Book 2: Chapter 63 - A Battle

Khai and the other team members returned safely after half a month. They brought back the resources that Uncle Mason and the others had requested, most of which were metal.

All of us went to help with moving the things.

I was curious about Blue Shield City. Not only me, but Sis Cannon and the other girls were curious too since none of them had ever been to Blue Shield City.

Blue Shield City was considered the most bustling city in this world, according to Harry and his troop’s scouting. It happened to be located in between a few cities, and acted as a hub where everyone exchanged their resources. The people there lived in peace and had established an agreement of peace too.

Although Blue Shield City was said to be located in between a few cities, they were all far apart. However, as a geographical location, the distance from each city was still manageable for everyone. Hence, it had become a trade market.

I’d really like to go and see it.

As we took inventory of the stock, Little Carl shuttled to and fro around us as it helped to pick up the things scattered on the ground. 

Harry was busy showing off his silver badge to Khai and the other members.

He held his chest out, displaying the silver badge on his chest to Khai and the others. They immediately surrounded him in envy, wowing and touching the silver badge pinned on Harry’s chest.

“My wife pinned this for me personally,” Harry emphasized loudly, smug with success. Peeping in our direction, he winked at me.

I continued to ignore him. He had been getting worse recently and become even more annoying.

*Whistle.* Williams and the guys whistled.

“Not bad, Captain! We were only away for about half a month, and you took care of Sister-in-law!”

“Of course. This is our charming Captain Harry! When Captain played around, which girl wouldn’t fall for him?”

“Be more low-profile, low-profile.” Harry said to be more low-profile, but he swung his hair in front of his forehead and made a gesture that he found to be the most handsome.

However, I appreciate handsomeness on the inside, not on one’s face.

To be able to kill an enemy heroically, that was handsome.

To be able to eliminate the bully and support the weak, that was handsome.

To be able to instill justice, that was handsome.

To be able to lead everyone, that was handsome.

Harry’s immaturity was just plain showing off.

“Oh, Sis-in-law.”

“Sis-in law…”

Khai and the others got together and shouted at us.

“Ignore them. They need some beating. They’re all following after Harry,” Sis Cannon said. Then, she glared at Khai. Khai was stunned and shut his mouth.

“He followed Uncle Mason!” Xiao Ying was straightforward.

“But Sis Ceci likes him,” Arsenal chuckled, “It isn’t the first day that Harry acts like that.”

“However, he’s never been as bad as he is now.” Sis Cannon leaned against the boxes that we’d stacked up.

“That’s true.” Xiao Ying puffed up her cheeks. “I wonder what happened. He seems to be worse now. Even when Captain beat him up, it didn’t help.”

“Would it ever help?” Ming You looked away angrily. “That idiot doesn’t know about his feelings. He’s ridiculous and he confused everyone else!” Ming You put down a box and sat on it.

We looked at Ming You. Then, I looked at Sis Cannon. Sis Cannon looked at Xiao Ying, Xiao Ying skipped over Xue Gie and looked at Arsenal. Then, Arsenal looked at all of us. 

The way Ming You behaved was a lot like Xiao Jing.

“Sh*t!” Xue Gie muttered as she looked to the front. Her gaze slowly fixed upon Ming You. Did Xue Gie feel it too?

“Why did you ignore us?” Williams and the other guys shouted again. They really needed a beating, just like their Captain. I decided to look for a reason to beat them up.

“Master, don’t be angry.” Little Carl came up next to my foot and raised its head. Its eyes were replaced with an angry expression. “I’ll tell father to beat them up!”

Heh, Raffles can’t but I can.

I put down the box and turned to look at them as they whistled. They immediately shouted, “Sis-in-law! Sis-in-law!”

I walked towards them and Sis Cannon immediately pulled me back. “Captain! Calm down!”

I pulled her hand off and said, “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying looked at me nervously.

Xue Gie turned around to watch me. Arsenal put down the box in her hands and furrowed her eyebrows.

“Look! Sis-in-law is coming! Captain!” Williams and Joey nudged Harry.

Harry waved with a smile and gestured for them to stay quiet. He greeted me with a wicked smile. “Waifu, you’re finally responding to me?”

I glanced behind him; Williams, Khai, Joey, Moorim, Mosie and the other guys were laughing secretly, while Bill looked at them in disdain and looked away. Sia seemed nervous as if he was waiting for some dramatic scene to take place.

I redirected my gaze to Harry. “Since Williams and the other guys are back, let’s train against one another.”

Harry was stunned. He raised his eyebrows and muttered, “Train against one another?”

“That’s right. There are many metahumans in the outside world. They have all kinds of superpowers. Training against one another could increase our battle experience.” This was the first time I’d spoken to him over the past half a month.

Harry smiled and crossed his arms. “You mean for everyone to use their superpowers?”

“That’s right.” I gazed at him solemnly as he smiled down at me. He licked his lips and replied, “That’s interesting. Then, you’d better be careful.”

“Alright. See you at the training field.” I turned to leave but he stopped me. “The training field won’t do. Our superpowers are highly damaging. Let’s do it outside.” He leaned his head sideways to gesture; he meant outside Noah City.

I nodded. “Sure.”

*Humph.* He retrieved his hands and crossed his arms again as he looked down at me. “Don’t regret it.”

I turned around and smirked coldly. Humph, don’t you regret it yourself.

I walked back to my team members. “You heard?”

They were surprised but they quickly got back in line. “Yes! Captain!”

I glanced at Harry. Harry had gotten his troop in line and was pointing behind him with his thumb. Then, he turned around to steal a glance at me before turning back to look at his members casually. “Captain Luo Bing wishes to conduct training where we fight against one another with our superpowers.”

“It’s not a good idea, Captain. We would hurt them.” The guys became loosely organized. Some hung their arms around another’s shoulders while some leaned against another person. 

“It is difficult to control our superpowers. We’re not allowed to use our superpowers when we fight another during training.”

“I know, I know.” Harry raised his hands and gestured for them to stay quiet. “So, we shall give them some leeway. Just play along.”

“Yes, Captain.” Their voice was weak-hearted when they replied. As if it was as easy as killing an ant to win against us. They found it boring.

I turned around to look at my girls. Xue Gie’s eyes were filled with chilliness. She extended her hands and looked in front of her. “Captain! I’ll go!”

“These boys are itching for a beating!” Sis Cannon clenched her teeth and narrowed her eyes.

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