days that you ignored me, I tried to endure it. I pretended not to care.

But whenever I walked past you, I’d hope you could take a glance at me, or even stare at me.

I suddenly realized that I’d rather be scolded and beaten up than be treated like thin air.

I haven’t slept for the past few days. The first few days was because we went to Kro and I received a silver badge. I was too excited to fall asleep because I thought you liked me.

These few days were because you were angry, you ignored me, you didn’t scold me, and you didn’t hit me.

You made me feel very childish. I should apologize to you like a man. You weren’t at fault, I was the one who was at fault all this time.

Luo Bing, can you please forgive me?

I won’t call you my wife anymore in the future.

Luo Bing, please forgive me. I feel awful and I really know that I was wrong.

Luo Bing, can we be like before again?

Luo Bing, can you look at me? Can you talk to me?

Luo Bing, I didn’t mean it when I called Raffles a bunny that day. I will apologize to him too. I don’t want to lose him as well. We grew up together. I thought he was a girl when I was young because he looked very pretty. I kept calling him my wife back then.

*Pfft!* I couldn’t help but laugh. Behind me, I heard Harry moving before the sound abruptly stopped. He seemed like he didn’t dare to approach me.

It’s my bad habit to call everyone my wife. I am not a loose person but I didn’t understand what ‘wife’ meant to other girls or to myself.

Many girls were happy that I’d called them my wife. Hence, I’d misunderstood that all girls like to be called ‘wife’. Only now did I realize what I've done wrong.

The girls who I’d called wife were happy because they had secretly admired me. In the end, you mistook me as an unfaithful man.

I am absolutely not!

I swear.

So, Luo Bing, I beg for your forgiveness. Because of our argument, Xue Gie and the other girls ignored Bill and the other guys, which made me sad.

Luo Bing, please forgive me. I beg you. You know I never beg anyone. But this time, I beg you. I beg for your forgiveness. I acknowledge my stupidity and immaturity. I won’t do it again. Please  give me another chance and let’s be friends again. Okay?


I finished the letter with a smile. I turned around to face Harry, but he immediately turned his back to me. He was wearing a body-hugging white thermal wear. The white thermal wear set off his vibrant hair color.

His hair had grown longer and was slightly curly. There was a tinge of wild sexiness, like Sis Ceci’s wavy hair.

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