Book 2: Chapter 58 - Super Presbyope

In the earlier stage of planting apples, Raffles had conducted a lot of research.

He had taken out the best soil in Noah City that had been cleansed. He had also gone through a lot of information. He’d gone to the West to pick up fertilizer to mix into the soil. In the West, there was a sewage reservoir that collected all the human waste in Noah City. The waste was precious, because it could be used as fertilizer or be slowly purified into fertile mud.  

Now, there was finally a result. That tiny sprout was the best reward for all of Raffles’ hard work. Tomorrow, everyone in Noah City would definitely cheer about it.

We soon arrived at the far South of Noah City. The South city gate was closed, and it wasn’t connected to the ground. Next to it was an elevator. Arsenal stood on it and said, “Bring us to Qian Li.”

The elevator began buzzing. The entire elevator began to seal up like a giant white mantou. Then, it slowly rose.

I realized that this elevator was different from the others - it seemed to be floating. My speculation was verified very soon. The night sky suddenly appeared all around us.

It was actually a spaceship.

The elevator walls were made of a  transparent, glass-like material that we could see through. As it continued to rise, we rose closer to the night sky. It felt as if we could reach for the stars if we extended our hands.

Looking up at the galaxy and starry night, it was as if the goddess of the night sky wore a black evening dress embellished with diamonds. In the starlight, I could faintly see a round UFO shaped like a Mongolian yurt floating in the starry night.

“We’ve reached the observation tower!” Raffles looked up. “Brother Qian Li is inside.”

“He’s been in there the whole day?” I was shocked. I could the side of the Mongolian yurt. It looked like a solar panel as it shimmered under the starlight.

Raffles nodded. “More or less.”

“Only he could bear loneliness. I’ve to admit that I admire him in terms of that.” Harry crossed his arms and pouted.

I looked at the outpost that was getting closer. Brother Qian Li hasn’t just been here for one day but has spent many years here. He’s amazing. 

“Over the years, we’ve relied on him to ensure Noah City’s safety,” Arsenal said with a smile. She looked like a fairy from a fairy tale under the moonlight. 

Arsenal is so beautiful. Many men in Noah City admire the Princess in secret.

The spaceship rose through the sky, before stopping next to the Mongolian yurt.

The Mongolian yurt was slightly bigger than the spaceship. From the outside, I couldn’t see into its interior. The door by the side of the Mongolian yurt opened, and a tunnel connected to the spaceship. Light shone from the opposite side of the enclosed tunnel.

Arsenal passed me a bottle of eye drop solution and smiled. “Go ahead. It’s really narrow in there. It can’t fit so many of us.”

I held the eye drop bottle that I had brought back from Kro. I was suddenly nervous. I looked at the other end of the tunnel, my imagination running away from me.

How does Brother Qian Li look like?

Is he good-looking?

Is he a nice person?

Would he be fierce?

Would he hate to be stared at and disturbed by a stranger?

No one likes to be stared at, besides celebrities.

“Are you going or not?” Harry somehow behaved rather impatiently. He looked at me in annoyance. “What’s there to see? I’ll go.” He was going to take the eye drops but I slapped his hand away. I finally had a reason to take a look at the legendary Brother Qian Li.

“Harry, why don’t you let Luo Bing see Qian Li?” Raffles looked at Harry with a strange look while Harry remained impatient. He crossed his arms and turned around, just like the day when he’d found out I’d given Raffles a present.

Raffles looked at me. “Hurry up and go. Luo Bing, don’t bother about Harry.”

Arsenal smiled too.

“Mm.” I gripped the bottle tightly and walked into the tunnel.

The tunnel was really short. It took only two to three steps to reach the opposite side. The cabin door suddenly opened, exposing the interior of the Mongolian yurt. It looked exactly like our elevator that revealed the starry night outside. The boundless view made it feel like you were a part of that starry night.

The Mongolian yurt looked more like a small room. There was a bed and a round table. with a water basin installed next to it. Washing necessities were neatly organized above the basin.

On the other side, there was a mini food shelf and cup.

In the middle of the Mongolian yurt, there was a hanging chair that could spin. Now I could see a guy on the chair. His long hair was tied into a ponytail, with a fringe hanging at the side of his face.

He wore the same battle uniform as Harry and his troop.

I walked closer to him curiously. He turned his chair to face me, revealing a good-looking Asian face. Under his fringe, there was a pair of handsome eyebrows and bright eyes that looked like two black gemstones reflecting the starry night. Those eyes were like a black pond or a black mirror.

His pupils were bigger than ordinary people’s. Now, his pupils were contracting. Since they were bigger, the action was rather clear and visible to the naked eye.

His nose was tall like a European’s. That made his eye sockets look deeper. The white of his eyes looked less obvious. At first glance, I’d thought his entire eyeball was black.

He looked at me and I became nervous. He moved his lips and looked to the side. “Who is it?”

“Huh?” He can’t see me!

“I’ve never heard of your voice,” he continued to say as he looked elsewhere. Then, he smiled, “I know. You must be Luo Bing.” His voice was clear.

“Yes.” I didn’t know what to say all of a sudden. He is blind?

“Are you thinking about why I can’t see you?” He could feel it.

I nodded. “Mm, I’m sorry.”

“Why did you apologize?” He smiled and stood up. His slender body was taller than Raffles and Harry by a bit. He turned around and looked above me, “I should apologize because I can’t look at you when I talk. I become dizzy when I look at things that are close to me.”

I looked at him dumbfoundedly. He looked at the night sky behind me and smiled. He lifted his hand to point to the East. “ I can see you jogging every day. So, I’ve seen you before.” He held his hand before me with a smile. “It’s an honor to finally see you.”

He could see far-away things clearly and he would be dizzy when he looks at what’s near him. Isn’t it presbyopia? Qian Li is a super presbyope!

I extended my hand and shook his. “It’s my pleasure. I finally got to see the legendary Qian Li.”

He smiled and let go of my hand. I placed the eye drops in his hand. “This is an eye drop. Arsenal told me to pass it to you.”

“Eye drop?” He touched the bottle of eye drop, gentleness in his big black eyes. He lifted the corner of his lips and said, “Thank you, Princess.” He continued to touch the bottle of eye drop. He seemed to be very delighted and really liked the present.

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