Book 2, Chapter 88 - Young Man and Woman Are Awkward

*Mm, mm, mm, mm…*

*Ah, ah, ah, ah…*

Watching the film, I suddenly felt that offence must have been tiring and defence torturing.

“My cute little Master, this posture is not right,” Ice Dragon explained to me seriously, “Theoretically speaking, this posture is not scientific. It could easily cause muscle injury, ligament injury or soft tissue injury.”

*Lub-dub!* Suddenly, there was another heartbeat against my face.

*Shh!* I shushed Ice Dragon at once. The scene paused at a point when both men’s faces were distorted in agony. If I continued to watch it, I might have fallen asleep because the robotic repetitive action bored me.

I listened carefully to Harry’s heartbeat. Hearing that the interval of his heartbeat had become shorter, I got up to examine Harry’s heart. There was now a human face-sized patch of soft skin visible!

Touching Harry’s arm, I realized that his muscles had softened. He wasn’t stiff nor was he as cold as before. His body temperature should have reached zero or even above zero degrees. However, the green and purple coloring had yet to disperse. He looked just like a rotten corpse.

“It seems like it is efficient,” Ice Dragon said smilingly. His fox-like eyes had a suggestive glint. “I suggest that my little Master continue rubbing the skin around his chest. It would help the blood circulation.”

“Okay.” I rubbed my hands together, then I rubbed the skin around Harry’s heart. I rubbed with all my effort as though I was washing laundry. The green and purple slowly disappeared under my palm and the patch of Harry’s normal skin grew bigger and bigger.

I leaned down and listened again. I immediately heard his heartbeat. *Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub. Lub-dub.* Although it was slow and weak, it was still steady and regular.

I got up excitedly and looked at Ice Dragon. “Inform Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason and the others that Harry is fine.”

“Alright.” Ice Dragon resumed his usual elegance.

“Wait!” I blushed as I called him, “You’d better not tell them that I watched a romance action film!” Ice Dragon was such a bad person. It was hard to say if he would report in detail.

Raffles liked to do detailed investigations too.

Ice Dragon blinked. “I thought little Master would be happy to share this method. This method is very effective. As an AI, I didn’t think of it either. However, I will record this down as a reference for others."

As expected! Ice Dragon is not trustworthy at all.

“Hurry up and go!” Noah finally came back to reality and glowered darkly at Ice Dragon. “Don’t hack into my system as you wish next time!”

Ice Dragon bowed like a gentleman and said, “Yes, my beauty."

Noah turned and disappeared before us with a glum look.

Ice Dragon then disappeared too.

I continued to rub Harry’s skin, warming my palms before rubbing his skin. His recovery speed was shockingly fast.

After his heartbeat had become steady, his skin dispersed the original green and purple splotches with the force of a prairie fire. Even his purple nipple resumed its usual pink color, which made it look just like a delicate stamen.

I continued to rub downwards and avoided his chest, where a man’s sensitive nipples were. I blushed as I rubbed. It was normal for a guy to not wear a top but it was still awkward. Plus, no one would stare at a man’s chest. It was perverted!

The color slowly spread to his stomach following my palm. I rubbed below his belly button and abruptly halted by the hem of his trousers, but my finger had already slipped under his trouser waist by accident. My face instantly burned. I had totally forgotten that I couldn’t go any lower!

I was in too much of a hurry to save him that forgot that this was a man’s body.

Turning to look at his upper body, I saw that he had already fully recovered. I believed his lower body would likewise recover very soon so I didn’t bother rubbing any lower.

His naked upper body reflected in my eyes and I suddenly realized that I had touched his upper body all over!

*Hong!* I blushed even harder. I quickly retrieved my hands from under his trouser waist; even my hands were burning.

“Sorry…” Unexpectedly, Harry spat an apology from his pale lips. I came back to myself and slapped his face. “Harry! Harry! Wake up!”

“Sorry…” However, he only replied with the same word again. His voice was so soft that even a fly or mosquito could have surpassed his volume. “Luo Bing, Luo Bing…” he muttered my name as his lips started quivering.

I pulled him up but his heavy body fell onto mine. His head leaned on my shoulder and his face fell against my neck. His face was still cold.

I took off his shirt and threw it aside. Then, I put the thermal wear on for him. I raised his arms with all my effort, wanting to put his hands through the sleeves.

“Why did you take off my shirt?” Harry spoke in a weak voice. He woke up!

Without hesitation, I braced my hand on his warm chest and pushed him away. 

*Bang!* Landing heavily on the ground, he furrowed his eyebrows. The white thermal wear was around his neck, with the two sleeves hanging by the side of his face as if he had sprouted two long bunny ears. Just then, he looked more like a bunny than Raffles.

His eyelashes trembled and he opened his eyelids to reveal his bright and clear eyes. At that moment, his amber eyes still looked confused. “How dare you do this when I am unconscious…”

*Pak!* I gave him a tight slap on his face. He was instantly dumbfounded. His amber eyes instantly grew bright and he became completely awake.

He sat up and stared at me. “You hit me again! I came to save you!”

“Who saved who?” I roared at him furiously, “Do you know how many people are worried about you?! Sis Ceci told me to slap you and she wanted me to send you a message, you b*stard son!”

Harry was stunned, his face turned to the side.

“Put on the shirt yourself!” I crossed my arms angrily and turned away from him.

He lowered his face and was surprised to see that a different outfit hung around his neck. Then, he slid his arms into the thermal wear’s sleeves. When he raised his arms, I realized that he had no hair under his arms. At what age does a guy grow underarm hair?

After he had put on the thermal wear, he exclaimed in surprise, “This is so warm!”

“There’s a pair of trousers too!” I threw the pair of trousers on his face and turned my back to him.

One of the trouser legs entered the corner of my sight before it disappeared. He sounded upset. “If I’d known, I wouldn't have woken up and just let you dress me instead. Would you have taken off my trousers too?”

“Go away!” I got even more furious. He’d woken up and started behaving frivolously again.

“My legs have yet to recover!” he claimed. Then, I felt him poke my back. “Cough, can you help me?”

“No!” I retorted, “You’ll recover anyway. Put them on when you recover!”

He didn’t speak again. The tent was filled with suffocating silence. If I had a choice, I’d really like to leave.

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