Book 2: Chapter 66 - Warfare

“How would you like to compete?” Harry lifted his head up, still confident.

I looked at him. “Team combat.”

“Alright! Warfare! I’ll attack and you’ll defend,” Harry said and turned to wave at his troop. He handsomely beckoned them to somewhere far. 

The boys immediately ran far, creating a great distance between us. Their black figures moved swiftly like black jaguars hunting their prey.

They looked handsome when they were serious.

He attacks and I defend. It sounds more like I’d be attacked. I hate the sound of it.

Who cares? I have no time to bother about that now.

I immediately turned to look at Elder Alufa. “Elder Alufa, we are going to carry out a defense game. The land here is flat and is not beneficial for defense. We will need to be in Noah City.”

Elder Alufa nodded and looked at Sis Ceci. “Get everyone to return to Noah City and watch from the projection room.”


Elder Alufa turned to enter Noah City and the surrounding spectators followed behind him.

“Brother Bing, go for it! We have high hopes for you!”

“Sis Bing, Sis Princess, Sis Cannon, Sis Xiao Ying, Sis Xue Gie, Sis Ming You, you can do it!” Everyone cheered for us with Da Li and her friends.

“How could all of you do this? Harry doesn’t need any support? I will support Harry!”

“Me too! Harry will definitely win!”

“I am all for Brother Bing. Brother Bing, victory!”

“Alright! Let’s make a bet!”

“Sure, why not?!”

Everyone placed their bets as they entered Noah City. They were obviously more excited and hyped up than us.

“Please keep the protective shield.” Raffles and his team members began to put away the equipment for the protective shield. Little Carl followed him closely.

Uncle Mason looked at me. “Daughter-in-law, show mercy!”

Raffles who was putting away the equipment was stunned. He carried the equipment in his hands as he gaped at Uncle Mason, his gray hair fluttering in the breeze.

“Go away!” Sis Ceci glared angrily at Uncle Mason. “You taught your son all the bad stuff! Can you just call anyone your wife as you wish?! It’s because he did it so casually. All the girls in Noah City think he is frivolous, like a playboy! Even Princess Arsenal said that she wouldn’t choose him!”

Arsenal looked awkward.

Uncle Mason scratched his head, feeling like he was being wronged. “Don’t you like Luo Bing? Our son is only calling Luo Bing his wife now. Isn’t that loyalty?”

Sis Ceci looked to the side. “Of course I like her!”

My body stiffened and I blushed in embarrassment. I felt a strange feeling as though someone was trying to matchmake me.

The girls were peeking at me.

“But is our son her match?! Get in there!” Sis Ceci pushed Uncle Mason hard while Uncle Mason wore a cheeky expression, just like Harry’s.

Raffles began to daydream as Sis Ceci spoke. He had been daydreaming a lot recently as though his brains were lagging.

There was only Sis Ceci left at the city gate. She looked at me apologetically. “I’m sorry. I didn’t teach my son well. I warned him to stop calling you that but he wouldn’t listen to me.”

“It’s okay, Sis Ceci,” Arsenal spoke on my behalf. “We all know what Harry is like. Luo Bing wouldn’t take it seriously.” Arsenal held my arm and I nodded in agreement.

Sis Ceci sighed. “I know you’ve been ignoring Harry recently and aren’t talking to him, that’s fine but I hope it won’t affect your next mission.”

“Yes,” I assured Sis Ceci. Although I had my own team, Harry would still head out together with the DR team because he was the most experienced person for field missions. He was also the strongest metahuman in Noah City. He would be protecting us when he was with us.

Sis Ceci nodded delightedly and looked at me with admiration. “Luo Bing, you don’t need to be nice with that boy. He’s full of himself. He’ll only grow up when he fails."

I looked at Sis Ceci with a smile. She didn’t know that she was my role model at heart.

After Sis Ceci had left, the outside of Noah City became empty and quiet. In the silence, we could hear the rustling of weeds. The hunting jaguars far away were slowly moving toward us. 

Raffles and Little Carl stood by the door as they watched us in silence.

We gathered together and I looked at everyone. “Khai, Williams and Joey’s superpowers are limited by space. We have to lure them to a narrow space.” I started setting up our battle plan. Everyone’s eyes were shimmering with starlight. My plan made them excited.

“Everyone, understand?” I asked at the end.

“Yes!” All of them were confident.

“Go!” As I spoke, the girls retreated behind Noah City’s gate quickly .

I walked to Raffles. “Raffles, did you bring a pen?”

“Yes, yes.” Raffles quickly took out his pen while Little Carl looked up at Raffles. Raffles passed me the pen. “Here.”

“I don’t need it. Follow me and make a mark on everyone that dies in the game,” I said.

Raffles was dumbfounded. “Dies?”

I smiled at him. The wind suddenly blew at my hair that was hanging by the side of my face. His eyes shimmered in my smile.

In the quiet tunnel, we lay in ambush.

Arsenal, Ming You and I were on the left side of the tunnel, holding anchor launchers that we used in climbing.

Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Xue Gie were opposite us, with their own anchor launchers too.

Raffles was very nervous next to me. “All of you must be careful,” he muttered softly. His body was tense because he was very close to me. He blushed and looked down. “Don’t damage Noah City.”

“I know.” I turned and saw his gray hair and red ears. I whispered into his ear, “That’s why we are not using force.” Plus, Xue Gie’s superpowers that relied on weather couldn’t be put to use either.

“Mm.” Raffles curled up anxiously. He seemed to be trying hard to avoid any physical contact with me.

“Father, I am nervous.” Little Carl leaned in close to Raffles but Raffles actually looked even more anxious than it did.

“They are coming,” Arsenal suddenly said.

I looked at her in surprise. “How would you know?”

Arsenal smiled mysteriously.

“Captain, this is Princess’ superpower,” Sis Cannon whispered. “Princess can detect any radiationer within a five hundred meters radius.”

I looked at Arsenal in surprise while Arsenal smiled at me.

“Can you find out their team formation?” I immediately asked Arsenal.

“Let me try.” Arsenal closed her eyes; she looked like she was mentally traveling a thousand li. She whispered, “They are coming all together. Hold on, Harry sent Khai in.”

“Khai? Alright!” I beckoned at Sis Cannon. Sis Cannon nodded; she would take care of Khai according to our original plan.

She quickly entered the tunnel and stood right in the middle.

Arsenal continued to keep her eyes closed. “He’s near, Sis Cannon! Khai is within your shooting range!”

“Alright!” Sis Cannon exposed her chest and shot. She didn’t shoot with her light cannon, of course. Her light cannon would be too powerful. Khai would vaporize into thin air with that shot!

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