Book 2: Chapter 72 - Young Boys and Girls Have A Load In Their Minds

I walked out of the cleansing cabin. Raffles took his clothes that had been blown dry and said with his cheeks blushing, “I’ll go back with you.”

“Mm.” I was still depressed. I felt sorry towards Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason for what had happened. But if I hadn’t done that, Harry would have continued to do what he did and be even more annoying.

Like when the bunch of guys in the scouting troop had been making a fuss. I found that kind of matter the most annoying. Can guys ever grow up?

Raffles walked beside me in silence. I calmed down and looked at Raffles. “I’m sorry. I got you involved.” Harry and him had been becoming good friends originally.

Harry’s speech to stop calling Raffles pet bunny, mascot, or whatnot had been very effective. Ever since then, the guys in Noah City hadn’t made fun of Raffles anymore.

I could tell that Harry had a high reputation in Noah City. The guys worshiped Harry while the girls admired Harry.

“Humph!” Raffles looked to the side angrily. “Harry doesn’t grow up! How dare he make such ridiculous remarks. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s like a mad man. Although he is always flippant in manner, he has never been as ridiculous as he was today.”

I felt it too. Harry had been behaving unusually recently. He was like a monkey that grew a pair of wings, or like he had suddenly lost his backbone.

“Maybe it is because you gave him the silver badge and he got carried away,” Raffles analyzed.

Maybe. I wouldn’t have given it to him if I’d known.

Raffles walked me to my room door. When I opened the door, Little Carl greeted, “Master, you are finally back. Little Carl is home alone, I’m scared. Father! You’re here too. Are you sleeping here tonight?”

Raffles blushed. “Don’t simply say random things! Little Carl! It might cause misunderstanding!”

“Oh.” Little Carl lowered its head as if it was feeling wronged.

Raffles blushed so hard he didn’t dare to look at me. “You, go ahead and rest. Tell me immediately if you don’t feel well.” He kept his head low. “And-and, I-I-I will always be there for you.” Then, he turned and ran away. I could hear him sneezing at the stairways. *Achoo! Achoo!*

I walked out and saw him reach downstairs. “Raffles!” I called.

He stopped to look at me. I said with concern, “You take care. Don’t catch a cold!”

He nodded at me with a smile and waved. Then, he turned and started running. He ran faster and faster, like a deer running on a field in spring. His gray long hair flopped in the wind like a blue bunny’s ears from his running.

I retracted my gaze and saw Harry’s room across the corridor. The rage that had finally subsided instantly lit up again. I didn’t look at it again but turned to slam the door behind me.

*Bang!* The door slam echoed in the silent Noah City.

From then onwards, Harry and I didn’t bother with each other.

In the morning, he led the scouting troop to jog, just like us. However, he jogged to the West while I jogged to the East. Although we would run into each other as we ran in circles, we never greeted each other.

When we ran into each other in Noah City, he would pretend he didn’t see me and instead talk to Khai or Joey next to him. The other guys behaved awkwardly whenever they saw me.

The news about Harry and I fighting spread across Noah City. How big could Noah City be? How many people were there in Noah City? There wasn’t any entertainment or leisure activity in Noah City. Hence, what had happened between Harry and I became gossip that people discussed after their meal.

As for Xiao Jing, she was in a good mood. When she saw me, she would humph as though I had disappointed Harry and that had made her angry.

Raffles would always come to see us during training, and he would spend a lot of time with me. Sometimes, we would run into Harry and he would pretend like he couldn’t see us. But he would knock into Raffles when he walked past him. Ever since then, Raffles and I would detour if we saw him.

Although the ones who fought were Harry and I, it affected the guys in the scouting troop and the girls in the DR team.

Xue Gie ignored the guys in the scouting troop. Although it wasn’t like she had ever talked to them, she did care about Bill. Yet in the end, because of Harry and I, she ignored Bill too.

Every time they ran into each other, Bill would watch Xue Gie leave while Xue Gie wouldn’t even bother looking at him.

Similarly, Xiao Ying ignored Sia and Joey too, while Sis Cannon kicked Khai off her list of men.

At first, I thought Khai would be happy because he had always looked glum when Sis Cannon ordered him around. But when Sis Cannon really didn’t want him, he looked even sadder.

It made me feel guilty. It was only between me and Harry, so it shouldn’t affect the girls.

At noon, I was eating bread at the training cabin with everyone. Ever since I’d fought with Harry, we had been training separately. They were in one cabin and we were in the other. No one trained in East Square.

Everyone was eating and drinking quietly. I looked at Sis Cannon and the other girls. They were all very low-spirited. Xue Gie was daydreaming with bread in her hand. Ming You kept quiet, depressed.

Arsenal looked at them worriedly. She sighed and lowered her head to munch on her bread.

Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying used to be the noisiest. Although Xue Gie didn’t like to talk, she usually liked to look at everyone talking. Unlike her now, who had no appetite.

There were light footsteps from the door. My listening had become better recently. A few heads popped in: Bill, Khai, Sia, Joey, Moorim and Mosie.

Bill peeped at Xue Gie, Khai peeped at Sis Cannon, Sia and Joey peeped at Xiao Ying, Moorim and Mosie peeped at Arsenal.

The seat that I was in was facing the door. I glanced at the guys and they retreated hastily. There were noises of heads knocking one another and gasping.

Arsenal and Ming You looked curiously when they heard the noise.

I broke the silence after a while. I didn’t want to see the girls unhappy. I looked at Sis Cannon. “Sis Cannon, don’t you train with Khai anymore?”

Everyone looked at me because of what I’d said. Sis Cannon became angry. “Don’t want to be with him! Humph!”

“It’s between me and Harry. I don’t want to affect all of you.” I used that as an excuse to talk about it.

“But he pushed you too!” Sis Cannon roared angrily!

“That’s right! They went overboard!” Xiao Ying crossed her arms angrily too. “I don’t want to talk to them anymore! They didn’t even apologize to you!”

“We are sorry, Brother Bing!” Khai and the other boys suddenly shouted outside the door. It gave the girls a shock. After they recovered from the surprise, they looked away and continued to be angry.

Ming You and Arsenal looked to the door.

Khai, Joey, Moorim and Mosie popped their heads in again. They lowered their heads apologetically in embarrassment when I looked at them, and slowly moved inside the cabin.

They stood in a row and bowed. “We’re sorry, Brother Bing! We were wrong!”

“You went overboard!” Ming You finally said, glaring at them in disappointment for not reaching her expectations.

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