Book 2: Chapter 87 - Crooked Method

His body constantly emitted a chill that filled the air in the tent, lowering the temperature. Slowly but surely, the heater gradually dispelled the coldness.

However, my hands weren’t enough. The warmth in my palm was very quickly absorbed by the chilliness of his skin, turning my hands cold again. It was as if I was trying to melt an ice cube with my hands. The warmth in my hands wouldn’t last.

I saw the heating plate by the side and wanted to take it down before I realized that it was connected to the tent. Taking it down would create a huge opening and allow the cold outside to invade.

My face reddened from anxiety even as my hands turned even colder. Suddenly, I realized that my face at least felt warm. I immediately leaned down and pressed my cheeks against Harry’s heart. Very soon, the side of my face that was plastered on Harry’s chest turned cold. As I turned to press the other side of my face on his skin, I happened to face Harry’s chin.

He wasn’t breathing. His heart wasn’t beating. His chest wasn’t heaving up and down. His body was green and purple. He couldn’t even open the corner of his eyes. I wouldn’t be able to see those beautiful, clear amber eyes again. His green and purple lips could no longer say anything that pissed me off. Yet I felt so sad that I wanted to cry.

Tears flowed down my cheeks and wet Harry’s chest, rolling down the planes of his body and collecting in his green- and purple-splotched collarbone.

If he had been an ordinary person, he would have frozen to death long ago. Even if I took off all my clothes to hug him, he wouldn’t come back to life.

However, he was Harry. He had the power of regenerative healing. As long as his heart wasn’t frozen, he would be able to survive. Therefore, I couldn’t let his heart be invaded by the cold.

On the other hand, my face couldn’t maintain its heat at all times. As soon as my face left his skin, the chilliness in his body started to attack around his heart, wanting to taint that patch of skin green and purple.

Harry was frozen too badly, his entire body was just about frozen into a popsicle. Even if the surrounding heaters were working hard, it wouldn’t be enough to instantly defrost him.

*Lub-dub.* Suddenly, I heard a heartbeat. I was thrilled with excitement. His heart was still beating! Although there wasn’t any more sound after that, it had proved that his heart was still beating.

He is a metahuman. Maybe his heart doesn’t operate the same way a normal human’s would. I have to work harder so that his heart can start beating again.

What can keep my face warm at all times?

I rubbed my hands as I thought. I thought hard and recalled the scenes that had made me blush and my heart race. Then, my face really did become warm again. I switched to the other side of my face, which happened to face Harry’s collar. I started opening his buttons. I had been busy warming his heart earlier and hadn’t finished taking off his clothes.

The thermal wear was only useful in maintaining warmth for a human at normal human temperature. It was useless for Harry to put anything on right now. He needed to first dissipate the cold from his body, especially his upper body. I couldn’t let the cold get close to his heart.

Both dissipating heat and dissipating cold required one to take off his clothes, because our clothes have the ability to maintain our temperatures and trap both hot and cool air. Hence I had to take off his clothes and expose the skin of his upper body to the air to allow the cold to completely dissipate from his body. At the very least I had to start with raising his body temperature to match that of the surrounding air in the tent.

Harry’s clothes weren’t frozen solid anymore as they had softened from the heater’s warmth. I slowly peeled off his clothes as I kept my face pressed against his chest. One button after another popped open in my hands. As I spread his shirt open, a purple pearl came into view. My face instantly burned and I quickly flipped to press the other side of my face. However, the pearl had already been imprinted in my mind.

His nipple is frozen. Would it drop off if I touch it? He can regenerate to heal. If it dropped off, would it regenerate? If my filthy-minded cousin was here, she would definitely do it because we would be so curious.

I blinked and suddenly thought of a great way.

“Noah.” I called for Noah as I leaned on Harry’s chest.

Light shone through the tent and Noah’s image appeared. She stood next to Harry’s face and looked at me seriously. “How can I help you?” Noah’s solemnity made her seem far more reliable than Ice Dragon. She was a trustworthy AI.

“Do you have…” I blushed. This was really efficient. I hadn’t even changed to the other cheek and already my face was burning. “... any films that make one blush and palpitate?”

Noah looked confused. “What kind of film?”

Cough. Romance action film.” Before I had come to this world, my cousin had promised to give me an adult gift on my seventeenth birthday. She would bring me a romance action film to kickstart my brand new life, a primer to anticipate my sexual life.

It’s a pity that I can’t watch it.

“Is it this kind?” Noah waved and a real romance action film appeared! The actual kind that contained romance and action.

“No, not this kind but the passionate kind that adults watch. Do you have them?” I didn’t have the face to say it directly. You have to believe me, I’m actually a very proper person.

Noah continued to look confused.

“Is it this kind?” Ice Dragon appeared next to Noah. Grabbing Noah, he kissed her full on the lips. Noah looked at him in shock. His long braid brushed against Noah’s chest as Ice Dragon started rubbing Noah’s perky boobs. The tent was instantly filled with passion. My heart was beating fast and my face was burning. I even felt my ears becoming hot.

“No! Not a guy and a girl!” Although it would be effective, I would feel too awkward. I am with Harry now and I just took off his clothes. Even if he is frozen like a dead person, I would still feel awkward.

Ice Dragon turned to look at me. “Do you want it to be between two girls?”

“No!” I would puke if it was between girls.

Noah stood dumbfounded, her face blushing magically. She wasn’t even a real person, just a program.

“How about two guys?” Ice Dragon squinted his fox-like eyes. “Oh, my little cute Master. It turns out that you like this kind. Alright, I’m on it! Oh yeah, I also have exotic ones. Human and beast, do you want it?”

I glared at him coldly. “Not necessary, you can keep them for yourself.”


Noah continued to stand dumbfounded.

Ice Dragon moved swiftly. When it came to non-serious things, he was highly efficient. With a wave, a screen appeared above Harry’s face. Two handsome men started kissing and touching each other passionately, before they started taking off their shirts and pants. Then, I saw the mosaic.

It’s even censored!

Noah watched it with me as she stood stiffly next to me, and we listened to two guys panting.

This was not too bad either. Although it wasn’t as impactful as when Ice Dragon had kissed Noah, I was still blushing and my heart was still racing.

*Lub-dub.* There was another heartbeat. I finally felt relaxed and could focus on my adulting class solemnly.

Cousin, I’ve broken my vegetarian diet. Although it’s a few months earlier than planned, now I know what it’s about. If they weren’t in human form, I believed I would have felt much the same as when I had watched animals mating on Animal Planet when I was young.

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