Book 1: Chapter 13 - A Venomous Snake’s Smile

“Could it be… everything that you did for me was to fool me to board your spaceship?” My heart dropped. Just what kind of a world am I in!?

“Humph,” he smirked and licked his lips. Then, he creased his eyebrows and supported his head with one hand, “You are flipping the story the other way round. In the beginning, I was really interested in you. You suddenly fell from the sky, and you are smart and courageous. I wanted to know your identity, and also wanted to know which tribe you belonged to. However, the moment you got injured, I suddenly realized that it is you…” he pointed at me and continued, “who wanted to follow me…” he pointed at himself, “back.”

“Dream on!” I spat in anger, “So, you treated He Lei insincerely too!?” 

He smiled, “No, I was serious with him because Silver Moon City needs metahumans like him.”

I squinted my eyes in anger, “He Lei is right. You people from Silver Moon City are wicked! I should have followed He Lei!”

“Hahahaha,” he let out a burst of laughter then he looked at my leg, “no, you wouldn’t have gone with him.”

He really thought that I was feigning my injury in order to get to Silver Moon City!

“You’re still not willing to tell me?” He looked at me with a smile, “It’s okay. I am very patient. I can wait until you speak.” He sat there in confidence and his gaze was as sharp as an eagle’s, as it held onto mine like the eagle’s sharp claws.

I stared straight at him, “I lost my memory. Don’t you already know that?” It was he who had told He Lei that I had fallen and hit my head, and had lost my memory due to concussion.

“Humph,” he chuckled, “I was testing you. He Lei was questioning you closely. I could see that you were confused and were also hiding a big secret…” His sharp gaze burned a hole in my face, “But, you couldn’t find any reason to stall him. So, I said that you lost your memory. Then, as expected, you really went along with it. You are very smart but not smart enough.” He squinted his eyes and his gaze became even sharper, as if burning into me. It seemed that he was extremely interested in my hidden secret.

I laughed at myself. I laughed as my heart ached. I had trusted him but in the end, he had never trusted me.

I had forgotten how meticulous of a person he was. When He Lei had grabbed me and questioned me about why I had no power, he was the one who had said that those people had scanned me and knew that I wasn’t a metahuman. But he had been watching me, without missing out any details. When He Lei was killing, he was counting the dead bodies. In the end, it was he who had told He Lei that there were two guards left that needed to be killed.

He was observing everything in detail. He noticed the changes in my expression. He was simply a mind reader. He could see through my heart when he looked at the changes in my expression.

However, he couldn’t see through me. He saw that I was confused and he knew that I had a secret. But he didn’t know that my hidden identity wasn’t anything harmful to Silver Moon City, but an unbelievable secret.

If he was still the original Ah Xing, I definitely would have told him because I trusted him. I was actually fearful of this world, but I remained tense because I was on the run.

I absolutely couldn’t tell the Ah Xing from back then, and telling him about it now was out of the question. I felt even more tense because of the Ah Xing in front of me now!

“There’s a flock of flying corpses.” Suddenly, there was a melodious robotic female voice in the cabin that attracted Xing Chuan’s attention.

What the hell is a flock of flying corpses!? It obviously isn’t anything great. This world is full of danger!

“Activate protective shield,” the pilot commanded.

“Okay. Protective shield activated.”

The pilot turned to look at Xing Chuan, “Your Royal Highness, the number of flying corpses is huge. This is a difficult situation.”

Xing Chuan squinted his eyes and smiled, “We will give them a bait then.”

The pilot looked nervous and immediately turned back to face the front. He still looked tense, even from behind. It was as though he was very afraid of Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan turned to look at me, “Actually, I really like you, Luo Bing. And, you are very clean.”

“Pfft,” I looked to the side.

“But, for the sake of the safety of the people in Silver Moon City, I can’t bring someone suspicious back…” I turned to stare at him coldly. He put his hand on the armrest and said, “to Silver Moon City.” Then, he pressed a button.

Beep! There was a cover that dropped down in front of me and engulfed me in the ovum-like seat! My seat had become a passenger cabin!

What’s going on!?

I looked at him in surprise with the cover in between us. His expression looked as if he pitied me, but as he supported his head one-handedly, it made him look like a cold spectator of an execution. He said, “As long as you tell me the truth, and are willing to stay loyal to Silver Moon City, starting with leaving your original master, I will bring you along. Although you are not a metahuman nor a girl, there weren’t many people on the ground who were as courageous and smart, and knew about plants. Silver Moon City needs a talent like you. Regardless, it’s not too late for you to give me an answer,” he looked at me casually as though he was certain that I would tell him the truth.

“Your Royal Highness, the flying corpses are getting closer!” The pilot reminded hastily.

Xing Chuan squinted his eyes as he waited for me. I looked to the side, not wanting to look at him again.

“I’m waiting for you to change your mind,” he said.

I glared at him coldly and he pressed another button on the armrest.

“Prepare for ejection!” Suddenly, I heard the robotic female voice in the cabin again. 

Eject? What!?

*Bang!* I had yet to respond and my seat was ejected from the spaceship. Xing Chuan creased his eyebrows and his sorry expression disappeared before my eyes very quickly. In the blink of an eye, my passenger cabin was shot into the air. It was as though I was very far away from the spaceship in an instant and I was engulfed in silence.

At the same time, I saw a flock of mysterious living things near the spaceship that looked like crows. Their body size was much bigger than crows and they seemed to have noticed me. They quickly rose like a swarm of bees and chased after me under the direction of their leader. The entire flock of living beings flew past Xing Chuan’s spaceship towards me, and the spaceship was out of sight, as I was under the dark cloud of the flock. 

I suddenly understood what bait Xing Chuan had been talking about.

Dad had exhorted me to not believe in anyone’s tears easily because it might possibly be crocodile’s tears.

Similarly, don’t believe in anyone’s smile easily because it might possibly be a venomous snake’s smile.

In a dangerous environment, I believed in Ah Xing easily because he had been trapped in the same prisoner cage as I was. Hence, I had let my guard down. He had used a pair of straw sandals to have me lower my guard against him. His concern had won my trust. His sincerity toward He Lei had made me think he was a good person and He Lei was unfriendly.

Now, I finally understood who the good guy was and who was the venomous snake that bit me.

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