Book 2: Chapter 79 - Lost Contact

I continued to face Raffles calmly. “Calm down, Raffles. We can’t miss this opportunity. I will bring the simulated blue crystals back safely. Trust me.”

“Hurry up and come back!” Raffles shouted hastily. “Since the core of the snowstorm has yet to reach your location, you still have time to return!”

Suddenly, Harry barged into Raffles’s maintenance warehouse from behind. He was still eating his black bread as he glanced at Raffles unwillingly. “Pet bunny! How could you send an inexperienced tomboy out in such weather conditions…”

“Harry!” Raffles instantly grabbed Harry by his shoulders and pointed in my direction hurriedly. “Luo Bing went to Kro! She went to Kro!”

Harry was astonished. His gaze followed in the direction of Raffles’ arm and landed on me. A fire ignited in his amber eyes.

*Pak!* He dropped the black bread in his hand and grabbed Raffles by the collar. He glared at him angrily. “Who told her she could go? Who let her go?” Harry roared at Raffles.

Raffles looked at him anxiously yet helplessly. “I…”

“I knew it was you!” Harry threw Raffles back. Raffles stumbled and fell on a swivel chair. Harry grabbed him by the collar again and bellowed, “You only know how to spoil her! You are harming her! She will die, do you know that?! I knew I couldn’t entrust her to you!” Harry roared and pushed Raffles away angrily. Then, he turned to walk out the door.

Raffles spun in his chair then he stood and roared, “What I wanted to say is I couldn’t stop her!” Raffles stood up and scratched his head impatiently. He turned and walked to me in a fluster. Looking at me anxiously, he urged, “Luo Bing, hurry up and come back!”

I looked at him determinedly, “Raffles, since I had come in, I won’t leave until I find the simulated blue crystal. Sorry, I want to turn off your image.” I turned off Raffles’ image but made sure he could still see me.

Now I wanted to focus on looking for the simulated blue crystal. I coudn’t let him distract me.

“Psst. This is terrifyingly quiet.” Ice Dragon hugged his body and quivered. “I hope I don’t run into any spirits.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you die.” I grasped the operating lever and started flying into Kro carefully.

Kro was as quiet as the last time I had entered, as I was the sole survivor here. The sky grew dim. This was the first time I had entered Kro at night. The night sky made Kro look mysterious and eerie.

The entire sky was covered by the aurora-like light wall. As the sky outside grew dark, faint blue light showered down and engulfed the sleeping city.

Blue flowers on the branches twinkled with a magical blue glow, as if blue crystal energy had immersed into those flowers and were causing them to bloom with the pure radiance of orchids. They glowed like blue ornaments on Christmas trees, winking in the dark world.

The glowing blue flowers spread throughout the entire city, forming a magical light ribbon like a path that would lead you to mysterious treasure hidden in the depths of the historical site.

I soon arrived at the opening where Silver Moon City’s spaceship was. We didn’t dare to get close abruptly. In the glowing blue light, we could see that the spaceship was still entangled. As if a huge spider had caught its prey in the forest and wrapped it in webs to form a huge terrifying cocoon. The blue flowers on the tree vines made the terrifying scene more beautiful, coloring it with an eerie yet violent aesthetic.

“I suggest that you not go there,” Ice Dragon said with a smile.

I stole a glance at him and said, “I reckon you don’t want to go there.”

He maintained his smile but his smile became stiff.

“I’ll go over myself,” I said. The protective shield around me opened. A simple helmet descended from above the back of my chair and fastened itself around my head.

This was another simpler helmet than the one before. This one was more like a hairband that fastened around my ears, resembling a virtual monocle glass.

I popped my head out and looked down. Before me was a sky bridge, with no tree vines in sight.

The darkness made the world seem even more quiet. It was as though the spirits were also asleep.

“You must bring a weapon.” The armrest on my chair suddenly opened, revealing a white wooden baton. I held it in my hand like a sword. “No guns?”

“Guns are in the cockpit. This is a laser light sword,” Ice Dragon replied.

Light sword?! I got a little excited.

I saw a button on the short baton and pressed it. A ray of blue light instantly burst out, giving me a shock.

“Oh! My little master, be careful. If you break a hole in me, we won’t be able to leave.” Ice Dragon sounded like he was complaining.

The light sword was about half a meter long; it looked just like the lightsaber in Star Wars. However, the tip of the light seemed to be gasified, and looked like flames churning. The light sword emitted heat waves in the air that looked rather dangerous.

“I’ve already fully charged it,” Ice Dragon said, “but please use it wisely.”

I pressed the button again to turn it off and put the light sword away. This is good, especially for cutting trees. It’s much more practical than a gun.

I stood up and stepped towards the border of the cabin, looking around warily with my guard up. Taking a deep breath, I leaped. I landed on my toes, bent my knees and rolled forward. Stopping with one knee on the ground, I steadied myself. My movement was smooth and silent.

Knelt down on one knee, I glanced around on high alert. The surroundings were still pitch silent, with no movement of tree vines in my field of vision.

I slowly stood up and approached the place carefully.

How are the spirits triggered, exactly?

Was Silver Moon City’s movement too loud?

But when we came in, we had made loud and large movements too. Yet the spirits came much slower.

According to the video that Ice Dragon had shown me, when Silver Moon City’s spaceship had blasted this place, the spirits had instantly appeared and quickly captured it. Hence, the people in Silver Moon City didn’t dare to enter abruptly again.

Because there was blue crystal energy on Silver Moon City’s spaceship. In other words, Silver Moon City had lost another precious blue crystal energy.

I wasn’t afraid of the spirits; in fact, I believed that the spirits were more afraid of me. I was only worried about the tentacle-like tree vines. But now I had a light sword in my hand. As long as I remained calm, I believed that I would be able to safely retreat.

*Phew!* I started adjusting my breathing as I got closer.

“I have a piece of bad news that I think I should inform you of,” Ice Dragon abruptly reported politely through the earphones on the helmet.


“I just lost contact with Noah City.”

“What?!” I was shocked. Noah City’s signal was great and strong because it was powered by the simulated blue crystal. Could the simulated blue crystal have run out of energy?


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