Book 2: Chapter 73 - Snowstorm

They stood there awkwardly, exchanged glances and knocking one another. In the end, they looked at Khai. Khai blushed and stole a glance at me before he spoke. “We just came back. We don’t-don’t really understand the situation.”

I glanced at them and looked at the door again. “Bill, Sia, come in. I know that the two of you didn’t push me that day.”

There was finally a change in Xue Gie’s blank stare at the bread. She lifted her face and looked to the door. Bill walked in quietly and Sia followed behind him.

Bill looked at Xue Gie apologetically. “I’m sorry that I didn’t stop them.”

Xue Gir blinked and quietly looked down.

Sia stood next to Bill in grievance. He muttered sadly, “Actually, everyone has been unhappy recently. Many people couldn’t sleep…” Sia looked at Xiao Ying. Sia and Joey had always guarded Xiao Ying like her guardian angels. They were her playmates but were more like her family.

“Humph!” Xiao Ying looked away angrily. She grimaced but looked like she was about to cry. She had not smiled for quite some time.

Maybe, everyone wasn’t sure if their feelings were romantic or not, but when Xiao Ying ignored Sia and Joey, Sia and Joey got upset while Xiao Ying became upset herself too.

Sis Cannon hugged her and her expression grew mature. 

Mosie and Moorim peeped at Arsenal but didn’t dare to speak.

Everyone stopped talking out of a sudden. The six guys stood there awkwardly while the six girls sat there awkwardly.

*Vrooommm.* Suddenly, a low roar reverberated throughout Noah City. It sounded a beast that had hibernated for too long was finally waking up.

Everyone looked around suspiciously.

“What happened?” I stood up. “I’m going to take a look. You can eat together,” I found an excuse to leave. I thought they wouldn’t be at ease with me around.

Arsenal looked at me and she seemed to understand something. She nodded and said, “Go and take a look.”

“Mm.” I walked to the door. The boys quickly stopped me. They blabbed nervously, “Brother Bing, we are really sorry. We did wrong.”

“We thought you and Captain…”

“Don’t bring up your captain!”

“We shouldn’t have pushed you!”

“Please forgive us!”

I raised my hand and cut them off. I looked at them with a faint smile. “I know. I forgive all of you.”

They let out breaths of relief. They looked like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

“Stay here. I’ll go and see what happened,” I said to them. They immediately stood straight and replied, “Yes! Brother Bing!” They had finally cheered up again.

Is this how liking someone works?

When the person you like ignores you, you would be upset, depressed, distracted and couldn’t sleep. It turns out that feelings really could make a person sick.

I walked forward and passed by Harry’s training cabin. When I wanted to speed up, I heard Harry ask confusedly, “Where are they?”

“They went to apologize to Captain Luo Bing,” Williams replied.

I walked past his training cabin and out of the corner of my eye saw Harry standing in the empty training cabin with one hand on his waist and the other holding his forehead. He looked gaunt recently.

Williams stood next to him and looked at him carefully. “Captain! Don’t worry, I’ll support you! Bros before hos. What’s so great about that woman? She always hits you. Even I wasn’t able to take it.”

“Shut up!”  Harry suddenly grabbed Williams by his collar. I was shocked and stopped to watch them.

Harry pulled Williams up before his face and warned him, “Do not talk bad about Luo Bing! If you dare to say she’s bad, I’ll beat you up!”

I was stunned.

Williams looked at Harry dumbfounded. “Captain, you…”

“And!” Harry gripped onto Williams collar tighter and stared at him with a threatening and warning gaze. “Don’t think I have no idea about what’s in your head. Stay away from Raffles! He belongs to Luo Bing! I do not allow anyone to take away Luo Bing’s man! Do you hear me?!” He pushed away the stunned Williams angrily.

Williams was completely dumbfounded. He couldn’t tell what’s wrong with Harry.

I was dumbfounded too. I quickly walked forward past their training cabin, with complicated feelings. Everyone seemed to be confused by Harry. His constant changes of mind were causing chaos.

What is Harry thinking about? Why did he say such things to Williams?

The more I thought about it, the more confusing it was. I came across the captain of the mechanic team Uncle Wu, and his team members Gern and Qiao Shan. They were chatting with one another as they walked.

“Uncle Wu.” I ran forward and they stopped when they saw me. They smiled at me and I asked, “What happened? I heard a loud noise!”

Uncle Wu answered with a smile, “Don’t worry. We are preparing to close the city. Winter is coming and we can’t go out anymore. Xiao Bing, you can’t go out jogging from tomorrow onwards.”

“We can’t?”

“You can try if you’re not afraid of freezing to death,” Gern chuckled as he replied, “A snowstorm is coming. The temperature outside would fall to negative twenty to thirty degrees very soon.”

I was shocked. How could it be so cold? The place that I used to stay in would only fall to negative eight degrees at most.

“Brother Bing, how are you and Harry now?” Qiao Shan asked curiously, “Everyone is worried about the two of you. Why don’t you just forgive Harry?”

I became awkward. It turns out that everyone is worried about us.

“Why are you such busybodies!” Uncle Wu slapped their heads. “They will resolve their problem themselves. Work more, speak less.”

Gern and Qiao Shan stuck their tongues out.

“Luo Bing! Luo Bing!” Raffles ran over from afar. He looked anxious. It seemed like something had happened.

Uncle Wu looked at him and then smiled at me. “Xiao Bing, Raffles is better. He’s smart and obedient. Uncle knows that girls like guys who are more obedient. Unlike Harry, that naughty boy!  He’s so egoistic and he even fought with you.” 

“Uncle Wu!” I felt embarrassed.

“Hahaha. Okay, we shall make a move. See you!” Then, Uncle Wu led Gern and Qiao Shan away.

Raffles stopped in front of me and panted as he said, “Hurry! Bro-Brother Qian Li is trapped!”


Raffles pulled me and started running. As he ran, he explained, “Something is wrong with the floating cabin. It can’t fly back. The snowstorm is coming. You gotta drag him back using Ice Dragon. Otherwise, he would freeze to death!”

I felt my heart clench and I started running too. Raffles couldn’t catch up with me. He stopped behind me to pant. Then, he shouted, “Bring Xue Gie!”

“I know!” I waved and quickly took out my communicator. I ran as I contacted Xue Gie, “Xue Gie, meet me at Ice Dragon. We have a mission.”

“Yes!” Xue Gie’s excited voice sounded from the other side of the communicator.

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