Book 2: Chapter 78 - Unmissable Opportunity

“The blue crystal energy is with us. Don’t worry about not being able to return.” I looked at him in disdain. “I’m not afraid. Why are you?”

“We need Xue Gie’s superpower.” Ice Dragon talked a lot of bullshit today.

I glared at him coldly. “We will enter first. Then, we will look for a way out!”

“Oh, you speak without any technical understanding. You have to plan your route rationally in order to increase your chances of survival.” Ice Dragon was clear and logical.  

I pressed the acceleration button. “Since when did it make sense to explore? Let me tell you, there is no ready route in this world. As you walk more, the route would form on its own!” Just as I spoke, the snowflakes began to fly backward from both sides. As if a mysterious energy had pushed them to the sides to open up a wide route in the vast expanse of whiteness!

“Oh. It seems like someone has opened a route for us.”

I smiled. Xue Gie’s superpower is so awesome.

“Since we have a route now, wouldn’t we disappoint the person who opened up a route for us if we don’t take it? Ice Dragon! Full speed! Advance!”

“Alright. As long as you are happy.” Ice Dragon immediately sped up. I could feel a strong force of inertia pulling me back into the seat. However, the force quickly disappeared after it maintained at a constant increase of speed.

The originally distinct snowflakes became a blur of white due to Ice Dragon’s accelerated speed. We plunged forward at high speed through a tunnel of white, as if we were shuttling through huge billowing mountains of snow. A faint heat from the seat warmed up my butt. The thick overcoat that had stored up some heat also slowly warmed my body.

I glanced down, delighted. “It’s warm now.”

“Because we increased in speed.” Ice Dragon clasped his hands together under his chin. He leaned forward as if he was supporting himself on an imaginary tabletop and smiled at me. “All men would increase in temperature when they increase in speed.” His eyes were beautiful. He smiled like a fox, looking rather cunning. He appeared just like a loose man too. It was hard to believe that such an image had been designed by Raffles, who was such an honest man.

“What do you mean?” I asked in that world of whiteness. 

Ice Dragon smiled at me, then answered elegantly, “When I increase my travel speed, all parts would experience vigorous friction that creates heat. The heat has to be discharged, because I would explode if I store the heat in my body. That would also burn the circuits in my body. Now I close the heat discharge valve for a while so I can transfer part of the heat to the seat cushion. Within these twenty minutes, it would achieve the effect of keeping you warm. However, I can’t do it too long. If not, it would burn your butt.”

He was reasonable and clear with his explanation. However, something didn’t sound quite right. Maybe it was because he described himself like a human; for example, his choice of words like ‘in his body’, and his sentences like ‘men would increase in temperature’.

“Oh…” Ice Dragon moaned abruptly. His face reddened. “I can’t hold it back anymore. I, I am swelling too much. I-I-I need to vent it out.”

I suddenly realized what was wrong! My face instantly grew red and I threw out a fist. “Can you speak properly? I will ask Raffles to turn you back into a woman!”

His face returned to normal and he maintained an elegant expression. He smiled at me. “My dearest owner, what did I say wrong that you are so angry?” He gave me a perfectly innocent look.

I rubbed my temples. What kind of evil programming is this?! I am not even eighteen years old yet!

“We’re here, my cute owner.”

I lifted my face. As expected, there was the aurora-like light wall at the end of the white tunnel.

I could tangibly feel Ice Dragon slowing down gradually, as the surrounding whiteness became distinct once more. In the end, beautiful snowflakes reappeared, frozen in the air on both sides. The entire world looked blanketed in cotton flowers that had fallen from God’s hands.

As we approached the light wall, the snowflakes started moving. They were falling really slowly, as though time itself had slowed here.

It should be Xue Gie not being able to hold on anymore.

“Let the cockpit send Xue Gie and Qian Li back.”

“Yes!” As soon as Ice Dragon replied, the snowflakes dropped from the sky all of a sudden. The snow wiped out the white tunnel in front of me in an instant like an avalanche. It also covered the aurora that had originally been clearly visible.

We hit a large cloud of snowflakes. Noises sounded on my protective shield. That was the biggest snowflake I had ever seen. The snow wasn’t in pieces but in balls.

The heavy snowflakes hit my protective shield and visibility instantly fell to zero. The entire cabin was shaking vigorously; I felt like I was on a bull ride machine. The whole cabin seemed to be almost out of my control.

“If this persists, we might be blown away by the snowstorm.”

I could feel the terror of the snowstorm too. This was no joke.

“Speed up and rush out!” Under such a situation, we had to speed up. Otherwise, we might be blown away by the snowstorm.

On top of that, according to the distance I had estimated with my eyes, the entrance of Kro was less than ten meters away. We couldn’t let our efforts go to waste right at the entrance.

“A wise decision.” Ice Dragon instantly sped up. In the blink of an eye, we had entered Kro and left behind the snow world. It was so fast that I doubted my eyes.

One moment we had been in a world covered in snow, lost in a vast expanse of whiteness. The next moment we were greeted with towering buildings covered in thick tree vines. The blue flowers were still blooming on the branches.

From a world of howling wind, we had entered the quiet Garden of Eden. In that moment, I was filled with admiration and reverence towards the quiet universe.

Kro was really a world protected by God. The only difference was that the sky was covered by the snowstorm and snowflakes were falling outside the light wall. Not only was the place sealed off from the snowstorm, it had also sealed off the noises as well. As if we were at home watching the beautiful snowing scenery through the window.

“Bing Bing, Raffles wants to speak with you. He is worried.” Ice Dragon reminded with a smile.

“Alright, connect him.” I had already entered Kro. Everything had already been done. Now I was able to show Raffles that I was fine.

In front of me appeared Raffles’s worried face and the maintenance warehouse that he was in.

He looked at me. “Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine. Look, I’m in here.” Ice Dragon transmitted the view before my eyes to Raffles. Due to blue crystal energy, our communication was smooth.

“You act too recklessly!” Raffles glared at me angrily as if he didn’t see Kro at all. “There are spirits in there! And trees that will attack! What will you do? Don’t you see that you have no one around you?!” He was almost shouting at me. He was worried sick.

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