Book 2: Chapter 84 - The Duty Bound Harry

“Raffles!” If Raffles was contacting me via Ice Dragon’s main cockpit, that must mean Noah City’s communication system had collapsed.

“Luo Bing! Did you meet Harry?!” Raffles almost plastered his face to the screen with how anxious he was, while behind him Xue Gie appeared as calm as ever and Qian Li looked into the distance as he always did.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci came on screen too. Both of them were pacing back and forth worriedly behind him.

I glanced at the robot next to me. As expected, Harry had come to look for me.

“He went to look for you! He took our only simulated blue crystal and activated the spaceship Snowstorm to look for you!” Raffles shouted hastily.

Sis Ceci leaped over. She had lost her usual military officer’s solemnity and calm, in exchange for the worry of a mother towards her errant child.

“Luo Bing! Although Harry can regenerate, if his heart stops beating, he, he…” Sis Ceci choked with tears and started crying. Uncle Mason hugged her shoulders and Sis Ceci broke down in tears in Uncle Mason’s embrace. “This silly child! This silly child!”

“Don’t worry!” Uncle Mason choked with sobs too. Although he had told Sis Ceci not to worry, he too lifted his head slightly so that his tears wouldn’t roll down his cheeks.

“It’s my fault! I didn’t install any heating system!” Raffles lowered his head as he blamed himself. “I thought we wouldn’t get to use Snowstorm within these two years.”

“Don’t talk about this now! Harry came but he came in your robot!” I looked at the robot and transmitted the view to Raffles.

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason immediately came forward to the screen. Sis Ceci wiped her tears away as she finally saw the light of hope. Uncle Mason held Sis Ceci tightly in his arms as he muttered, “We can find him. We must find him.”

Raffles glanced at them and said, “Luo Bing! The robot is connected to Harry’s nervous system. It means that Harry is not far away from you. Hurry up and tell Ice Dragon to search for Snowstorm. There is a simulated blue crystal in the spaceship Snowstorm and the signal is very strong. The program inside is Noah. Ice Dragon can definitely find her!”

“Alright! Ice Dragon! Hurry up and search for Noah!” I commanded at once.

“Oh, I like to look for Noah the most!” Ice Dragon is still in the mood to be naughty!

I was running out of time. I rushed to pack up. The robot made no response. Harry must have been in bad shape. I had to look for him.

I quickly put away the tent, cold-proof suit, and thermal wear. Then, I ran to the display table to take a look. Seeing an instant water heater, I grabbed it with the food. 

“However, how will you pick up Harry when you find him?” As I was packing, Raffles paced back and forth anxiously. “The snowstorm is going strong. Ice Dragon’s cabin can’t take off. What should we do? What should we do? It’d be great if there’s another simulated blue crystal. Then, Xue Gie can go and save Harry. What do we do? How does Luo Bing save Harry?!” Raffles shouted, frazzled.

What Raffles had said shattered Sis Ceci’s hope again. She choked with tears and ran into Uncle Mason’s arms again, as if she didn’t dare to listen to anything that Raffles would say nor look at any video.

It wasn’t hard to tell that Uncle Mason was actually worried too. However, he was a man as well as Sis Ceci’s only spiritual pillar. He couldn’t start shouting madly like Raffles. It would break Sis Ceci.

My dad had once said that a man could not collapse. Even when a man was at the brink of collapse, he should stand straight and support the whole family!

That’s what a man is.

*Bang!* Out of nowhere, Xue Gie punched Raffles in his stomach, stunning everyone.

Xue Gie faced forward expressionlessly. “Calm down. Raffles, you have two brains. If one doesn’t work, try the other one.”

At such a crucial moment, Xue Gie behaved unusually calmly.

Raffles was dumbfounded after a punch from Xue Gie.

“Found Noah. She’s by the frozen lake,” Ice Dragon updated with a piece of good news.

Sis Ceci immediately looked at me. “Luo Bing! You have to find Harry! You have to save him!”

“Wife, don’t put Luo Bing in a difficult position.” Uncle Mason pulled Sis Ceci back even as his expression turned extremely distressed. “Harry can survive this but Luo Bing has no ability to resist the cold. We have to believe in our child.”

Sis Ceci lowered her head at Uncle Mason’s persuasion. Uncle Mason pulled her into a wordless embrace. An obscure light flashed in his eyes before he shut them in agony.

They seemed to have given up hope over what Raffles had said.

“Take the waterway!” Raffles finally woke up. Everyone looked at him as he leaped before the screen and said hurriedly, “Luo Bing! Take the waterway! Harry is by the lake!” 

“Alright!” I picked up the things without hesitation and ran to Ice Dragon.

“But, aren't there unknown living creatures?” Brother Qian Li expressed his concern as he looked afar.

“Yes, there are unknown living creatures.” Raffles spoke really fast because he was in a hurry. “However, that’s when we enter from outside, when the change in radiation level would be from low to high. From Kro, Ice Dragon would carry high radiation! The living creatures wouldn’t dare to get close to Ice Dragon. On the other hand, the temperature outside would freeze you to death! You…”

“Don’t worry. There are many resources in Kro. I found cold-resistant equipment.” I threw everything in my hand into the space behind the seats in Ice Dragon before jumping in myself. “Ice Dragon, head to waterway!”

“Oh, there are terrifying unknown living creatures there. Sounds like another adventure!”

“Save your bullshit! You are going to save someone. Noah will see you in a new light!”

“That’s right! Let’s go!” Ice Dragon speed increased at an unprecedented rate. I had never thought that I would end up using Noah as motivation to make him move faster.

“Yes, yes, yes. There are many resources in Kro. But-but why did you…” Raffles looked at me suspiciously. It seemed like he had only just realized that I was fine in Kro. “Didn’t you run into any spirits?! And-and those tree vines that move! Harry was worried about you, that’s why he took the risk to look for you like a madman! But you are, you are fine.”

“That’s too scary! It’s really scary!” Qian Li shook his head from behind Raffles. “If I were you, I absolutely wouldn’t dare to enter.”

“I’m fine. The spirits and I… In short, I am fine. I am going to look for Harry now. Sis Ceci, Uncle Mason, don’t worry! I will find Harry.”

“When you find him, beat him up for me! That b*stard son!” Sis Ceci roared at me but cried in the very next moment.

Sigh. He went to save Luo Bing!” Uncle Mason sighed and shook his head. My words appeared to have comforted Sis Ceci and him.


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