Book 2: Chapter 82 - What Do They Want

“For me?” I asked.

She nodded without any qualms.

I stared at her in shock. I wasn’t shocked because she had been willing to give me the simulated blue crystal to outsiders but because she could understand me. It meant that she was conscious! It meant that she was a living creature!

She flipped her hand again to face palms up. She resumed her pleading action as before. I looked at her, confused. “What do you want from me?” She looked like she wanted to exchange for something from me using the simulated blue crystal. But, what did I have? I didn’t have anything.

She furrowed her eyebrows in agony and looked around. Suddenly, she pounced at me. I immediately stepped back in surprise. “No! Don’t come near me! I will kill you! Don’t come near me!”

But she continued to charge at me. I immediately turned to leave!

I ran desperately in front of the spirits. Spirits after spirits appeared from the branches, watching me silently with pleading gazes.

I didn’t know what they were pleading for. If they didn’t want the simulated blue crystal, what did they want from me?

I ran desperately. I fell down because I ran too quickly and slipped on a branch. Quickly I got up and ran again. I accidentally broke the beautiful blue flowers on the branches; the starlights that floated out into the air were then absorbed by my feet, forming a long trail of light behind me.

I ran to the entrance in one go. I turned to look back at them under the spaceship. They stood there in silence as they glowed in blue.

“What do you want?” I shouted. “Don’t come near me! I don’t want to hurt you!”

In silence, they turned to look in one direction. From the thickest tree vine in the middle, a woman who flew over slowly. She seemed like the Queen of the spirits.

All the spirits were watching her quietly as she stopped three meters away from me.

I could feel her sorrow. I couldn’t help but take a step forward and ask in a gentle voice, “Tell me, what do you want? Why are you so sad?”

The woman looked at me sadly. Then, she extended her hands to me again and begged.

I looked at her hands anxiously in confusion. I suddenly felt the agony of being unable to communicate.

All I could do was look back at her sadly. Slowly, she retracted her hand. Glancing back at me once, she turned and immersed herself into the thick branch once again.

Likewise, the remaining spirits immersed into the tree vines, bringing away with them the faint blue light. The world in front of me descended into darkness once more, leaving only blue flowers blinking in the dark.

I knew she wanted something. She had given me such a precious simulated blue crystal but I didn’t give her anything. It made me sad. I hoped I could find out what she wanted. As long as I could find it, I would definitely give it to her.

I turned around in sorrow with the simulated blue crystal in my arms. The tree vines in front of me started moving. They slowly retracted themselves from the spaceship and placed it before me. I didn’t understand their intention. Were they thinking that I have no aircraft so they gave me one?

However, I didn’t dare to use Silver Moon City’s spaceship, at least not before its signal device was removed. Plus, the tree vines had pierced the windshield of the spaceship and there were two robot pilots in it.

The two robots looked the same as the robot I had brought back for Raffles. A tree vine extended through the windshield like a hand reaching into the spaceship. Suddenly, there was the sound of a cabin door opening. 

I looked over and spotted another tree vine creeping through the cabin door. After a short while, it retracted. The tree vine’s end was curled around a crystal-like box.

I had seen the box before. It was used to keep simulated blue crystal!

I immediately went forward. The tree vine dropped the box gently on the ground before me. Then, it retracted and lay quietly on the ground.

I quickly opened the box and put the huge simulated crystal into the box. Then, I covered and locked it. The entire box started glowing in blue light.

I carried the box and turned to look at the dim world. “Thank you, thank you!” I looked to the side and saw a thick branch. I extended my hand to touch it and hugged it gently. I leaned against its rough skin and said, “I will return. Next time, I will understand what you want. Wait for me.”

I looked at the level covered in tree vines again. I left with the determination to return again. I have to bring them what they want.

Ice Dragon slowly parked in front of me. Its titanium shield faced me like a huge helmeted head.

I raised the box and patted it. Ice Dragon’s face appeared on the monocle before my left eye. “Oh, you succeeded. But it is too difficult for us to leave now. The snowstorm is very strong. I will be flipped over if I go out now.”

I looked around. “It’s okay. We can wait.” The snowstorm can’t be that strong the whole time. We can wait for a while or wait for tomorrow to come.

“Even if it becomes weaker, the temperature outside isn’t bearable for a normal human being.” Ice Dragon revealed a helpless expression. “I think you might have to spend your winter here.”

“That’s great too. Haha, there is everything here.” I cheered up. “Let’s go. Let’s get some food first.”

“Awesome!” Ice Dragon opened its protective shield and I leaped into it. I put the simulated blue crystal under my seat and looked at a towering building. “Let’s see if we can find anything to keep warm.”

“Alright.” The protective shield closed and a 3D map of Kro appeared. The map with towering buildings started spinning as Ice Dragon took off. There were labels by the side of the buildings, indicating fashion department, food department, home appliances and so on.

These were the results of the scouting robots from the last time. They had categorized and labeled the towering buildings according to the resources inside so that we wouldn’t be like headless flies when we visited Kro again.

I read the labels carefully. There should be heaters in the home appliance department. However, I was soon attracted by another label: hiking equipment. 

People would hike snow-capped mountains, because one would gain a great sense of achievement when one conquers snow-capped mountain. Hence there should be hiking equipment for warming up or keeping warm. Plus, bulky and troublesome items wouldn’t be conducive for hiking. Therefore hiking equipment must be portable. In my world, there was a variety of hiking equipment. In this world that was much more advanced, there must be even better equipment!

“Here.” I pointed to the label for hiking equipment. Ice Dragon locked on the location and redirected in the air to head for the building.

Once again we shuttled through the buildings in silence. They loomed in the dark like sleeping giants under the night sky, waiting for dawn to wake them up.


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