Book 2: Chapter 76 - No Way In

It was a connection via the nervous system.

When the Flying Corpse King had looked through my memory, he had used a similar method to Brother Qian Li. However, the Flying Corpse King had retrieved information from my brain; I didn’t know if his power could work both ways.

Plus, the Flying Corpse King’s ability was obviously weaker than Brother Qian Li. When Qian Li had used his superpower, my surrounding environment had disappeared and I had entered into his memory. It was as if my soul had been dragged into his world.

Hence, the Flying Corpse King’s nerve connection should be at an amateur level with HD visual quality, while Brother Qian Li’s should be at an advanced level with the visual quality at UHD or even IMAX.

“I’d like to see too.” Xue Gie appeared next to us as she spoke. She was holding Brother Qian Li’s hand too.

With Qian Li’s superpower, we watched the spaceship as it flew into the building that Elder Alufa had deduced to be the location of the simulated blue crystal.

“They want the simulated blue crystal!” I realized their purpose.

“Everyone wants simulated blue crystals.” Brother Qian Li fixed his gaze far away. He looked calm as if he was used to the sight.

To Silver Moon City who didn't lack any resources, what they needed the most was naturally blue crystal energy and simulated blue crystal. They should be thinking what we had thought as well - that the spirits’ movement wasn’t fast so we could take away simulated blue crystal before they realized it.

I became nervous. Although Brother Qian Li had said they failed, how could they?

I continued to watch patiently.

The spaceship stopped before the building that might contain simulated blue crystals. Aiming at one level, it fired a cannon shot just like the time when Harry and I had entered Kro to get resources. It was simple yet brutal.

After the glass shattered, a huge opening yawned in the wall. Both the height and width was just right for the delicate spaceship to enter through.

The spaceship prepared to enter but just then, the surrounding tree vines on the building suddenly pounced at it. Like huge tentacles, they curled around the spaceship swiftly. No matter how the spaceship struggled, it couldn’t shake off their tight clamp. More blue figures appeared at the opening from the dark!


More and more spirits appeared, and pounced at the spaceship. The blue lights on the spaceship blinked and finally lost its power. The tree vines didn’t let go of it but used the spaceship to block the opening. More tree vines crawled over, sliding over the walls like purple poisonous snakes. Interweaved, they swallowed the entire spaceship.

The scene was absolutely horrifying!

Shivers raced through my body, the kind that didn’t derive from the chilliness of the weather outside but from inside out. I suddenly understood Brother Qian Li’s look of disbelief and fear when he had taken a walk down memory lane.

Everything that had happened before our eyes overthrew our speculations about the spirits’ movement. At first, we had assumed that they wouldn’t appear so quickly and that the time lag before their arrival would be enough for us to move resources.

Silver Moon City too had wanted to use the time lag to gather the simulated blue crystals. However, it was obvious that God had given us proud humans a hard punch in the face. The spirits in Kro weren’t slow at all. They were very fast and moved smoothly to remove the people who had wanted to steal their treasures. 

The scene before our eyes disappeared as Qian Li let go of my and Xue Gie’s hands. The abrupt fade-out of the scene made me dizzy as I had yet to adapt to my current view.

“Elder Alufa knows that you are dying to enter Kro again but it is obviously something extremely dangerous. That’s why they didn’t tell you about it.” Qian Li sounded regretful too. We had gone in there once and successfully exited. However, we couldn’t enter again. It was as though God had strengthened the guards to his garden and wouldn’t allow any more thieves to enter.

No wonder Qian Li had said that it had been a miracle that I could leave. No wonder Elder Alufa had yet to launch the Pandora Project after so long.

But, the people from Silver Moon City had finally left and left a great opportunity lying before me!

Suddenly, Ice Dragon shook. We immediately looked outside and saw the heavy snowfall outside the window. Like fluffy cotton, thick snowflakes landed and instantly turned into frost on the windshield. The temperature was falling sharply.

“I think we should leave soon,” Ice Dragon said, “We will soon be engulfed by this snowstorm."

I looked in the direction where Kro was, frustrated as I was so near to it. 

“I can enter from the underground!” I suddenly recalled. Raffles had said that he would find me an underground tunnel. I shouted, “Raffles!”

Ice Dragon displayed Raffles’s figure before us as Raffles drew on his liquid crystal board.

“What is it? Luo Bing? Did you get Brother Qian Li?” he asked as he drew.

“Raffles, at the last time you said we could enter Kro from underground. Is the map ready?”

Raffles’s hand paused at my question. Startled, he lowered his head in dismay. “We failed.”

“What? Why did it fail?!” I exclaimed in surprise.

Brother Qian Li held his overcoat tight as he looked afar suspiciously. Xue Gie’s expressionless face became tense too as she stared at Raffles.

Raffles sighed. “There seem to be unknown creatures in the underground tunnel. The scouting robots that we sent were all eaten.” He lifted his head, seemingly disheartened. “Ice Dragon, show Luo Bing the video.”

Ice Dragon nodded politely. “Yes, Raffles.”

A huge screen appeared before us again. In the night vision footage, we could make out miniature robots moving forward in the water. As they advanced, they scanned the canal. The canal was exceptionally quiet.

A black figure flashed past the screen. About the size of a human, the black figure continued to advance in silence. The scene made one’s heart race.

“What was that?” Xue Gie and I stared at the screen attentively.

“It’s a pity that I couldn’t see.” Qian Li continued to look afar helplessly.

“Unknown creature detected.” In the screen, the miniature robot stopped on the spot. “Searching for the unknown creature.” The scene began to spin as the miniature robot started the search.

A black figure abruptly popped up in front of us.

“Ah!” Xue Gie was frightened.

Before we could see its face clearly, it had already opened its mouth and bit. In its wide open mouth were sharp teeth. With a crisp crunch, the scene was cut off.

“Sorry, Luo Bing. We have no other way to enter Kro.” Raffles lowered his face in regret, “I didn’t want to disappoint you. That’s why we didn’t tell you.”

Really? Is there no other way to enter Kro?

The news is depressing.

I looked at the endless expanse of whiteness. When spring comes, the people in Silver Moon City will return again. Do we just give up such a huge treasure? This is so frustrating. 

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