Book 2: Chapter 59 - Arsenal Who Was Becoming An Adult

“Brother Qian Li, you really can’t see anything that’s near?” I asked curiously. No wonder Qian Li said that he couldn’t see the flying corpses anymore back then. It turned out that the flying corpses had come too close.

“I can,” Qian Li said. Then, he sat on his chair and turned around. It turned out that there was a pair of glasses that looked like telescopes hanging on the other side. He picked it up and explained, “I can if I put this on. But it’s troublesome and it’s heavy.”

“Can I take a look?”

“Sure.” He passed me the telescope.

I held it in my hand. It was really heavy, and felt like there were a few pieces of iron in it. I lifted it up and looked through it. I was stunned. It was actually a super minimizer! The lens pulled the viewer’s eyes a great distance from the view in front. It was so far that I couldn’t tell what was before me.

But I thought to myself, Qian Li should be able to see clearly with this but it’s so heavy. I can’t be wearing it all the time. It’d be really troublesome.

“What did you see?” Qian Li asked curiously. He stood next to me and looked afar with me.

I put down the glasses. “I can’t see anything.”

“You can’t?” He furrowed his eyebrows. “I’ve always wondered what normal people could see through these glasses. If I want to see the things in front of me, I have to go somewhere far away."

He was curious about our vision while we were curious about how he could see so far.

I looked up at him while his gaze fixed upon somewhere far in the distance. If there was a day when he found someone he likes, wouldn’t he have to go far away to see the person he likes clearly?

This is so sad. He can see but he can’t touch. He can touch but he can’t see. She is right before his eyes but she would be so far away.

“Luo Bing, are you done?” Harry shouted impatiently.

I turned around and saw Harry walking in. He leaned against the door and said, “We have to continue training tomorrow. Let’s go back.”

“Harry is here too?” Qian Li turned to Harry. He looked very happy, unlike Harry who was impatient. However, his gaze was fixed upon a far point above Harry’s head.

Harry saw us standing side by side and his face grew unhappy. He walked in between Qian Li and I, then took the glasses in my hand and gave it back to Qian Li, “Qian Li, I’m warning you. She is my wife. Don’t stand so close to her.”

“Heh.” Qian Li smiled. His smile was like a forgiving smile towards a child. “Harry, in Noah City, it only counts when the girl says so. It’s Luo Bing’s decision to decide if you are her husband.”

“Qian Li! Harry is jealous of you!” Raffles’ scream traveled through the tunnel. The quiet room became noisy all of a sudden.

Qian Li smiled. “Raffles is here too.” He became even happier. “It’d be nice if all of you could come and keep me company every night.” It turned out that he hoped for people to visit him; that much was obvious from his joy over our visit.

“Arsenal came too,” I immediately said.

Qian Li’s smile suddenly went stiff. It was the first time I’d seen him not knowing where to look at. He blinked and lowered his head. “Princess is here too.” His voice became extremely gentle and soft.

“Mm, she sent me here. She said it is too narrow here and it can’t fit all of us,” I added.

“That’s inconvenient,” Qian Li immediately said. He seemed to be panicking.

Harry looked at him and suddenly grinned. “What’s so inconvenient about it? We will go and call her now,” Harry said as he pushed me to the way out.

“Don’t touch me,” I reprimanded him softly and slapped his hand away. He smiled cheekily and pushed me gently again. As if he was in a hurry to push me out of Qian Li’s sight.

In the round spaceship, Qian Li looked lost.

“You’re just jealous of Qian Li,” Raffles said when we returned to the spaceship. Then, he chuckled as he looked at Harry.

“Pfft, I am not jealous of him. Can’t you see that I’m Noah’s Star!” Harry pointed at the silver badge on his chest.

Arsenal looked at me. “Does Brother Qian Li like the eye drop?” she asked with concern.

“Mm, he likes it.” I looked at Arsenal. “Arsenal, Brother Qian Li actually wants someone to talk to him but we have training tomorrow and we have to return now. Why not you keep him company for a while on our behalf?” I was worried that Arsenal would disagree.

“Alright,” Arsenal agreed and I was at ease. Harry and Raffles stopped arguing and looked at Arsenal simultaneously. They exchanged suspicious glances too. Arsenal smiled and looked behind me. “I can talk to him about Kro then. He has been wanting to know.”

Arsenal picked up the bottom of her dress and walked past us through the tunnel. Before the door on the opposite side had closed, the tunnel that connected the spaceship and the Mongolian yurt broke apart and our spaceship began to descend.

“Brother Qian Li must be very happy tonight,” Raffles sighed.

“Humph.” Harry crossed his arms and smiled maliciously/ “Of course! Our beautiful Princess is keeping him company. Under the starry night sky, a guy and a girl are spending time together alone. Hehehe.”

“Harry! Don’t say nonsense!” Raffles glared at him.

“What did I say?” Harry smiled maliciously at Raffles. Raffles’ cheeks grew red in embarrassment. His skin was fair and smooth, making his cheeks easily grow red whenever he got too emotional. Raffles stared at him. “What else could you be thinking about? Humph!”

“Arsenal is becoming an adult.” I cut both of them off. They looked at me simultaneously.

Harry leaned against the wall and blinked his amber eyes. “You’re right. When Silver Moon City stops above us next year, Arsenal would turn into an adult.” He looked at me and asked, “Why did you suddenly bring this up?”

“According to Noah City’s rules, it is Arsenal’s decision as to which guy she wants to be with. Right?”

Harry and Raffles exchanged a look and nodded.

“Can she be with many guys?” I asked closely.

Both of them nodded again. “According to Noah City’s rules, they can. Especially when she is our princess,” Raffles said proudly, “Our Princess is so beautiful. There must be many guys who like her.”

“Who says so? My wife is the most beautiful one!” Harry emphasized and I glared at him impatiently. He held Raffles’ shoulder and pointed at me. “Can you see? My wife would be prettier than Arsenal if she has long hair! You have two brains! You can tell after you calculate it.”

Raffles stole a glance at me and he blushed. He lowered his head and nodded. “Mm.”

“Hehe, waifu, you are the most beautiful girl!” Harry smiled cheekily at me. I rolled my eyes at him and said, “What I want to ask is, if Arsenal picks the two of you, you can refuse, right?”

Harry and Raffles were stunned. The spaceship that was descending at high speed suddenly became quiet.

They looked at one another. A glimpse of anxiety flashed across their eyes. They looked away and furrowed their eyebrows.

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