Book 2: Chapter 70 - Reached The Limit Of My Patience

“Raffles, why are you so sure that Xing Chuan doesn’t like our Princess Arsenal?” Moorim came forward angrily. “Our Princess is so beautiful, so kind, so cute. There are so many guys in Noah City that secretly admire her. Why would His Highness Xing Chuan not like her!” Moorim sounded more like he was questioning Raffles.

Raffles looked at Harry and me. “You heard it, right? The conversation between Xing Chuan and Sharjah the other day."

Harry and I were stunned and we looked at Raffles. “You heard it too?”

Raffles nodded. “Elder Alufa doesn’t trust Silver Moon City. Hence, every time they are here, we have mini-robots keep them under surveillance.”

I see.

“What did you hear?” Moorim asked anxiously.

“Yeah! What did you hear?!” Mosie became anxious too.

I looked at Harry and Harry spat angrily. “Xing Chuan said that he isn’t interested in Arsenal and he threw away the water she gave him.”

“What?!” Mosie and Moorim were furious. They were cracking knuckles and holding their fists.

“What’s so great about Xing Chuan?!” Mosie said angrily.

“That’s right! Humph! Noah City would definitely be stronger and more powerful than them!” Moorim’s fighting spirit was instantly stirred up.

“I think it is even better that he doesn’t like her,” Khai suddenly said. He sounded more like he was giving advice. “I heard that His Highness can marry many wives in Silver Moon City. If our Princess Arsenal were to go up there, we won’t even know which place she’d be given.”

“Forget about that b*stard Xing Chuan!” Harry roared. The guys in the scouting troop stood straight and went quiet.

Harry still looked furious. He pointed fingers at the guys and reprimanded, “What nonsense are you talking about? Noah City is going to be stronger and more powerful than Silver Moon City? Look at yourselves! The DR team defeated all of you without even using all their superpowers!”

The guys lowered their heads in embarrassment as Harry reprimanded.

Williams and Moorim who were still tied up lowered their heads and sighed, “Sigh. This is the most embarrassing training."

“Can someone untie us?”

Harry glanced at them impatiently. “Go! Untie them!”

Khai and Mosie hurried over and loosened the ties for Williams and Moorim.

Harry took a deep breath, his chest heaving up and down. After they had untied Williams and Moorim, Harry continued, “Did you hear Luo Bing earlier? There are metahumans out there who can even revive after death! If you don’t want to die, join the DR team for training tomorrow!”

“Yes!” The guys immediately stood straight and replied loudly.

“But, Captain, can we request to take a shower?” Mosie pointed at the paint all over his face and pulled his collar. “Everyone sweated quite a bit. We would stink if we don’t shower!”

“Yes, Captain, help us to apply for a shower. Plus, we just returned from Blue Shield City.” Everyone stared at Harry with a pleading gaze.

Harry looked at them, annoyed. He rubbed the paint on his face and looked at Raffles. “Raffles, do you have any water for them to shower?”

Raffles looked troubled when he looked at Harry. “I do but the radiation has yet to be cleansed.” Then, Raffles’s communicator suddenly rang. He immediately took out to see, then smiled. Facing Harry, he said, “Elder Alufa permits your shower application. He also advises you to conclude today’s experience and listen to Luo Bing’s suggestions more.”

“Awesome!” The boys high-fived one another happily.

“But, I thought it has yet to be cleansed?” Moorim looked at Raffles in confusion.

Raffles looked at me. “Luo Bing, Elder Alufa wants you to cleanse the water in the third reservoir for them so that they can shower."

I nodded while the guys looked surprised.

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, Brother Bing can cleanse the water?”

Raffles looked at them and replied, “You’ll find out then.”

Everyone exchanged a look. They had just returned and they didn’t know about my superpower.

When we reached the third reservoir, it slowly opened under the moonlight. The water rippled and reflected the moonlight onto everyone’s faces.

When I had first come here, it’d been the end of September. In the blink of an eye, it was already winter and the wind had become chilly. The moonlight shone on the barren field as if there was a layer of frost. The scenery was pale. 

I’d heard the girls say that the winter here was very cold and the weather would become strange and bad. There would always be a snowstorm and the temperature would fall to negative degrees celsius. Then, they wouldn’t be able to head out.

Noah City would be completely sealed in order to keep warm.

The scouting troop wouldn’t head out again. Flying vehicles found it difficult to travel in snowstorms. Hence, all the food and resources had to be prepared before the winter hit. When spring came, they would head out again.

In this way, human activity patterns had returned to the primitive state.

However, the resources were extremely lacking in this world. Hence, winter was the most torturous season for the people in the livable zone.

Khai and the other guys followed me to the reservoir out of curiosity. They wanted to see my superpower. Bill and Sia had come back to join their troop; they got to shower too.

I jumped into the reservoir.

“Be careful!” Harry and Raffles shouted in unison. Stunned, they looked at each other. Raffles quickly lowered his head. Harry chuckled lightly and hugged Raffles’ shoulders.

“Captain, can you stay further away from my cutie pie?” Williams said softly and picked up Harry’s hand that was on Raffles’s shoulder.

Harry looked at Williams, who smiled coquettishly. Harry quivered at the sight and turned away from Williams.

Everyone was next to the reservoir. Some of them were squatting down while some stood as they watched me curiously.

I extended my hands and put them into the water of the reservoir. The water was piercingly cold. It was really almost winter. Luckily, I showered in cold water too and could bear the chilliness.

Blue light spots appeared in the water. Joey and the other guys exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh! Look!” 

“They are like stars!”

“This is so magical!”

“No wonder Elder Alufa said that Brother Bing is Noah’s Treasure!”

“Does it mean we don’t need any energy to cleanse radiation in the future? We can just look for Brother Bing!”

“That’s awesome!”

“Brother Bing, you’re awesome. Captain, I envy you! You got Brother Bing!”

“Of course!” Harry immediately turned smug with success. Then, he pointed at the badge on his chest again. “Look, look, look. This…”

“Is pinned up by our sis-in-law. Hahahaha…” The guys in the scouting troop said in unison.

I instantly became furious! Harry could never stay serious for more than five minutes!

“Harry! Stop making jokes! Luo Bing doesn’t like you!” Raffles said angrily. “She doesn’t like you to make jokes like this!”

“Raffles, you are jealous of me.” Harry narrowed his eyes and lifted his chin at Raffles while he looked at the others. “Look, Raffles is jealous of me. Hahaha…”

“Harry!” Raffles clenched his fists angrily. He was speechless in anger.

The blue lights disappeared into my hand. I stood up, climbed up the stairs and walked up to Harry who was still laughing. I lifted my head with no hesitation and kicked his butt. “Go to hell!” I really can’t take it anymore.

*Bang!* Harry fell into the reservoir as everyone looked on in shock.

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