Book 2: Chapter 71 - Flipped

There was a large splash under the moonlight, which slowly subsided.

Harry swam up and waved at me. “Waifu, you hit me again? It’s okay. As long as you are happy, you can hit me as much as you want.”

Khai and the other guys whistled and cheered, “Captain, you are so deeply in love with Sis-in-law!”

“Hahaha… I heard from the elders that hitting is a sign of affection and cursing is a sign of love. You can’t be husband and wife without it.”

“Should we look away?”

“Stop it, all of you!” Raffles was anxious and he started waving in front of them. He was blushing in worry. “All of you are getting out of hand!” 

I wanted to leave but Williams and the other few guys who were bigger in size blocked my way. All of them looked like they needed a beating.

Williams and the other guys exchanged glances of silent understanding. They suddenly shouted, “Captain!” Then they pushed me and I immediately fell into the reservoir.

“Ah!” They had pushed me. They are all dead!

“Luo Bing!” Raffles shouted.

“All of you are ridiculous!” Bill roared while Sia shook his head by the side.

*Bang!* I fell into the reservoir and the cold water instantly flowed down my collar. In the chilliness, a warm body embraced me. His body heat transferred to me as he pulled me up to the water surface.

“Wow!” As I reached the surface, I heard the whistles and cheers again.


“Oh! Captain, kiss her!”

“Kiss her!”

“Kiss her!”

“Stop fooling around!” Raffles shouted. “Luo Bing! Are you okay?”

I pushed Harry away hard. He chuckled and looked at me. Water droplets glided down his brown hair onto his forehead. Under the moonlight, tiny streams of light flowed down along his nose and dripped into the water between us.

His face was red too. He looked at me bashfully, “Ignore them, I…”

“I don’t like you!” I finally couldn’t hold back but shout. I looked at Harry, who was stunned after I had roared at him angrily.

The surroundings instantly became quiet. The water became calm too, and reflected Khai, Williams, Joey, Mosie and Moorim’s awkward faces.

Sia sighed and shook his head. “There is a saying that no force will hold forever...”

*Sigh!* Bill sighed heavily and looked away.

Harry stayed in the water and stared at me blankly. The red paint on his face had washed off, revealing his clean and fair face. Water flowed down his cheeks while reflecting the moonlight, like meteors. It outlined a clear arc of his face, rolling down his slender neck and into his collar.

The force of his fall had opened his battle uniform. His buttons were loosened, his fair skin visible under the black military uniform. I could vaguely see his exquisite collarbone and the muscular lines of his chest.

“Do you know that you are very annoying!” I was extremely pissed off. “Do you even know how to like someone? Do you know how liking someone should be?! You! You are simply frivolous! This is debauchery! You are a pervert! You took petty advantage of me! I don’t like you! I really don’t like you! And you don’t like me too! If it isn’t because you had saved me and I’d wanted to show respect to Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason’s feelings, I wouldn’t want to see you at all! From now onwards, stay away from me other than when we are on a mission!” I slapped the water and finally shouted out all the hatred and anger in me.

The water splashed on his face and wet his long eyelashes. He blinked and shook off the water. His amber eyes had dilated in shock and he glanced at everyone on the shore. Everyone looked away awkwardly.

Raffles crossed his arms and glared at Harry angrily. Under the starry night sky, the mood was suffocating.

Harry slowly turned around; I swam towards the shore in front of him. Suddenly, he pulled me by my wrist. He was so forceful that it felt as though he was going to break my wrist.

“You think I like you?” He suddenly bellowed. I didn’t bother to turn and look at him. I struggled in the water and said, “Let me go!”

“I’ll let go after I’m done!” He roared angrily as though we were in training. “What’s so great about you? You are fierce and you like to hit me! You think I’m happy to entertain you? I saw that you were alone and had no one to depend on. At that time, you’d lost your memory and you’re a girl. That’s why I pitied you! So I kept you company! If it wasn’t because I’d touched you by accident and dad told me to take responsibility, I wouldn’t want anything to do with you!”

I turned around and slapped his face.


I was trembling in anger, the kind of anger that rose up when one was humiliated. How dare he bring that up!

My slap had turned his face to the side. A red palm print appeared on his fair cheek.

“Harry, you are ridiculous!” Raffles shouted angrily.

I forcefully pulled back my hand from his hold and swam towards the shore.

Raffles took off his coat and ran to me. When I got onto the shore, his coat wrapped around my body like a bathing robe. He looked at me, worried. “Let’s go back. The wind is strong, you might fall sick.”

I nodded my head sorrowfully. I’d always thought that Harry had treated me as his friend although he was annoying. It turned out that he’d only pitied me and was trying to take responsibility.

Raffles and I walked past the people who didn’t dare to look at me, entering Noah City in silence.

“Get your pet bunny to keep you company in the future,” Harry shouted, upset. “He is obedient, just like the dog he made for you.”

Raffles was so angry, he wanted to turn around. I held his shoulder tight and he looked at me while I shook my head. Raffles humphed angrily and looked at me in worry. “Do you still feel cold?”

I nodded.

His grayish blue eyes shimmered and he muttered, “I’m sorry.” He extended his hands to hug me. His body heat gave me his warmth. He was using his body that was not much stronger than mine to block the cold breeze.

His body heat transferred to my body through the wet clothing. There was a refreshing scent from his body and his hair, which soothed me.

He held his head low as he walked back to Noah City with me in silence. His body was hot and seemed to be getting hotter. He hugged me tight and I could feel his heartbeat through his chest. His heartbeat was fast. Lub-dub. Lub-dub. It was as if there was someone playing drums inside him.

His breathing became irregular. At times he took deep breaths as if the air between us was too thin and he couldn’t breathe normally.

Is he still feeling angry for me?

I finally flipped with Harry today.

“Harry is an *sshole! Just ignore him!” Raffles pushed me into the cleansing cabin when we returned to Noah City.

Noah blew me dry from head to toes using hot air. My body regained its warmth.

Raffles’s clothes were still wet. His clothes had gotten wet because he’d hugged me.

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