Book 2: Chapter 83 - He Came In The Snowstorm

We arrived at the building in the dark, and Ice Dragon parked on the sky bridge. He turned on his headlamp in front of the mall’s entrance to light up the mall for me.

There were far less tree vines here. Just like the previous time I had visited, the entire mall was visible. That explained why the spirits had taken a while to appear back then. The reason why they had appeared so soon when Silver Moon City came was that Silver Moon City had gone to the doorstep of their house.

I entered the hiking equipment zone using the light from Ice Dragon. Rows of shelves towered in the dark.

Because there weren’t any tree vines here, there weren’t any glowing flowers that could break through the gloom. The entire mall was in total darkness beside the places that Ice Dragon shone on.

I started searching and found a thick, orange hiking suit that glowed in the dark. It looked exactly like an astronaut’s outfit but much more lightweight. I touched the helmet; it was soft. The entire outfit looked like it was inflated. I picked up the label, which said that it could resist temperature up to negative sixty degrees Celsius!

This is awesome! I spotted a vacuum-packed version by the side. The humongous spacesuit and helmet had been compressed into the size of an ordinary toolbox. I picked one up casually. 

Then, I saw a nano thermal wear next to it. The thermal wear was grey in color, with hexagons printed on the fabric. The entire outfit was light and convenient, and body-hugging to boot. I immediately took off my thick and heavy overcoat and jacket. Then, I put on the thermal wear over my tracksuit. It felt comfortable and warm.

I put on my overcoat again and took a few pieces of thermal wear.

Then, I spotted a display area. The display area was well-stocked with everything that I might need!

There was a tent right in the middle. The tent was bright orange with glow in the dark stripes. It would be very obvious at night. The rescue team would definitely be able to notice it when one sent out an SOS.

The tent was exquisite, just like a mushroom. It looked like it was inflated too.

By the side of the tent was a foldable table. The table stood open and there was an instant heating wok, first-aid kit, some hiking equipment and a torchlight on it!

I immediately picked up the torchlight and it lit up. I held the torchlight and went into the tent. The inside of the tent felt warm when I entered. The torchlight shone on the material of the tent; it looked like the thermal suit I had put on. There were two sleeping bags attached to the tent. One could sleep the moment he went in.

There were four round boards in the four corners of the tent, which were labeled as sensor heaters.

I extended a hand to one and it immediately lit up. Its warmth made it seem like a small sun. This is magical. How does it conduct heat?

I looked around but I couldn’t see any electrical cables. There weren’t any supporting tent poles either. Seemed like it was really inflated.

I walked out of the tent and saw a button on its outside. I pressed it and *Bang!* The entire tent instantly compressed to the size of an orange flower petal.

It gave me a shock.

Calming down, I pressed the button again. *Bang!* The tent appeared again!

I grinned and returned to the table. There was instant food on the tabletop. I picked it up and wanted to return to the tent. Out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted a blue figure. I immediately looked; it was a spirit!

The spirit stood in the dark quietly. He was alone; there were no other spirits. He slowly raised his hand and pointed outside. Then, he vanished into the thin air quietly.

I looked outside. There was a black figure in front of Ice Dragon’s headlamp. He was walking towards me. The figure became longer and clearer in the light. It looked like Silver Moon City’s robot!

How is it possible? How could Silver Moon City’s robot move about inside Kro?

I immediately hid in the tent and held the light sword tight in my hand. Peeking through the gap in the tent, I watched the approaching figure. The quiet was disrupted by the noise of his joints' friction.

It really was Silver Moon City’s robot. He was walking towards me as I gripped the light sword in my hand tightly. From the gap, I could only see its legs. It stopped before my tent and extended its hand into my tent. At once, I stabbed outwards with the light sword. Suddenly, I saw the patch on its chest. I stopped before I could release the light blade.

He bent down to look at me quietly while I looked up at him. The patch on its chest was really the bitten apple logo!

He was really Silver Moon City’s robot but it was the robot that we had captured. Now he was already Noah City’s property.

“Raffles?!” I looked at him dumbfounded. The robot had always been with Raffles as Raffles tinkered with it for Noah City’s future usage.

His repaired mask reflected my face. He retrieved his hand and turned around, and went to sit by the side of the tent with his back towards me. He hugged his knees, his back looking resentful.

No, he wasn’t Raffles. Raffles was in Noah City. I suddenly recalled the final footage that Ice Dragon had transmitted from Raffles’ warehouse. Hans and Tao Ze from the Construction Team had been shouting about Harry!

“Harry?!” I exclaimed in surprise. He responded, turning around slightly and seemingly stealing a glance at me. However, he looked away and didn’t speak to me.

Silver Moon City’s robot could speak. His not speaking now meant that Harry wasn’t willing to talk to me.

Since he wasn’t willing to talk to me, as a girl I absolutely wouldn’t speak to him first. I kept quiet too. Let us see who would win this cold war.

I turned my back to him too and went into the tent. The side of the tent reflected the robot’s shadow. He didn’t move an inch nor did he speak. However, I had many questions that popped up in my head.

How did he come here?

Where is he controlling the robot from?

Is he still in Noah City?

It’s impossible for the robot to come here in the snowstorm.

Where the hell is Harry?

I started to feel insecure as I worried over it. Although we had fought, I couldn’t ignore his safety.



I wanted to speak but heard a soft voice from outside. I spun around, only to see the huge figure outside the tent slowly fall.

*Clang.* The robot fell to the ground; no other noises followed.

“Harry!” I quickly ran out from the tent and nudged the robot. However, the robot didn’t respond.

“So-sorry…” A soft voice sounded from under the robot’s mask. It was shivering in the cold!

“Harry!” Instantly I had a bad feeling about this!

Harry, don’t you be in trouble! Although you are a b*stard, you have the same place as Raffles in my heart. You are my family!

“Luo Bing! Luo Bing!” Suddenly I heard Raffles shouting for me through my earphones. Raffles’ image appeared on the monocle before my left eye. In the image, Raffles wasn’t in his warehouse but in Ice Dragon’s main cockpit. He was contacting me using Ice Dragon’s main cockpit. There seemed to be some kind of trouble.


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