Book 2: Chapter 75 - An Opportunity In The Snow

Raffles continued to mumble to himself, “Although scientists did make advancements in the formulation of freon and created a cleansing system so that it wouldn’t damage the atmospheric layer anymore… But it was eliminated because it was outdated…. Besides, it is difficult to build a modern air conditioner… Also, the raw materials for the improved freon formula are hard to gather too…"

“Raffles, forget it,” I cut Raffles off. Would his two brains start suspecting if I had really lost my memory or was only pretending to have lost memory? 

Raffles came back to reality from his chemical formula world and looked at me with an apologetic expression. “The escape pod in Silver Moon City had no temperature control system. In the past, we never headed out during winter as well. It’s my mistake. When you return, I’ll look into it. I should be able to generate heat using blue crystal energy. I only need to add two heat conductors… That’s right!” He became excited and his grayish-blue eyes twinkled with excitement. “Mm! I shall go and design it right now!” Then, he disappeared before me, seeming to be in a hurry.

Now that he was preoccupied with the design, he shouldn’t be thinking about how I knew about the air conditioner anymore.

I watched Xue Gie as she gawked at the scenery in front of her. There was no drastic change in her expression but she was obviously astonished.

I envied her. She wasn’t afraid of the cold.

I retrieved my gaze. “Locate Qian Li.”

“Alright, successfully located Qian Li.” Ice Dragon displayed a map. I was shocked to learn that Brother Qian Li was near Kro. Is he still keeping watch over those Silver Moon City’s drones near Kro?

Ice Dragon began to thrust forward at full speed. As he traveled closer and closer to Qian Li, I noticed that the temperature was dropping. I pulled my overcoat tighter around my body and felt a bit warmer.

The grey sky was growing bright. However, the brightness struck fear in me. It was as if the entire world had been engulfed in the white light and only I survived alone. Then, a thick white wall appeared on the far horizon.

Oh God. The world had really collapsed!

Thick clouds formed a huge white wall to gradually push towards us. They stretched across the horizon like they linked the heavens to the earth below.

“Ah!” Xue Gie was so excited that she wanted to stand. Ice Dragon loosened the chair’s hold on her back. She stood before the windshield excitedly, watching the cloud wall far ahead of us. A pleasantly surprised expression that I had never seen before spread across her face. She likes snowstorms. No, she loves snowstorms. As if she was the child of a snowstorm who was thrilled with excitement and happiness when she saw her mother spreading her arms to embrace her.

Why wouldn’t she feel cold?

I extended my arms curiously and reached out to touch her hand. I was shocked that her hands were as cold as ice. Her body temperature seemed to be the same as the surrounding air. This was magical. She was like a cold-blooded animal. I couldn’t feel the temperature of blood from her body.

“Captain! Look!” Xue Gie pointed in front of us.

I let go of her and looked in the direction she had pointed. Before us was an obvious black spot. With the sky so white, even a faint dot would be visible. That must be Qian Li’s spaceship!

“Xue Gie, sit down. We are going to get Brother Qian Li.”

“Mm!” Xue Gie obediently sat back down.

I held the operating lever, and started elevating and approaching Brother Qian Li.

Although Ice Dragon has an autopilot function, how could I enjoy the fun and happiness if I don’t drive it myself? It’s just like a boy who got his first car.

The spaceship became clearer. As we got nearer, our travel speed adjusted to match Qian Li’s spaceship. I walked to the door carrying the black overcoat. When the cabin door finally opened onto a connecting tunnel, a sudden piercing coldness sent shivers down my spine!

*Swoosh!* The cabin door on the other end opened.

Qian Li hugged himself and shivered as he walked over through the tunnel to enter my cabin.

I immediately put the overcoat over his body and he let out a breath of relief. He sat down near the door that was closing behind him, wrapping himself tightly with the black overcoat.

“Brother Qian Li, you are still keeping watch over Silver Moon City?” I rubbed my hands together  and blew hot air into them.

He nodded and looked somewhere far away. “They’ve left.”

“They left!” I was surprised. “You’re saying they’ve actually left!” I asked again.

“Yes. The snowstorm would destroy their equipment so they left.” Brother Qian Li turned to look out the windshield. He seemed to have finally found an angle where he could focus on something far away. “They should return by next spring.”

“That’s great! Then, I can enter!” I became excited. This is an opportunity!

“No way! Luo Bing, it is too dangerous! The snowstorm is coming!” Qian Li pointed outside the window. At some point it had started snowing outside.

“Plus, in actual fact, they tried to enter half a month ago.” Brother Qian Li looked far away at a piece of pale sky. 

Xue Gie’s chair spun around as she stared at Qian Li expressionlessly.

Hearing Qian Li’s words, I was surprised. “You mean Silver Moon City entered Kro half a month ago? Did they succeed?”

“They failed.” Qian Li blinked his huge eyes. “The footage was transferred back to Noah City. You can take a look. It is very dangerous. It was a miracle that you could even leave during the last trip.” Brother Qian Li gasped in admiration. His handsome face had a disbelieving expression. He even looked slightly terrified as if the footage back then had frightened him.

What happened then?

I looked at Ice Dragon’s image. “Ice Dragon, do you have the video here?”

“Yes, Bing Bing.” Ice Dragon smiled gracefully. Xue Gie glanced at him as he waved both hands, and blue rays of light poured down between us to play a holographic film. In the video, we could clearly see a white flying vehicle driving into Kro. There was a Silver Moon City logo emblazoned on its side. 

The flying vehicle looked beautiful with its sleek outlines. Their flying vehicle was much lighter and more advanced compared to the ones in Noah City, even those that Noah City had hidden underground.

The flying vehicle flew in between the towering buildings of Kro. The camera angle followed the flying vehicle very closely; the effect was like a pair of eyes had been following right behind the flying vehicle.

However, I knew that with Noah City’s current technology, their drones wouldn’t dare to fly so close to the flying vehicle. Just in case they were exposed by Silver Moon City.

I watched suspiciously. “The view is so close. What did we use to capture the video?”

“Heh…” Brother Qian Li smiled and pointed at his head. “My superpower is not just limited to seeing things a thousand li away. I can also transmit the image. Give me your hand.” He extended his hand.

I extended my hand suspiciously and placed it in his hand. He gripped my hand and my surrounding view changed drastically. He and I were no longer in the spaceship but were following behind the flying vehicle.

I was stunned on the spot as I felt the power of a metahuman. I had never thought that Brother Qian Li could transmit the image that he saw to me directly.

“Raffles created a nerve transmitter that could see the view from my head and enable him to store it as footage. It can also allow the person next to me to see the view that I am seeing.” Brother Qian Li held my hand and smiled towards the front.

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