Book 2: Chapter 65 - Preparation For Battle

Sia put down his hands, looking both surprised and proud of his speculation. “I got it right!”

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason looked at Elder Alufa in shock. Then, they exchanged a glance filled with confusion.

Elder Alufa looked at me in deep thought. Then, he raised his hands and clapped. *Pak! Pak! Pak!*

Everyone instantly came back to reality and applauded. 

“Brother Bing, you’re awesome!”

“Sis Bing is great!!” Da Li screamed with all her strength. She was louder than Sis Cannon. Under her lead, all the children started cheering loudly.

I didn’t understand what Elder Alufa had meant by a superpower that would evolve.

Thinking about it, it might be because I’d come to this world all of a sudden. Hence, my superpower wasn’t inherited but influenced by the world. My superpower might have changed according to my situation, which explained why my superpower seemed like an evolving phenomenon.

I looked at the DR team. Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Ming You had yet to come back to reality. Xue Gie continued to face forward while she gave me a thumbs up. Arsenal smiled.

Out of her Princess attire, Arsenal looked playful and more petite in size. Her charm was different from Sis Ceci in her military uniform, but was sexy too.

In terms of actual fighting experience, I didn’t think I was weaker than Harry. I even doubted whether the scouting troop had fought with any other metahumans before. On the other hand, I had gone through at least two actual combat situations.

But Harry was right about something. On a battlefield, one wouldn’t win by boasting nor would one win with conceit, but with real power.

Bill was like an offensive weapon on a large scale. His weapon was his sound wave. However, he was required to open his mouth and make sound. Hence, the best and most effective way to deal with him was to shoot his head.

Many metahumans could be downed with a headshot. That was their biggest weak point and limitation.

Bill slowly closed his mouth amidst the applause. He lifted his hand to pull off his hair band. His long hair fell and hung by his face. He didn’t look at me but stole a glance at Xue Gie, lowering his face in embarrassment. He seemed to think that Xue Gie would be disappointed in him because I had ‘killed’ him in an instant.

Face lowered, he walked back to his troop. The hair band in his hand fluttered in the wind.

Bill had held his head low so he couldn’t see Xue Gie leaving her line, her gaze still fixed in front of her. She walked up to Bill. Bill stopped when he sensed that someone blocked his way.

He lifted his head and was surprised to see Xue Gie. He panicked and wanted to walk away but Xue Gie stopped him. “Our Captain is ridiculously strong. It’s not embarrassing to lose to her."

Bill and I were stunned but Bill looked delighted. I didn’t know how my expression looked. Xue Gie’s description of me both amused and saddened me.

“Mm.” Bill nodded. His frustration from the defeat instantly disappeared. He lifted his chin up and resumed his usual confident self.

He turned around towards me, and cupped his right hand on his left fist as expressionlessly as Xue Gie. It was an etiquette they had picked up from me.

“Captain Luo Bing, thank you.” He bowed. I nodded at him and looked at Xue Gie. “Return to your line!”

“Yes!” All the girls in the DR team quickly ran and lined up behind me. We stood handsomely on the broad field in the wind. Our heroic spirit was on full display.

Bill walked before Harry and said, “I’m sorry, Captain. I lost.”

“It’s not your fault.” Harry patted Bill’s shoulders. He looked at me out of the corner of his eyes. “Xue Gie is right. That woman is ridiculously strong. It seems that we have to get serious.”

Harry and I looked at each other coolly. He is finally serious.

His gaze met mine in the wind and there were sparks lashing in all directions. He smirked and a flame lit up in his amber eyes. “Waifu, I’m going to get serious. You’d better be… careful!” He narrowed his eyes, his gaze as sharp as an eagle. At that moment, he looked striking.

“You too,” I said in a deep voice and turned around. I could hear Harry preparing for war. “Which of you will step up for the next round?”

“Me!” It was Williams.

“Me!” That was Khai.

“There’s a total of six of them. We can’t bully them. We will send six too.”

I looked at my girls while they looked at me.

“When I fought against Bill earlier, I wanted you to know that a metahuman would have a weak point no matter how strong he is. Once we find his weak point, we can defeat them.”

Everyone nodded seriously as I spoke.

I continued, “Similarly, all of you are full of weak points. You are actually not that powerful."

They were instantly stunned; even Xue Gie who was always daydreaming looked at me.

I didn’t intend to weaken their spirits, nor was I discouraging them.

It was true that my words were not beneficial for boosting morale before a war, but we had to get rid of our pride. Then, we would be able to know our weak point when we fought. During training later, we would learn how to hide or strengthen our weak points. Then, we would become someone with no weak points.

I looked at Sis Cannon. “Sis Cannon, your cannon would be exhausted. When you run out of energy, you won’t be able to activate it again.”

Sis Cannon furrowed her eyebrows at that and looked troubled.

I turned back to Xue Gie. “Xue Gie, the activation of your superpower relies on the weather.” I looked up in the sky. “In today’s weather, you can’t use your superpower. If you were to run into your enemy in such weather, what would you do?”

Xue Gie looked to the side, deep in thought.

I looked at Ming You. “Ming You, your superpower is to heal but is not suited for fighting. You have to think of how to make use of your superpower during a battle."

Ming You sighed and looked at her hands. There was a faint green light that could save people but couldn’t fight. She couldn’t even be a backup.

I looked at Xiao Ying. Before I could speak, she said as she fiddled with her fingers, “My superpower is even less likely to be used.” I nodded in agreement. By that, I understood that Xiao Ying’s superpower Shuttler didn’t refer to teleportation but should be an auxiliary superpower like Ming You’s. As for what she could shuttle, I had yet to find out.

In the end, I looked at Arsenal. Arsenal smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will surprise you."

“Alright, I shall wait and see.” I looked at everyone. “Don’t be discouraged. Although you have your weak points, the people that Harry sends out will have their weak points too. Today’s lesson is for everyone to learn to identify your enemy’s weak point. Even if you don’t use your superpower, you can use other ways to defeat them!”

“Understood! Captain!” Everyone regained their vigor and became high-spirited.

I turned to look at Harry. They had already lined up opposite us. Their team formation was about the same as I’d guessed.

As Bill was defeated in the first round, he couldn’t join the next round.

Sia had yet to gain control of his superpower. So, he would easily fly into outer space. Hence, Sia won’t be joining.

That left them with six members. They were Captain Harry, Four-handed Crack Shot Williams, Hercules Khai, Invisible Man Moorim, Chameleon Mosie and Space-hopper Joey.

I gave them those nicknames.

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