Book 2: Chapter 56 - The Legendary Brother Qian Li

“They are still working hard on saving the seeds that can survive in this world.” Arsenal couldn’t help but lift the corners of her lips, revealing a smile unconsciously. Every time she brought up Silver Moon City, she would smile like that. Maybe it was because there was His Highness Xing Chuan in Silver Moon City.

Every word she uttered that was related to Silver Moon City would be positive, such as ‘rescue’, ‘save’, ‘help’, ‘hope’.

At the corner of my eyes, I felt two gazes. I looked and saw Raffles and Harry peeking at me. When I looked at them, both of them quickly redirected their gazes.

Harry looked to the side while Raffles lowered his head. They knew that I had bad beef with His Highness Xing Chuan. Hence, I hated Silver Moon City.

*Cough.* Harry coughed lightly and interjected, “Although they are limited to their area, they can still only self sustain. Hence, the people on the ground still have to depend on themselves,” Harry said coldly.

Silver Moon City was a cosmos spaceship after all. They had limited space and it was impossible for them to share too many things with the people on the ground.

Arsenal frowned, pursed her lips and lowered her face. She looked to be in a despondent mood. She liked Xing Chuan because she only saw Xing Chuan’s gentle, kind and wise side.

From an objective perspective, Silver Moon City truly was safeguarding the final resources and species. They carried a heavy responsibility. Technically, they were this world’s Noah’s Ark.

To be frank, judging from Kansa Star’s situation, they wouldn’t be able to grow the seed even if Silver Moon City was willing to offer it. That would be a waste.

Finished speaking, Harry stole a glance at me. Then, he immediately avoided my gaze and looked to the side.

Sigh. The cosmos is not reliable after all.” Elder Alufa let out a long sigh. “Once Silver Moon City is destroyed, many of their people would spread out into the cosmos. They would want to return to the ground too. It’d be best if humans plant their feet on the ground.” Elder Alufa knocked on the ground. “There’s nothing for us to be envious of. They are floating in space. How insecure they would feel.”

“Elder Alufa, you’re right,” Sis Ceci said with her chest out. “We don’t need envy. We can self-sustain and we will only become better and better!” Sis Ceci’s speech cheered everyone up and everyone was buoyed up with enthusiasm. Sis Ceci always lifted everyone’s mood.

“We have apples and they don’t! Hahahaha…” Uncle Mason suddenly laughed.

“That is true!” Raffles smiled too. “In Silver Moon City’s seeds bank, they don’t have an apple. Should we give it to them?”

“Of course not!” Raffles’s suggestion was shot down by everyone in unison. They objected to the idea loudly.

Raffles smiled bashfully and the atmosphere became lively again.

Arsenal lowered her face and smiled. All of her movements, even her smile, was so poised and beautiful. Xing Chuan is blind if he doesn’t like Arsenal.

“After a while, when Silver Moon City’s drone has retreated, we will enter Kro to look for simulated blue crystal!” Harry rubbed his palms together. He couldn’t wait to enter Kro again.

“However, they would install detectors at the border of Kro too.” Raffles expressed his concern. “As long as there is anyone who enters or exits Kro, the detectors would alert Silver Moon City."

“What should we do?” I asked closely. I knew Xing Chuan and his people wouldn’t dare to set up detectors within Kro because they were worried that the spirits would damage them. Hence, they would only set them up outside of the light wall.

Raffles and the others smiled mysteriously.

“There are many routes to enter. Not limited to the ground,” Elder Alufa said mysteriously. He lifted his hand and waved above the sky of Kro. The Kro model started shrinking to occupy the middle of the table and the surrounding landscape began to surface around it.

The forest and the water region that we had passed by on the way to Kro started emerging around the center.

Elder Alufa pointed at the water region with his wooden staff. “Kro was originally huge. This belonged to Kro too. According to the map, there was an underground shuttle station. Hence, there is an underground tunnel that connects to Kro.”

“What?!” I was shocked. It turned out that there was originally an underground shuttle station. Isn’t it like our subway station then?

If it was, the underground would be huge! However, it had become a huge lake so the underground station should be submerged underwater.

“Luo Bing, we will send our robots to scout around and map out the underground trail. Then, we will sneak into Kro from here.” Raffles was beaming with anticipation.

“Alright!” I began to burn with enthusiasm too and I looked forward to entering Kro for the second time.

“After this,” Elder Alufa said in a bright voice and looked at me, “it depends on you, whether you could bring out simulated blue crystal successfully!”

“No problem!” I was already prepared to take on the second mission!

“Don’t be in a hurry, Luo Bing!” Uncle Mason said in a deep voice. “You weren’t ready the previous time. Hence, this time, we have to be well-prepared!”

Uncle Mason is right. I have to get ready. Plus, the next time might be the DR team’s first field mission!

Pandora Project, just how much changes would you bring to this world?

I exited the meeting room with Arsenal, Raffles and Harry. Everyone had yet to calm down.

Raffles continued to babble about the data that the scouting robots had sent back. There were abundant resources and precious books. On top of that, he was dying to get at the research data that might be stored in the science center.

“It’s a pity that there’s no electricity in Kro. If electricity could light up the entire city, it would be very beautiful!” Raffles was excited. “I heard that it was once a music city. Musicians from all over the world stayed there to perform for people from all over. It had the most magnificent performing stage in the world then. Kro had the best singers too! I really want to listen to a concert. It would be like the sound of nature!” Raffles looked carried away as if he was enjoying melodious music in his head.

Harry rolled his eyes and muttered, “We don’t even eat well. Who has the mood to listen to music.”

“You’re such a barbarian!” Raffles lowered his head and looked at Harry in disdain. “You do not know the power of music. In the past, many boys chased after girls using music!”

Harry raised his eyebrows and expressed his sudden interest, “Oh? How did they chase the girls? Tell me!”

It was Raffles’s turn to be smug. “It’d be a waste of my time to tell a person who doesn’t know about music, like you.”

Harry narrowed his eyes and hooked onto Raffles’s neck. “Are you going to tell or not?”

“Let me go!” Raffles started struggling. His long hair hanging by the side of his face quivered like a grey rabbit’s floppy long ears.

Arsenal looked at Raffles and Harry who were playing in a boisterous way, then looked at me. “I am going to deliver some eye drops for Brother Qian Li. Do you want to come with me?”

“Sure!” I immediately responded. I had been ‘admiring’ Brother Qian Li for very long!

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