Book 2: Chapter 61 - Raffles’ Son

I looked away. “I’ve lost my memory. How would I remember whether I’ve reached adult age!” I was so afraid to think about anything related to my own world. Even a mere date would break the thin seal on my heart, and unleash my emotions for my home, my feelings for my family, my denial of reality.

The surging emotions would eat me up and I would drown in boundless darkness.

It turned out that I had a Pandora’s Box that couldn’t be opened, deep down inside my heart.

I could only bury the Pandora’s Box in the bottom of my heart to allow my mind to be at peace. Only then could I continue to live in this world.

“In that case, I will treat the day I found you as your birthday. What do you think?” He crossed his arms, the expression on his face clearly saying, I’ve done you such a big favor, you should bow and kowtow in gratitude.

I looked at him impatiently. “Don’t decide my birthday as you wish!” I pushed him away and ran upstairs.

“Waifu!” Harry shouted from below when I reached my room. My body stiffened and I dropped my communicator that I was going to use to open the door. “Remember to pick me during your coming-of-age ceremony."

“Pick me….” His voice reverberated throughout Noah City like a chanting spell.

I opened the door and *Bang!* - I replied Harry with a heavy slam of the door. I held my forehead as the muscles at my temples clenched. My head was aching. 

Harry should be glad that he hadn’t chased after me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t respond with a bang of the door but with my foot. The next time when I visit Kro, I should check if there is any brain damage pill. I’ll bring it back and stuff the whole bottle down his throat!

Am I too nice to him? I should be like Xue Gie and the other girls and ignore him. That’s why he doesn’t bother Xue Gie and the others. Mm. I’ve decided, I’ll ignore him from tomorrow onwards.

*Dong dong dong.* Suddenly, there was a rhythmic knocking on my door. It must be Harry. I decided to ignore him and walked to my bed.

*Dong dong dong.* The knocking didn’t stop.

I flexed my ankle slightly. I’m going to kick him off the railing.


Another knock. I opened the door and kicked. However, I was stunned. My leg froze in the air because there was no one in front of my door.

*Mhmm.* I heard a wheel whirring sound coming from below. I looked down, and a mini-robot slipped into my room as I moved my leg.

Mini robot?!


I recalled that Raffles had said that he would make me a mini robot the night before.

I slowly retracted my leg. The mini robot acted like a pet dog. It’d slipped under my leg into my room. There, it stopped, turned around, and tilted its face up, if that part was supposed to be its face.

I closed the door behind me and squatted down to take a closer look at the mini robot.

The bottom half of the robot was simple. It was a cylinder with four wheels, with patterns printed on its circular body. It looked like a can of dog food because the printed pattern was a dog.

The other side of its body was connected to a round head, which could spin. There was also an aerial attached to it. Overall, it looked like a dachshund.

There was only a line of blue light across its head, which could be considered as its eyes. Two words popped up, ‘Little Carl.’

“Little… Carl…” I read it out loud.

The light immediately blinked. Then, the words disappeared and were replaced with two eyes.

“Voice recognition completed. Master, I am Little Carl.” Little Carl’s voice was cute. “My father is Raffles. He sent me over to read a story to master, to help master to fall asleep.”

Somehow, I smiled. Little Carl was cute although it looked ordinary.

“Alright, you can begin.” I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes with a faint smile.

“My father said that, a long time ago, humans were merely shells. They would only eat and sleep. They wouldn’t think nor would they reproduce. Just then, God came to this world. He gave humans various precious gifts. There was wisdom, kindness, honesty, love…”

This creation story of this world is not too shabby. Little Carl’s voice became softer and I began to feel sleepy.

“The first one who received wisdom was a man named Raffles. In the end, he became the God of Wisdom of this world. Father’s name is derived from it.”

Raffles’ name came from the God of Wisdom.

On the second day, I stood in the square, well-rested.

Little Carl followed next to me.

I looked at it. “Little Carl, we will head out to jog later. You don’t need to follow me.”

Little Carl looked up. “No way. Father told me to follow the master. Little Carl must be an obedient child and listen to father.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Raffles programmed Little Carl to be a seven to eight years old child.

“But that would use up your battery.” We jogged dozens of kilometers every day.

Little Carl blinked. “Little Carl isn’t afraid. Little Carl runs on solar energy.” Then, his body slowly opened up, and a pair of wings fanned out. On the back was a solar panel. Now he looked like a dachshund with wings.

“Yo! What’s that?!” Sis Cannon’s voice resounded.

All the members gathered in front of my room. Ming You wasn’t late either, and came dressed properly. However, everyone’s attention was drawn to Little Carl.

“Hey, you are so cute. What’s your name?” Xiao Ying was so excited.

“I am Little Carl. My father is Raffles. Sis Luo Bing is my master,” Little Carl replied.

“Tchh, I see. Raffles made it for our captain,” Sis Cannon wriggled her eyebrows and said.

Ming You looked at her and couldn’t hold back her laughter. She nudged her.

“I want one too.” Xiao Ying pouted and she looked envious.

Xue Gie stared at Little Carl; when their eyes met, Little Carl went to hide behind me.

“Xue Gie, you are scaring Little Carl!” Sis Cannon hooked her arm around Xue Gie’s neck.

Xue Gie retrieved her gaze and blinked. She lowered her head and muttered, “Oh.”

“Alright! Gather!” I shouted. Everyone immediately stood straight.

“Report, Captain!” Sis Cannon said. Her voice could reverberate throughout the entire Noah City.

“What’s wrong?”  I looked at her.

She held back her urge to laugh and said, “We heard Captain Harry’s request last night! Don’t worry, we definitely won’t take your man!”

*Cough.* I coughed.

Xue Gie faced forward and said, “Don’t take - sisters’ - men!” She raised her right hand as if she was making an oath.

My temples immediately started aching.

“Don’t worry, Captain. We definitely won’t fight with you.” Xiao Ying held her hands in a heart shape. “So, Captain, don’t you take our men too!”

I felt my chest burning. I suddenly feel like killing someone.


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