Book 2: Chapter 81 - The Spirits Were Alive

I extended my hand and caught a falling blue flower petal. Landing on my hands, the blue light spots immersed into my palms. I smiled down at it. However, the petal gradually lost its color and turned into ash in my hand. I couldn’t help but shiver. My smile vanished along with the flower petal.

I looked around anxiously. What am I? No matter what I am, I am no doubt fatal to this beautiful world. I should leave now. Yes, I need to leave as soon as possible!

From afar I spied something that looked like the corner of a counter among the tree vines. I ran over and peered into the glass. Countless gemstones lay inside, twinkling with blue light.

Is this a simulated blue crystal?

There shouldn’t be so many. D*mn, I’d lost contact now too! Oh yeah, I could ask Ice Dragon. It should have some kind of program to search for simulated blue crystal.

“Ice Dragon!”

“Oh! My cute little Master, you are still alive. I was thinking if I should retreat.”

Why would it contain a deserter’s setting in its programming? However, it also proved that Ice Dragon was truly an AI! The ones that we normally saw were only written programs. It had no emotions and it wouldn’t confuse you. 

“Start searching for simulated blue crystal.”

“Alright. Please turn in a circle so I can scan around.”

Obeying him, I stood straight and aimed the left monocle glass before me as I slowly turned in a circle. There was a blue blinking halo on the glass. As I scanned through the scene before me, the blue halo slowly shrank. As expected, the shining gemstones that I had seen weren’t simulated blue crystals.

Suddenly, the halo shrank and I could see a huge blue light spot among the tree vines through my monocle.

“Simulated blue crystal detected. Simulated blue crystal detected.” That was a robotic voice, which wasn’t Ice Dragon’s.

“Oh! That’s so huge! We’re going to be rich!” That was Ice Dragon.

I instanyl ran in that direction, and came to a stop before a large clump of entangled tree vines. I couldn’t see any counter or pillar.

However, I could see a huge blue radiant object among the tree vines. It looked like a huge heart that was heavily engulfed within the thick vines. The blue halo on the monocle showed a blinking blue light, like a heart beating rhythmically.

Ice Dragon wouldn’t make any mistakes. The huge simulated blue crystal made me excited!

“My cute little Master, are you sure you want to dig it out with your hands?” Ice Dragon said suspiciously. “Oh, from what I know, there’s no human who can touch simulated blue crystal with their bare hands.”

“That’s because they can’t resist radiation but I can!” I walked forward and touched the thick tree vines. What should I do? Chop them off? The moment I recalled that they were alive, I felt guilty. I felt like I was going to tear their veins and muscles apart, and chop off their limbs. It’s too brutal. I even wondered to myself if they could feel pain. 

I stood before the tree vines for very long as I stared fixedly through the monocle at the heart beating behind the tree vines. Lowering my head, I glanced at my light sword. I thought for a while, then put the light sword back onto my waist.

I walked forward to the tree vine and held it. I was thinking if I could just pull it away. Suddenly, the tree vine moved. I retracted my hand in surprise.

The entangled tree vines began to open up to both sides. Layer after layer of tree vines shifted, resembling the complicated blood vessels in the human body. They parted before me, gradually revealing the beautiful heart! It was a huge diamond that was kept in a large glass box.

I didn’t know if it was a diamond, because I had never seen any diamond that was as big as my fist.

I walked through the route that the tree vines had opened up in surprise. I totally forgot that they were dangerous. I forgot about Silver Moon City’s spaceship that they had caught earlier. Nor did I think about whether it was a trap. I continued to walk through the tunnel they had opened up until I stood before the glass box.

The huge diamond lay under the glass cover. It was obviously an anti-theft setup, but the setup had been destroyed by the tree vines.

I held the glass cover and slowly lifted it. The huge diamond gave out a blue radiance; I could see a blue glow flowing within.

I extended my hand and picked it up carefully. The radiation that was sealed in the huge diamond was flowing gently within, but didn’t get absorbed by my hands.

I had seen a simulated blue crystal in Noah City. It had been a tiny diamond that might not even be one carat in size.

I peered carefully into the crystal and saw the familiar blue light spots that always swam around me. I smiled; the pure blue made me felt peaceful and calm.

I hugged it tightly in my arms in excitement. When I looked up, I saw a spirit!

Yes, a spirit!

She stood right across from me, opposite the anti-theft setup as she looked at me quietly. Her blue hair swayed in the darkness. She watched closely in silence without making any movement.

My body froze as I looked back at her quietly. I could tell that she was a woman from her hair, her features and her boobs.

We looked at one another. She didn’t move, and neither did I.

Suddenly, the surroundings lit up. I looked around and spotted another spirit who snuck out from the surrounding tree vines. The spirit seemed to reveal half his body or maybe his whole body. The light came from their bodies.

I started retreating. They kept watching me. The lady in the middle extended her hands to me with her palms up, as if she was asking me for something.

I stopped, and looked at the simulated blue crystal in my arms then at the surrounding spirits. There was another layer of heavy tree vines. Would this layer be their home? Was that why they had appeared in the first instant when Silver Moon City’s spaceship came?

I looked at the woman again. She kept her hands extended towards me. The features on her face revealed an agonized and pleading expression. My hands that had been tightly hugging the simulated blue crystal loosened. Do they rely on this to survive? Are they asking me to return the simulated blue crystal to them?

I looked at the simulated blue crystal in my hands. Was this actually their heart, or the source of their lives? Perhaps that was why when Silver Moon City’s spaceship had barged in, they moved to counterattack. They didn’t want anyone to take away the source of their lives!

If that was true, how could I take away their heart?

I furrowed my eyebrows and held up the simulated blue crystal. I walked to the woman and said, “I’ll give it back to you.”

However, the woman shook her head. Her originally palm-up hands turned to push the simulated blue crystal back towards me. She gestured at me to take it away.

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