Book 2: Chapter 77 - Fearless Against the Storm

The storm churned with great violence. Ice Dragon floated in the air as the wind slowly shook it. 

We couldn’t stay back any longer. There were Qian Li and Xue Gie in Ice Dragon. On top of that, the temperature was falling at tremendous speed. Even if Xue Gie wasn’t afraid of the cold, Qian Li wouldn’t be able to take it.

Once the snowstorm came, it would last for the entire winter. Hence, missing this opportunity meant that I wouldn’t be able to enter Kro ever again. Although I was frustrated, I couldn’t risk Qian Li and Xue Gie’s lives.

“Return to Noah City!” I said through my gritted teeth as I returned to my pilot seat.

“Sigh. It’s a pity.” Raffles’ image walked next to me aggrievedly.

Qian Li gripped his overcoat tight. Ice Dragon popped out an extra chair by the side of the cabin; Xue Gie helped Qian Li to the chair.

“If we could enter now, it wouldn’t be cold there.” Raffles shook his head and sighed.

“What do you mean?” I stopped to look at Raffles.

Raffles put his right fist under his chin, his right elbow propped on his bent left arm. He started babbling like how he did when he thought out loud. “Kro is magical. Once, we probed Kro after a snowstorm. At that time, we realized that it wasn’t covered in snow. You remember the light wall?” Raffles looked up into my eyes.

“I remember!”

Qian Li nodded faintly while Xue Gie listened attentively.

Raffles immediately took out his booklet and drew a circle. He pointed outside the circle and explained, “Outside the light wall, it was a world of snow. But inside the light wall…” Raffles pointed inside the circle. “Everything’s still the same. In other words, when the snowstorms come, Kro isn’t affected."

“In other words, it isn’t cold inside?” If so, Kro was really a magical place that had been sealed off from the world.

Raffles cocked his head to the sight as he thought. “Theoretically, it would be impossible. However, because it could seal off the snowstorm, the temperature…”

“I’ll send you in,” Xue Gie suddenly spoke. Raffles immediately looked at Xue Gie, snapped out of brooding over his own questions.

Qian Li turned to Xue Gie too. Although his gaze looked far behind her, he seemed surprised.

I looked at Xue Gie while she looked at me determinedly. “Captain, please let me send you in using my superpower!”

“Alright!” I returned to the pilot seat without hesitation. Sometimes, hesitation leads to no accomplishment.

“No, no, no! We don’t even know what the temperature inside would be like!” Raffles ran up to my pilot seat hastily. “Luo Bing, you can’t enter! There are those moving tree vines too! It’s too dangerous in there! You don’t know that half a month ago…”

“I have just seen it.” I held the operating lever and prepared to separate from the main cabin.

As the simulated blue crystal had a higher coefficient of safety, they were mostly used in weapons. Silver Moon City naturally tried their best to get the simulated crystals in Kro. It was like how you could omit using batteries if you had a generator.

They were just like us. We weren’t willing to just watch from afar.

Raffles stood next to me dumbfounded. It was as though he couldn’t respond immediately after I had cut him off. He had to finish what he had to say in his head in order to continue to function.

“However, I can’t guarantee that I can bring you out,” Xue Gie spoke again in the silence.

Raffles came back to reality and looked at Xue Gie.

I stared at Xue Gie stiffly but Xue Gie’s seat had already spun back to its original spot. She was staring at the snowstorm outside the window expressionlessly. What she had said really ‘boosted my morale’.

She slowly turned around like a puppet possessed by an evil spirit, staring at me expressionlessly. “Captain, do you still want to go?”

I stiffened for a while. Then, I turned around and decided to ignore the second half of her words. “Yes. I won’t starve to death in there. Ice Dragon, prepare to separate.”

“No! Luo Bing! No!” Raffles spread his arms out in front of me but he was only an image. How could he stop me? For all that he had two brains, Raffles had his stupid moments too.

“Cut off Raffles’ voice.” Raffles’s image opened and closed his mouth but couldn’t make any sound due to my command. He waved his hands hastily as if he was playing a mime.

“Oh! My Bing Bing! You are courting death!” Ice Dragon covered his face in terror.

I didn’t bother to look at him but started separation manually. “Since that I didn’t die during my first visit, I believe that God wouldn’t let me die in there.”

“No, what I meant is that you are sending me to death,” Ice Dragon explained elegantly.

I glared at him coldly. “Separate!”

“Luo Bing! Luo Bing!” Raffles stomped his feet. I could tell that he was calling for me from the movement of his lips.

However, separation had already started and my seat began to reverse.

Xue Gie slowly stood up. She turned to look at me. Her eyes sparkled, as if they contained churning clouds of white flames. It was desire, a desire to perform her superpower!

Xue Gie’s superpower relied on the weather too much. She could only realize her power control of snow during a snowstorm like this.

As my seat reversed, she slowly spread her arms and lifted her chin. She roared, “The elves in the snowstorm! My children!”

I went stiff again. I had thought the snowstorm was Xue Gie’s mother. It turned out that Xue Gie was the mother of the snowstorm in her inner two-dimensional world.

“Listen to my calling! Stop!” As Xue Gie uttered her last word, my cabin dropped out from the cockpit. The moment it dropped, I saw Xue Gie glowing in white. Her short hair fluttered in the light. At that very moment, Xue Gie was the Queen of the Snow World!

My cabin fell in a quiet world. I noticed the snow outside had stopped. Snowlikes froze in mid-air, not moving an inch. Even the wind had stopped.

Huge snowflakes hung in the air like white cotton flowers in the sky, so thickly dotted that they blotted out the entire world.

Snowstorms were that terrifying. However, who would have expected them to be so beautiful when they stopped.

“Wings activated,” Ice Dragon spoke. Not connected to any cargo hold, my cabin became a solo aircraft.

Wings activated and we floated in the air. “Xue Gie, how long can you last for?”

“Twenty minutes,” Xue Gie’s voice sounded from the communicator.

“Ice Dragon, can we reach Kro in twenty minutes?”

Ice Dragon’s human face appeared on the protective shield of the cabin. “No problem, if we use the travel speed of our first launch.”

“Alright. Advance at full speed.”

“However, twenty minutes later, the temperature here would fall below the limit of a normal human being.” Ice Dragon drew a sharp drop with his finger. “Qian Li would be frozen into an ice cube.”

I understood and made an immediate decision. “Send them back to Noah City after we enter Kro.”

“But the energy in the cockpit would only be enough to send them back. It wouldn’t be able to come back and pick us up. What about us?” Ice Dragon spread his hands and looked at me. He was an AI who could be transferred between hard drives but he seemed to be more fearful of death than I was.

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