Book 2: Chapter 64 - Headshot

Xiao Ying puffed up her cheeks angrily. “We must teach them a lesson!”

Ming You looked at her. “But your superpower and mine won’t be useful.”

“Oh, you’re right!” Xiao Ying pouted unhappily.

Arsenal rubbed Xiao Ying’s head consolingly. 

Xiao Ying had been looking for a chance to show me her superpower in person. However, she never had an opportunity to. They seemed to want to give me a surprise, hence they had been keeping Xiao Ying’s superpower a secret.

“Don’t be in a hurry.” I could feel everyone’s determination. “In this battle, I want you to realize that there will always be a weakness no matter how strong a person’s superpower is. Our goal today is not to defeat them but to find our enemy’s weakness. Alright, let’s get ready and gather outside Noah City!”


There are all kinds of metahumans out there and I’ve seen only some of them. If we were to run into one who petrifies after death, what should we do?

I still remember the pain when the stone had pierced my knee. If I were to run into powerful metahumans again, do I just stand there and let the guy hit me like back then?

Father once said, no matter how strong your enemy is, he will have a weak point. We must learn to observe carefully and defeat him by hitting where it hurts.

Just like when I’d fought against Harry, I was absolutely not his match in terms of strength. Hence, I opted for Taichi, which was meant to suppress the force with gentle methods.

Harry improved rather quickly too. If he were to use his superpower, do I just kneel before him and admit defeat?

I stood in the weapons room and started to pick my equipment.

“Master, you must be careful!” Little Carl circled around my feet.

I bent down to rub its head. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

Little Carl looked at me with concern.

Everyone gathered outside Noah City very soon.

We stood opposite Harry’s scouting troop. Harry and I stood in front of our team, facing one another as the captains of our respective troops.

Harry put his hands behind his back. He looked rather at ease.

Williams and the other guys saw Princess Arsenal and they started whispering into one another’s ears.

“Princess is here too!”

“This is difficult.”

“We have to give the Princess some leeway.”

“I like Princess. What is she doing in the DR team?”

The guys in the scouting troop began to feel distressed over Arsenal being in our troop.

However, we had never expected that our match would catch the attention of everyone in the city.

The people in Noah City sat above the city gate or stood by the side of the gate. They were munching on their black bread while drinking water, looking just like spectators at a football match.

Elder Alufa stood before the city gate with Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason by his sides. They looked like they were anticipating an interesting match.

Raffles and his team rushed over as they carried strange equipment that I had never seen before in their arms. The equipment was flat and round, just like my vacuuming robot at home.

They ran out from behind the city gate and put the equipment in a row.

“Turn them on!” Raffles shouted.

They turned on the pieces of equipment, which floated upwards. All the equipment paused in the air, and an almost transparent energy wall appeared around each piece. In the blink of an eye, the walls connected and poured down around the people of Noah City. The wall sheltered them completely and formed a huge protective shield!

Raffles stood within the shelter and watched us anxiously.

I lowered my head to look at Little Carl. “Go to your father.”

“Oh.” Little Carl quickly moved to Raffles.

I watched Harry and walked up to him, while he crossed his arms and walked towards me in a casual manner. He looked like he didn’t care much about the battle.

Both of us stopped about one meter apart.

“How would you like to compete?” He smirked. “We just need to send Bill out and all of you would be wiped out.”

I looked at him. “Alright. You send Bill out first. If I win, can you take this battle seriously.”

Harry gave a thumbs up and replied, “Of course. Waifu, we can’t win by boasting on the battlefield.” He smirked, appearing confident. 

I glared at him coldly. “Save the bullshit. Tell Bill to come forward! And if I win, stop calling me wife!”

Harry smiled in disdain and licked his lips. He looked to the side and then looked at me again. “We’ll talk about this again when you win, waifu.”

I clenched my fists tight. Harry was teasing me.

He turned to point at Bill. “You’re up!”

Bill was stunned.

Williams and the other guys immediately became anxious.

“Captain, are you sure?” Khai asked with concern.

“Yes! If Bill goes, we will be wiped out too!”

Harry pointed at the protective shield. “Everyone, get behind the protective shield and cover your ears!”

“Yes!” Harry and the other members of the scouting troop immediately retreated behind the protective shield and covered their ears. Only Bill was left on the battlefield alone.

I turned to nod at Arsenal. The DR team members looked at me with concern but quickly retreated behind the protective shield.

The people on Noah City behind the protective shield covered their ears as they watched Bill and I on the battlefield.

“Captain Luo Bing, are you sure you want to compete against me?” Bill asked seriously to confirm.

I nodded. “Let’s begin.”

Bill hesitated. Then, he tied up his long hair into a ponytail and looked at me. “I shall begin.” He opened his mouth. 

The moment he opened his mouth, I took out my gun at my fastest possible speed, and aimed between Bill’s eyebrows!

*Pak.* A loud shot rang out and a red spot appeared between Bill’s eyebrows. The color splashed down between his eyebrows and flowed down along his straight nose. It looked as though blood was flowing out from the hole.

The surroundings were quiet, with only the howling of the cold breeze in the wilderness.

Everyone was stunned at the battle that had ended before it could begin.

Bill stood dumbfounded on the spot, his mouth still open.

I put my training gun away and said coldly, “Bill, you’re dead. You can’t sing anymore.”

Bill continued to gawk as his hair swayed in the breeze.

Williams was shocked as he exclaimed, “Captain Luo Bing is so fast!”

“What happened? I didn’t even see her taking out her gun! Williams, Brother Bing seems to be faster than you!” Khai teased Williams.

Williams shook his head in disbelief and looked at Harry. “Captain, what happened while we were not around? I feel that Captain Luo Bing has improved tremendously."

Harry was stunned on the spot too. It was obvious that he had yet to respond.

“That’s amazing! She took care of Bill with one shot!” Moorim looked at me in disbelief!

“My goodness! I feel like my heart is racing!” Mosie lowered his head and rubbed his chest.

Sia clasped his hands together and said calmly, “Captain Luo Bing is evolving!"

“What the h*ck are you talking about?!” Joey nudged Sia. “I’ve never heard of superpower that could evolve!”

“No! It will evolve!” Elder Alufa said suddenly. Everyone’s dumbfounded expression was replaced with surprise as they looked at Elder Alufa.

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