Book 1: Chapter 12 - A Different His Royal Highness Xing Chuan

I could see an extremely vast range from such a height! This barren world made me anxious—a large piece of land that was polluted, the soil that they constantly mentioned, seeds that had become extremely precious, ragged clothes, poor and dirty citizens, and radiationer and metahuman!

Everything revealed desolation, damage, poverty and hopelessness. It looked just like the end of the world. It made people feel hopeless. It made people feel as though they were only seeking survival and survival alone, nothing more and nothing less. 

“He Lei is still not willing to go to Silver Moon City?” Suddenly, I heard the pilot speak. I was shocked. The pilot seems to know everything. Plus, the way he just spoke sounded like Ah Xing has known He Lei since a long time ago.

I turned to the side to look at Ah Xing. He seemed to be exhausted. He leaned back in his chair and the ovum-like chair blocked the side of his face. Hence, his distressed face became vaguely visible.

“Mm,” Ah Xing responded and didn’t say much.

“Heh, that is his loss. It seems like we didn’t gain anything again,” the pilot chuckled.

“No, we have a greater gain,” Ah Xing spoke and lifted his hand. There was a green container that looked like a test tube in his hand. It contained the seed that He Lei had given him inside it.

I could barely see him lifting the corners of his lips as the chair blocked my view. His smile was cold. It was as though he didn’t care about the owner of the seed anymore, as long as he received the seed.

I looked at him in shock. He seemed to have noticed my gaze and he leaned further back, so that I couldn’t see his face at all. He laid his hand on his armrest and pressed. There was a round platform that ascended in front of him. In the middle of the platform, there was a hole. He put the test tube into the hole and the test tube spiraled down and disappeared. Then, the platform descended.

I immediately gripped the sunflower seed tightly in my hand. For some reason, I was starting to feel rather insecure. Should I really go to Silver Moon City? But I have nowhere else to go. Silver Moon City has everything that could heal me. I have no other choice.

What if…?

What should I do if they found out that I am a girl?

How exactly does this world treat females?

The strong sense of insecurity drowned me and I didn’t dare to let my mind relax for even an instant. I quietly kept the seed that He Lei had given to me in the inner pocket of my bag.

“Your Royal Highness Xing Chuan, do you really want to bring this person back with us?” Suddenly, the pilot spoke again. But he referred to Ah Xing as… His Royal Highness!

“Yes,” it was an extremely casual conversation, but Ah Xing gave out an indifferent coldness.

“But Silver Moon City only takes in girls and metahumans.”

I was surprised. It was as expected—girls were very important in this world!

“He’d be kicked out even if you bring him back…”

“I know.” Suddenly, Ah Xing cut the pilot off with a cold timber, as though he didn’t want to listen to any more nonsense. His cold voice revealed a dignity that didn’t allow for disobedience.

The pilot didn’t speak anymore, but turned around to steal a glance at me. I looked at him with my guard up and he turned back.

“Stop,” Ah Xing suddenly commanded.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness,” the pilot didn’t dare to make any extra comments. His body seemed a little tense and the mood had become distressed and depressing since Ah Xing’s change of tone.

“Humph,” Ah Xing scoffed, “Who are you exactly?” Just as he asked, my chair started turning automatically to face him.

At the same time, his chair also turned to face me, and soon, we were facing each other.

He sat cross-legged while his left arm was across his chest and supported his right elbow, and his right hand was casually supporting his chin. His lips were arced in a way that revealed a deepening chilliness. My guard went up instinctually when I looked at him. Why? Why does he make me feel insecure?

I looked at him curiously, “ What?” I faintly felt that Ah Xing was no longer the same person He Lei and I had met before. He wasn’t the person I had gone through that life-and-death situation with, nor was he the person who had tried to heal me and carried me to the spaceship. He gave out a dangerous vibe, like a male lion who was approaching his prey.

I sat on the chair and the safety belt seemed more like a rope that tied me tightly, so I couldn’t escape!

I was the one who walked into this prison willingly!

Ah Xing, no, he should be His Royal Highness Xing Chuan, as the pilot was referring to him. His unhappy tone itself made the pilot nervous. He reined back his cold smirk and stood up before me, looking down at me with his eyebrows creased. Then, he bent his body and put his hands on each side of my chair. His handsome yet distressed face was right before me and his eyes were glistening with purple light.

I leaned backward, but I was tied to the chair. I couldn’t exactly fall back. He spoke into my ear, “Every year, there would be so many people who put in time and effort to get to Silver Moon City with various methods in order to get information. Humph,” he scoffed. He smirked in disdain, “There are so many who pretend to be injured and ask for help from Silver Moon City.”

I was surprised and turned to look at him, “You thought I got injured on purpose!?”

“Didn’t you?” He moved backward and returned to his seat. He smiled, but that smile was extremely cold, “You are wearing an extremely ancient material, however, there is no resource available to make that now.”

I looked at him with my eyes wide open. What I am wearing… already became an antique!?

“And your talent, your judgment, your calmness, and your strategy show that you are no ordinary person. Mm…” He rubbed his chin and pretended to be in deep thought, “But you don’t look like you are one of King Shura’s men either. Tsk, people in Ghost Eclipse City are too dirty, they are disgusting,” he shook his head. The reasons why he and He Lei hated people from Ghost Eclipse City were different. Ah Xing’s was because he thought the people from Ghost Eclipse City were disgusting.

He creased his eyebrows in disdain. Then, he raised his eyebrows and looked at me again, “But you are very clean and…” he squinted his eyes and continued, “you smell good.”

I was instantly blushing. He sounded like he was simply flirting with me! Luckily, my face was covered in dirt and he couldn’t see me blush.

He started staring at my face. I steadied my breathing and tried to stay calm in the face of his stare.

“Speak. Who are you? What’s your purpose?” His expression suddenly turned cold. He sat on his chair as he stared at me coldly.

I looked at him in disbelief and fright. How could this man be so fickle-minded? A while ago, he was concerned about my wound and even about me being barefooted. But now, he is questioning me!?


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