Book 2: Chapter 62 - A New Member On The DR Team

“Ming You, if there’s something on your mind, seize the time before our Captain falls for Harry,” Sis Cannon told Ming You.

Xiao Ying and Xue Gie’s gaze immediately fixed upon Ming You.

What Sis Cannon had said shocked me. I looked at Ming You too.

Ming You blushed. She glared at Sis Cannon angrily and said, “What nonsense?! Harry is so unreliable. Who would like him?!” She turned away and rubbed her arm, trying to avoid meeting anyone’s eyes.

Sis Cannon exchanged glances with Xiao Ying again.

Ming You always gave me the feeling of an elder sister. Whenever she was with Harry, she acted like an elder sister dealing with her immature younger brother too. However, now that Sis Cannon had said it, the feeling changed. There were a lot of girls who liked smooth talkers like Harry.

“During training, do not discuss unrelated matters!” I decided to ignore Harry for real.

“Yes!” Everyone shouted. Just then, everyone looked behind me as though someone had come.

I turned around and was shocked.

Arsenal walked up to us, dressed in battle uniform, before she stopped before me. Her long hair was braided and tied up at the back of her head. She managed to look elegant even in military uniform.

She stood before me. “Arsenal reporting to Captain!”

We were instantly astounded.

Arsenal smiled at me. “Arsenal requests to join and participate in the training!” Her voice was sonorous and forceful.

I calmed down and looked at her solemnly. “Have you received permission from Elder Alufa and Sis Ceci?”

Arsenal looked steady. “I am the Princess of Noah City. I want to guard Noah City instead of just being guarded by everyone else. Hence, I want to become stronger! I want to fight alongside all of you!” Arsenal stood before me resolutely. Looking at her felt like seeing a war rose burning in flames.

“Hurry up and get in line!” I roared.

“Yes! Captain!”  She smiled at me. “Oh yeah, Captain, don’t worry. I will not fight with you for Harry!”

I was stunned on the square.

Arsenal shrugged and flashed a playful smile.

“Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon burst out in laughter, her laugh echoing throughout the square.

I immediately held my head and walked to the human-shaped punching bag by the side of the square. As Sis Cannon laughed, I hit the punching bag. I want to kill Harry! He used me to avoid the danger of being chosen against his will. That cunning boy!

The morning sunlight poured over the city gate, coloring the tunnel an eye-catching shade of gold.

We were running towards morning sunlight when a person suddenly popped out from nowhere. “Waifu!”

I kicked with my fastest speed!

He flew from my kick and hit the wall. I swiftly followed him. Before he could dodge, I slapped hard on his neck. He fainted in an instant and slowly slid down the wall to the ground.

*Pak pak.* I clapped twice as I watched my dumbfounded team members.

“We can run in peace today,” I said.

They came back to reality.

“Cool!” Sis Cannon cheered and applauded.

Xue Gie, Xiao Ying and Arsenal clapped too. Ming You sighed and shook her head.

Little Carl came up to Harry and looked at him with its head cocked to the side.

I took a deep breath and led my team members to jog towards the morning sunlight.


Three thousand meters later, Ming You was weak again. But she had improved from the day before.

“Ming You, go back and rest,” everyone advised.

Ming You bit her lips and shook her head. She looked up at me with her pale face. “I can! I found a way. As long as you wait for me for a bit…” She bent to touch her legs with her hands. A glow of green light covered her legs. It turned out that she was using her healing skills to remove her weariness.

She took a deep breath and her face slowly regained its rosy complexion. She straightened her body and clenched her fists. “Please let me continue to run with everyone!”

I nodded. Arsenal helped Ming You up, then nodded to me. We then began again!

*Ah.* When we reached the far East, we waved at Brother Qian Li in the far South, since I remembered he’d said that he could see us running.

The breeze blew at our hair; every girl’s face wore a determined expression.

The journey ahead was long but we would continue to support and encourage one another. We would not leave any one of us behind. We would definitely run till we reach the finishing line.

After getting knocked unconscious once, Harry came to jog with us again the next day but he kept his distance. When we trained, he trained alone by the side too.

I ignored him like Sis Cannon and the others. He didn’t seem to care, as if he was used to the treatment. He continued to refer to me as his wife and followed next to me.

Sometimes, when Raffles came to look for me, Harry would fool around with Raffles in a rowdy way. Then, Raffles would get annoyed and leave.

Raffles hadn’t been joking with me when he’d said that Noah City would use my bitten apple as its logo. The bitten apple was made into a badge, just like Silver Moon City’s logo. It was sewn on all newly made clothes and flags.

Every time I saw the logo, it would remind me that my mom had once promised to buy me an Apple phone if I entered a major senior high school.

To the people in Noah City, the apple logo brought them hope.

However, to me, it was rather distressing. It reminded me that I had left my own world and my connection to my family had been completely cut off.

I didn’t dare to think further nor did I dare to think of the misery my parents must have felt after losing me. I would feel like my heart was being carved and I wouldn’t be able to hold on.

On Noah City’s square stood a statue of me, carved from a huge rock. I felt awkward just looking at it. Ever since they started to build the statue, I would avoid walking to the square.

The statue showed me holding the bitten apple. At first, its design had been based on my original appearance when I had first arrived in this world, depicting me in my school uniform as I took a bite of the apple. The entire image would have looked like the Young Pioneers of China in the history textbook, which didn’t sit well with me at all.

I pleaded time and again for them to not build any statue at all, but Elder Alufa and the others were persistent. In the end, I gave in. I only requested that it would not depict my school uniform but some other clothing.

Raffles seemed to find the school uniform unaesthetic too. He wanted to build my statue beautifully. He even changed my hairstyle to long hair.

Fortunately, it was only a rock. Even my features were blurry.

One of the people in charge for building the statue was one of Sis Meizi’s husbands, Uncle Rudy. He was very serious about the assigned task. When he was carving the sculpture, he seemed to be expressing his gratitude through his work.

I’d felt rather awkward then.

Luckily, most of the time I was training and could avoid the awkwardness of running into anyone else who might thank me out of the blue. 

In contrast, I felt rather at ease with Xiao Jing who didn’t bother about me at all.

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