Book 2: Chapter 67 - Nothing Is Too Deceitful In War

There was a laser pen on Sis Cannon’s chest. It shot far away and straight.

I patted Raffles, frightening him. He looked at me anxiously; I pulled him by his arm. “Let’s go.”

“Okay, alright.” He got up hastily.

Our gaze followed Sis Cannon’s shooting line, finally spotting Khai who had a light spot on his chest. “What’s going on?”

“Khai, you’re dead,” I said.

He looked at me in shock. “What?!”

I pointed at the light spot on his chest. “That’s Sis Cannon’s light cannon. You already entered her shooting range. So, you’re dead.”

“What?!?!” Khai exclaimed even louder.

Raffles rushed forward. He took out his pen, tiptoed and wrote the word ‘dead’ on Khai’s forehead.

“No, Brother Bing. Give me a chance. We hardly have any fun. Don’t kill me the moment I appear!” Raffles pressed Khai down. He had to play dead even if he was unwilling.

Raffles looked at Little Carl and instructed, “Tell Harry that Khai died.”

“Okay, father.” Little Carl drove to the city gate.

Raffles walked back to my side while Khai raised his hands at me in distress, “Brother Bing! Give me a chance!”

“Don’t rise before you are buried! Next time, don’t be the one who scouts the way. You’re not suitable for this role. You’re so big in size!” I said and turned back.

Raffles chuckled and returned to my side. “Hehe, this is so fun. It’d be great if I could join in the game.”

“You already are in the game, Raffles,” I said as I walked.

He was stunned and halted his footsteps. I stopped and looked at him with a smile. “Aren’t you next to me? Hurry up. Harry and his troop are going to follow up with a second attack.” Then, I immediately ran back.

“Mm!” Raffles responded and quickly followed behind me. His footsteps were light and swift. 

“Can I turn into a zombie? Brother Bing! Brother Bing!” Khai shouted aggrievedly.

Every time we are in team combat, the first person who dies would share the same feelings as Khai. They only want to be in the game for a little longer. However, this isn’t a game. This is a mock battle. I’m sorry, you’re dead because you can’t revive on a battlefield.

If you want to be on the battlefield for a little longer, work harder. Don’t treat war as a game. Your enemy wouldn’t be playing with you using paintballs.

I have to thank the Ghost Eclispers that He Lei had killed. On the first day I came to this world, I experienced such a brutal and bloody massacre. I understood how terrifying the Ghost Eclipse metahumans are.

We returned to our original spot and Sis Cannon immediately came back too.

Arsenal eyes were still closed. “Williams and Moorim are coming in.”

Moorim was going to use his invisibility power.

Arsenal’s superpower was awesome! She was like our spy, our eyes. She could see our enemy’s movement. It would be difficult even for Moorim who could go invisible to escape her eyes.

She was similar to Brother Qian Li. Brother Qian Li was Noah’s Eyes while Arsenal was the DR’s Eyes.

“Harry, Mosie and Joey are ten meters behind them.”

They had a strategy of defense and offense. They assigned Moorim to lead Williams to surprise attack invisibly. Then, Harry and the others would join in to wipe us out. It was a great strategy. However, it was a pity that they were going against Arsenal.

“They are getting close!” Arsenal opened her eyes and looked at me. “Ten, nine, eight…” Arsenal started counting down.

I immediately looked at Xue Gie on the opposite side. She quickly stood up with Xiao Ying. They waited in ambush by their side of the tunnel, with Sis Cannon and I on the other side.

“Three, two, one. They are here!” Arsenal finished counting. Xue Gie and I immediately shot our anchor launchers. PAK! PAK! The anchors were hooked on the wall on our opposite sides. The ropes flew out and formed a web. We could obviously tell when someone walked into the web.

The next moment, Xue Gie and I got into the tunnel swiftly. We ran to our opposite sides and we ran past one another to run against the wall. We leaped above the existing rope and tied the two invisible men together.

*Pak! Pak!* Then, Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying followed behind us to tighten the rope. It looked like a cloud of air was caught between the ropes. They ended up all tied up at the entrance of the tunnel.

Williams and Moorim slowly appeared. Then, Raffles quickly went forward to write the word “dead” on their foreheads. He stepped back happily and spun the pen in his hand.

“Now, the two of you are dead. You don’t speak,” I told Williams and Moorim.

They exchanged glances. Then, they let out a heavy sigh and lowered their heads. Williams’s four arms were tied with the steel ropes. They didn’t even have the chance to shoot.

“Luo Bing, Harry is reaching soon,” Arsenal reminded softly.

Williams and Moorim immediately looked at Arsenal, their eyes were wide open. It was as if they were saying, I knew it. It’s you!

Arsenal flashed them a playful smile and the two of them sighed again. They shut their mouths and played dead.

I gestured at everyone to disperse. Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying immediately retreated to their original spots.

Raffles quickly hid to the side and gripped on his pen tightly as if it was his gun.

Williams and Moorim were tied with their backs to the tunnel entrance, like food trapped on a spider web that blocked the way.

I nodded at Ming You. Ming You walked up to Williams and pretended that she was healing him. She took a deep breath and calmed herself down. I hid in front of Williams and Moorim, using their bodies to block mine. Williams’ body was huge; I was just like a child in front of him.

Williams and Moorim seemed to be extremely nervous due to how close I was to them. Besides inevitable physical contact during training, they had never gotten that close to any girls.

They held their breath nervously and looked away.

The tunnel was pitch silent, which was unusual. It meant that Harry and his other members didn’t make any noise when they advanced. They truly were like hunting jaguars approaching their prey.

They were actually very powerful.

I steadied my breathing and watched the tunnel through the gap between Williams and Moorim. Williams and Moorim had become our bait.

Soon, I saw Harry approaching lightly with Mosie and Joey. Seeing Williams and Moorim tied up, they were surprised and stopped advancing.

At the same time, they saw Ming You who was pretending to be healing Williams then.

The three of them raised the guns in their hands as they approached slowly.

Once they saw Ming You healing Williams, Harry and his troop definitely wouldn’t shoot at the first instant. That would thus delay and interrupt their battle plan. They would let their guards down, which would buy time for our side.

“Why are you so nervous?” Ming You said, “My superpower is to heal. I can’t win against you, Williams is injured.”

“What? Hurt? Hey, all of you got too serious!” Joey walked forward but Harry stopped him. Harry kept his guard up. This battle changed my mind about him.

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