Book 2: Chapter 57 - Apple Trees Sprouted

Noah City had a Brother Qian Li who could see a thousand li away. He was named Noah’s Eyes by Elder Alufa, and was someone Harry was jealous of.

Harry was the strongest metahuman in Noah City yet he was jealous of Brother Qian Li. Evidently, Harry acknowledged Brother Qian Li’s power. 

“You are going to see Brother Qian Li?” Raffles ran over. Hearing what we said, Harry raised his eyebrows and sulked, “What’s there to see?”

“Luo Bing has never met Brother Qian Li before,” Raffles said. “I will follow the two of you. You can leave if you don't want to see him.” Raffles pushed Harry.

Harry raised his eyebrows. “None of your business. I can go wherever I like. My legs are mine.” Harry held Raffles by his shoulders and flashed him a cheeky smile; Raffles rolled his eyes at him.

Arsenal chuckled as she looked at them. Raffles and Harry had grown closer.

Following behind Arsenal, I realized that we were heading to the South of Noah City. Gulleys lined both sides of the route, and the lights slowly grew brighter and tinted with yellow.

The distance between each road lamp was far apart. It was like walking along a small road in countryside. Transparent glass above showed that it was night time, displaying a starry night and a moon that had waxed from crescent to round.

Next to the gulleys were two wheat fields. The black wheat stood in silence under the moon, resembling girls with braided hair lining up neatly in the pale moonlight. That’s because the wheat was as tall as corn and the ears of wheat were extremely huge, shining under the light like black grapes.

The bread that we eat is made of this kind of black wheat. It’s disgusting.

But, there is only this kind now.

I had heard from the people of Noah City that the black wheat had been cultivated by Raffles. It would mature in one season, which was three months. It could be mass-produced and had strong survival ability. Besides the fact that it wasn’t delicious, the other characteristics suited the end of the world. 

I had hardly ever come here, being occupied with training most of the time. As I walked along the wheat fields, I felt calm and serene. The quiet here was soothing.

There were only two wheat fields but no one should belittle them. They had raised the people in Noah City and grew adequate food for them.

There was a greenhouse further down the road. The greenhouse was paned with glass but there was nothing in it but black soil. The black soil looked fluffy and soft as though someone had dug it recently.

“What are we going to plant here?” I asked casually.

Everyone looked at me and Raffles smiled. “Apples. Your apples.”

I was surprised.

Raffles walked to the greenhouse. He beckoned me over. “Come here.”

Arsenal and I walked over. Arsenal lifted the hem of her dress and walked carefully, while Harry shook his head in boredom. He obviously wasn’t interested in a plantation. He wasn’t interested in anything besides fighting.

“It’s there.” Raffles pointed inside. All I could see was soil; I couldn’t tell what he was pointing at. “It’s right there! I planted the apple seed there. I planted four seeds.” Raffles smiled bashfully. Under the gentle moonlight, his eyes looked warm, like he was looking tenderly at his loving children.

*Bzzt!* The surrounding lights flashed. *Pak.* The lights went off. It was very normal as the electricity supply in Noah City was inconsistent.

However, just as the light went off, moonlight shone from above into the greenhouse. A little green spot appeared in my view!

“It sprouted!” I exclaimed in surprise!

“What?” Harry was finally interested and came next to me to see.

“Where? Where?” Arsenal came forward excitedly too. She opened the door to the greenhouse straight away.

I immediately led everyone in, but Raffles stood dumbfounded on the spot. He looked at the direction I’d pointed out blankly. His grayish blue eyes were glistening under the moonlight.

We walked next to the tender shoot. Only one of them had sprouted; it looked so small in the soft, fluffy soil. It was barely noticeable. If it wasn’t because the light had gone off all of a sudden, I wouldn’t have noticed the little cutie.

“It really sprouted!” Arsenal clasped her hands together, her eyes filled with tender love.

By its side, we spoke so softly as though we were worried that we would frighten the little cutie.

“Raffles, you are a great nanny.” Harry looked at Raffles who remained stunned outside. Raffles smiled. His smile was so beautiful as it spread across his face, tinged with innocence under the clear moonlight. It was like a drop of spring water that fell into everyone’s hearts and soothed them.

Raffles finally came back to reality and rushed over. When he got closer, he lightened his footsteps and came to our side carefully. The four of us surrounded the little cutie under the moonlight.

“It’s green!” Raffles said in a silly manner. He didn’t sound like someone who could work two brains and had a high IQ.

“Nonsense! All seedlings are green!” I said. Everyone looked at the black wheat outside the green room. Alright, black wheat is black.

“It’s beautiful.” Raffles supported his cheeks with both hands as his long hair hung by the side of his hands. He looked extremely cute then. Actually, Noah City had given him a suitable nickname. He really looked like a grey rabbit with droopy long ears sometimes. Oh yeah, I had seen his namesake, the flop-eared bunny in the archive center in Noah City.

There wasn’t much entertainment in Noah City but there was a movie night on Fridays. Most of the movies were documentaries for people to know how the world used to look like and what living things had lived in this world. So that culture and civilization could be passed down and not forgotten.

Harry had said that the livable zone in the outside world had lost civilization. The people outside didn’t even recognize words and they spoke languages that they didn’t understand. When I heard him telling me that, it reminded me of the primitive societies hidden in deep forests back in my world.

“It’d be great if Noah City had a metahuman who could help plants grow.” Harry licked his lips and said, “Then, we could eat apples right now!” He swallowed as he looked at the sprout.

I supported my cheek with one hand as I looked at the sprout. I never expected that there would be such a surprise today.

There are many times when surprises appear unexpectedl by the side of your route. As we walk, we should not miss the scenery along the journey.

*Pak!* The light suddenly grew bright. The gentle light shined on the sprout and its nanny, Raffles. We believed that Raffles would take good care of them so that they would grow well and bear delicious apples.

Suddenly, I felt worried somehow. I looked at the black wheat and thought, Raffles wouldn’t grow tasteless apples, right? That’d be a waste.

After leaving the greenhouse, Raffles was immersed in the happiness of his sprouted apple trees. No wonder he was so excited. He had put in a lot of time and effort.

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