Book 1: Chapter 14 - Nine Chances To Die And One Chance To Live

The venomous snake had told me that he’d be nice to me as long as I spoke the truth. However, I couldn’t dare to believe another word uttered by him. I couldn’t dare to tell him that I was actually from another world. I was even more reluctant to tell him that I, Luo Bing, was actually a girl.

My ejected seat pierced a green cloud and a huge moon appeared in front of me. Then, the seat started spinning. As it spun, I saw Silver Moon City that was floating in the sky far away. It was a beautiful sight. At that very moment, I was closer to Silver Moon City than I had ever been. The lights on it became clear and I could vaguely see a vast expanse of green, like a forest.

Those monsters followed me and they plunged into the sky. Under the moonlight, their skins gave out a brilliant green.

*Ao!* Suddenly, a terrifying face appeared outside my round window. Its sharp teeth, black tongue and a pair of eyes that were as pale as moonstones shimmered with white luster! That is a monster!

Ah! I was frightened and instinctually fell back as I pressed on the armrest. There was a click and I didn’t know what button had I pressed on.

“Thruster activated!” Suddenly, there was the robotic female voice again.

Thruster? What is that?

Instantly, I heard an explosion. Then, my passenger cabin flew forward at a high speed and dashed right into the flock of monsters.

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!* I knocked into the monsters. They were crowded together and I was like a hummingbird that flew into a swarm of wasps. My passenger cabin was shaking vigorously as I knocked into the monsters.

Suddenly, the entire cabin lit up with red lights, “Thruster failure. Thruster failure.” The repeated alarm made me panic even further. 

What? The thruster is damaged!?

Then, the passenger cabin paused and suddenly started falling!

“Ah!” I felt all the organs in my body drop, not to mention how uncomfortable it felt. Luckily, the bottom of the passenger cabin seemed to be heavier and it didn’t start spinning when it fell, but fell straight down. It was as though I was in the free fall ride at a theme park!

*Clak!* Suddenly, a sharp claw stabbed through my passenger cabin seat! I looked in shock as this sharp-as-a-knife claw punctured a hole in my chair.

*Clak!* There was another crack. There was a sharp claw on the other side too! I turned around hastily and saw that there was a monster leaning against the see-through protective shield! He caught me! No, it seems like a… she?

Because her chest was right on the protective shield in front of me, and I could clearly see… a pair of huge boobs! And, she was wearing clothes! A very ragged cloth was wrapped around her chest and the exposed, uncovered parts of her skin were greenish-white.

She seemed to be trying hard to fix herself on my passenger cabin. She had a pair of wings but it seemed that one side of her wing was twisted at an odd angle. Did it break from the collision? I looked up along her body and saw her neck, and then her face!

It was a face that looked exactly like a human’s. She had facial features too. However, just like the monster earlier, her eyes were all white and her skin was shimmering green under the moonlight. Her skin was very tight, like a human skin that was stretched taut. Her ears were slightly pointy and she had long white hair.

That very moment, she looked at me with her pair of white eyes through the glass protective shield. I didn’t know if her eyes could see, but I could feel that she was looking at me.

Her limbs were very long and her joints were different from our human ones. They were very delicate as though they were more suitable for flying and hunting in the air. Plus, judging from her claw that had punctured a hole in my chair, her fingers were very long and her nails were very sharp. They looked just like a Wolverine’s!

“Imminent collision. Brace for impact!”

*Bang!* The airbags around me deployed. However, the airbags bursted instantly and started leaking because of the nails of the monsters stabbing through my seat.

Sh*t, sh*t!

I had escaped death again and again, but now, I was destined to die with this monster!?

*Woow! Woow!* She too was trying hard outside, using her other wing.

I quickly pressed on the buttons on the armrest. I got to do something and not just wait until death takes over me!

*Pak! Pak! Pak!* I pressed all the buttons hastily. *Pak!* Suddenly, there were two wings that appeared on both sides of the seat.

“Manual landing activated,” The robotic female voice rang again and there was a joystick that appeared on my armrest. The monster in front stopped moving her wings. I then understood that she wasn’t trying to catch me, but she knew that this thing I was in could fly. Hence, she was lying on the passenger cabin seat after I broke her wing, so that I could save her.

I immediately grabbed the joystick and slowly pulled up when I was closer to the ground. The entire seat started moving up. It finally slowed down the landing speed. It worked!

My passenger cabin had started to act like a miniature airplane and it glided down. It was a flat ground in front. The landing should be smooth. Suddenly, I saw a line at the end of my sight. What’s the line? Would it be…

Just as I was getting worried, I saw that the line was actually a valley! Ahead of me, I could see that the ground was cracked forming into a deep valley! My mini airplane descended deeper inside the valley!

The dim moonlight lit the surroundings of the valley vaguely, therefore, I couldn’t see clearly. I felt like the tension in my head was going to break me. There were many weirdly shaped rocks in this narrow valley. They were like wild roaring beasts, or a bridge being formed, or like a sword being withdrawn.

There was suddenly a rock in front of me and I quickly moved the joystick to dodge it. The monster closed her eyes and leaned closer to the protective shield and blocked most of my sight. I shouted at her hastily, “Quickly move aside! I can’t see! If not, together we are going to die over here!”

I didn’t know if she understood me, but she opened her eyes and I beckoned her to move aside. She seemed to understand and moved her hand away from my side. Then, she climbed up!

*Clak! Clak!* She punctured more holes in my passenger cabin. The  wind started blowing in through the holes and she finally moved out of my sight. Her boobs, her stomach, her… lower body—she was actually wearing pants! It looked like they were made of beast skin, and although they were torn, they did cover her private parts. Hold on, she even had a long tail! 

Yeah, she was a flyer. Her tail was definitely used for balancing.

Only her tail was left in front of me. She wrapped her tail around my passenger cabin tightly and my sight was finally clear. We were still descending as I continued to control the passenger cabin with the joystick for dodging the rocks on both sides of the valley. We were still descending. Almost there. Almost. I finally saw the ground. As my mini airplane flew to the ground, the monster suddenly leapt off it and left.

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