Book 2: Chapter 60 - Love Is In The Air

Harry rubbed his chin as he thought with his eyebrows tightly knitted. “I am the strongest metahuman in Noah City while Arsenal is also a metahuman. Sh*t. And she’s a princess. This is difficult.”

“Arsenal is also a metahuman?!” I had been suspecting but I was shocked when Harry verified it.

“I am a synesthete.” Raffles was in his own world too. “My genes would be strengthened in the next generation. What should I do?”

“What superpower does Arsenal have?” I asked the two guys who were in a trance. As expected, they didn’t reply but looked elsewhere.

The spaceship finally stopped. I sighed and walked out of the spaceship. They followed next to me absent-mindedly. I had never expected that my comment would make them so anxious.

“Is it so worrying for you to marry Arsenal? Can’t you refuse if you are not willing to?” They looked like they were dealing with death.

“This is different,” they suddenly replied in unison. Stunned, they looked at one another then looked away. Raffles held his bag tight while Harry furrowed his eyebrows and crossed his arms.

“Arsenal is a princess. It’s different,” Raffles sighed. “If she picked any of us, we have to marry her. This is an obligation and a duty.”

I thought that being Arsenal was great. She was just like a Queen. She could pick any of the one hundred guys in Noah City. Oh yeah, and since Arsenal is a metahuman, she would naturally pick metahumans too. Humph. Harry and Raffles are in very much danger indeed.

“Raffles, what are you worried about? Arsenal definitely wouldn’t pick you. Look at you, she wouldn’t like you.” Harry didn’t care about Raffles.  

Raffles was stunned then he smiled at ease. It was the first time he didn’t get angry when someone else made fun of him. He stole a glance at Harry. “You’re right. Hehe. You are in danger!” Raffles was secretly delighted. 

Harry scratched his head impatiently, “Ah! I’m so annoyed! Why am I so handsome and strong?”

*Retch!* I’m going to throw up.

Suddenly, he stopped and looked at Raffles, “Can we make Arsenal be with Xing Chuan instead?” He raised his eyebrows and looked rather malicious.

Raffles and I were stunned. We stopped at the ‘countryside’ and the dim lamps started to flash again. *Pak!* Then, they went off again. Now it wouldn’t light up anymore because it was the time for switching off the lights. The dim moonlight shone above the greenhouse in silence.

“We know that Arsenal likes Xing Chuan. Even if Arsenal got together with us, she would merely be completing her obligation and duty. She would definitely be unhappy.” Harry sounded very convincing. “Since we grew up with her, aren’t we supposed to bring her happiness?!” Harry put his hands on Raffles’ shoulders as he solemnly looked at Raffles’ delicate face. 

Raffles looked up at his face and blinked. He then lowered his face in sorrow. “It also depends on whether Xing Chuan likes her. Otherwise, Arsenal would be unhappy too.”

Raffles is so kind. He knows that he has to think about Arsenal’s feelings. Unlike Harry, who looks like he is trying to push Arsenal to Xing Chuan.

“Stop it. It’s too early to talk about this! What are you worried about? I was just asking casually.” I looked at both of them and they looked back at me. Their eyes shimmered under the moonlight as their gazes fixed upon my face. They looked deep in thought, their gazes growing unfocused under the starlight.

I glared at them coldly, “Don’t bother so much about Arsenal and Xing Chuan! If she were to be with Xing Chuan, she might as well be with the two of you. Xing Chuan, that kind of b*stard, how could he give Arsenal happiness? Humph!” I turned, crossed my arms and stomped away. I doubted that Xing Chuan could even like anyone. On top of that, he was His Highness Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City and every place had a different marriage system. Who knew if he was able to marry many wives in Silver Moon City.

“Waifu! Waifu! We got it, we won’t care then.” Harry caught up with me with a cheeky smile. “It’s my fault. Don’t be unhappy. I shouldn’t have brought up that person’s name.”

I looked at him impatiently while Harry smiled at me. Then, he turned to call Raffles, “Raffles, let’s go?”

I stopped to look at Raffles. He was blushing. I didn’t know what he was thinking about but he stole a glance at me and lowered his head again. He looked like an anxious deer. Glancing at the greenhouse next to us, he said, “You can go ahead. I want to take a look at the sprout again.”

“Alright, we’ll go first then.” Harry started walking forward with his hands behind his head.

I looked at Raffles again. He lowered his head to walk to the greenhouse. He seemed like he didn’t dare to meet my eyes. What was Raffles thinking about? Why is he so shy?

That’s strange.

I realized that Harry and Raffles had been strange since we had returned from Kro.

I didn’t think further about it but walked back with Harry.

The surroundings became quiet because of the darkness. The black wheat of both sides looked terrifying, like ghosts were standing there behind the glass, and I didn’t dare to take another look at them. Quickly, I rushed past.

There was the tunnel to Noah City in front of us again. The tunnel always had dim lights on. 

Harry didn’t speak while we were walking back. He followed behind me, keeping his hands behind his head. I could faintly feel his gaze upon me.

I stopped and turned around to look at him. Looking him in the eyes, I asked, “Harry, do you have something to tell me?”

“How did you know?” His amber eyes were wide open when he chuckled.

“Because you have been looking at me. What’s up?”

Harry blinked and smiled maliciously. “How did you know I was looking at you if you didn’t look at me? Oh, you were peeking. Hehe.” He chuckled cheekily, smug.

I glared at him coldly. “Do I have eyes behind my head? Of course I could feel it.”

He raised his eyebrows and his smile became even more devilish. “That means we are telepathically linked. You are my wife. Of course I will look at you.”

I got pissed off. “I will not ask if you continue to behave so frivolously.” I turned to walk forward. Every time I talk to him, he is so flippant.

I took huge strides forward while he followed behind me. I couldn’t shake him off. The both of us stayed in the same zone and his room was right opposite mine. As soon as one of us opened the door, we would see each other.

“Luo Bing,” he suddenly spoke after a while.

I ignored him and continued to walk forward. We had already arrived in our hostel zone.

“When is your birthday?” he asked.

I halted my footsteps. My birthday? I lowered my face and furrowed my eyebrows. “I don’t remember.”

“Are you an adult yet?” He came before me, his eyes filled with curiosity. He looked at me, seemingly nervous.

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