Book 2: Chapter 86 - Frozen

The second we burst out from below the ice, the snowstorm buffeted Ice Dragon, rattling it like a child’s toy. Dealing with such a powerful and uncontrollable force made me finally understand just how small I was. In the face of nature’s power, we were completely helpless. The unusual snowstorm was a consequence of the destruction of the planet’s environment, as well as part of the planet’s efforts for self-recovery.

I held the operating lever. “Ice Dragon! Steady yourself!”

“I’m trying to! Oh! I’m afraid I’m going to turn into a pile of scrap metal!” Ice Dragon sighed.

“Where’s your dragon claw?!”

“Oh! You reminded me! We still have a way out!”

“Hold on to Noah! Stop your bullshit!” I roared at him. Although I couldn’t see the surroundings due to the heavy snow, according to the screen display, Snowstorm should be below us.

“Now!” Ice Dragon launched its claw. A strong wind blew and flipped us like a lone leaf that had no power to resist the gale.

Abruptly, Ice Dragon stopped and pulled. We came to a standstill in midair. Despite the strong wind still howling, we’d stopped! Ice Dragon had succeeded!

“Got her. Approaching slowly.” Ice Dragon began to advance, relying on its claw strength to pull us closer to Snowstorm.

“Snowstorm preparing to connect.” Noah appeared on the screen before me, along with a holographic diagram of Snowstorm. It was a huge oval spaceship that looked rather bulky, like a blue whale peacefully hibernating in the snow. No matter how strong the wind was, it couldn’t move Snowstorm an inch.

Just then, Snowstorm’s top opened up to two sides, allowing us to land inside. Only after we had entered its body did I get an idea of just how huge the spaceship was, and consequently how heavy the snow must have been outside.

Ice Dragon parked steadily, and the opening on top slowly closed.

The lights in the Snowstorm turned on, lighting up a spacious cabin that was a small world in itself, covered in a thin layer of frost. Crystals of frost bloomed like white flowers on the cabin wall. The view only worried me; no matter how beautiful the frost, it couldn’t be a good sign that it covered the wall.

The space was dimly lit as frost had covered the lights.

I stood up and wanted to exit. However, Ice Dragon didn’t open the door.

“Ice Dragon, open the door!” I shouted hurriedly.

“I’m sorry, my little Master, please let me warm up. We just came out of the water and the door is frozen shut. Please hold on,” Ice Dragon said elegantly without rush.


I had no time to think. I drew my light sword and pressed the button. Wielding the activated light sword, I pierced the border of the protective shield in front of me.

“No!!!” Ice Dragon shouted in terror, his usual gentleman elegance forgotten. His image quickly vanished as I cut the protective shield with my light sword.

Then. I lifted my foot and kicked the protective shield. It fell on the ground and I leaped out.

Noah’s image appeared in Snowstorm and reported, “Harry is in the cockpit.”

“Alright!” I turned to take everything out, carrying everything with me. The cold-proof suit was amazing; I couldn’t even feel the chilliness in this astronaut-like attire. The suit was light too; the only downside was that it was too puffy.

Noah opened a door. Lights turned on in the corridor beyond to lead me to Harry.

In the quiet corridor, there were only the sounds of my hasty footsteps and friction from me running in my cold-proof suit. I ran along the tunnel, glimpsing frost all over the spaceship. It was a brand new spaceship but it looked like an abandoned hell then.

When the door to the cabin opened, I saw an even more spacious cockpit than the one in Ice Dragon. The cockpit had likewise turned into a snow world.

Harry! My heart instantly clenched. The scene before me terrified me and I felt my limbs grow weak. I didn’t dare to imagine Harry dying for me. No! He won’t die! That b*stard has lived for so many years and could take all those beatings. He can definitely survive! Even Death is not willing to take that b*stard in.

Noah’s figure appeared next to the pilot seat. “Harry is here.”

I immediately ran to her. There was an egg-shaped pilot seat in front of me, just like mine. A protective shield covered him to keep him warm. However, it was covered in a thick layer of frost and I couldn’t see inside.

I extended my hand and wiped away the frost on the protective shield. Then, I saw a person sleeping inside! He was covered in the overcoat that Qian Li had been wearing earlier. He lay there so quietly, just like a Sleeping Beauty. His long eyelashes had turned white because of the frost while his lips were pale.

“Harry!” I shouted urgently. My heart started racing, panic turning my heartbeat irregular.

I quickly dropped everything in my hands and opened the huge tent first.

“Noah, let Harry out.”

“Okay.” Noah opened the protective shield and I went to pull Harry out. When I touched his body, I realized that he was entirely frozen! I tugged him and he slid off the pilot seat. In the silence, his body even made the noises of an ice cube gliding on a frozen surface.

*Dong.* He fell onto the ground.

I swiftly grabbed him by his stiffly frozen legs and dragged him into the tent. Sensing humans, the tent started heating up.

Taking out the thermal wear, I sealed off the tent to block the terrifying temperature outside.

I started taking off the puffy cold-proof suit and kept it. As I took off my cold-proof suit to get close to Harry, I felt a puff of chill as if I was stepping next to a huge piece of ice.

I didn’t even have time to panic. Every single second was extremely precious to me.

I quickly unbuttoned Harry’s cold frozen shirt. The shirt started thawing due to the heat generated by the heater. The moment I opened his shirt, I saw that his skin had turned green and purple. My hands trembled and tears flowed out of my eyes uncontrollably.

There was only a small fist-sized patch of normal-colored skin visible on his chest, which looked to be his heart. The green and purple colors were already slowly invading the remaining soft skin.

*Drip.* My tears dropped on the tiny heart-shaped patch of soft skin.

I started rubbing my hands together. Once my palms turned warm, I pressed them over Harry’s heart.

“Harry! It’s me! I’m here! You must hold on! You can’t die! Sis Ceci still wants to beat you up!”

I rubbed my palms to generate heat and continued to press them on Harry’s chest.

As long as I warm his heart… As long as I warm his heart…

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