Book 2: Chapter 55 - Difficult To Transport

“There is an enormous amount of resources in Kro,” Elder Alufa continued. The atmosphere in the meeting room was enthusiastic after the naming of ‘Pandora Project’. 

Everyone turned extremely solemn.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci crossed their arms and listened to Elder Alufa intently.

Raffles was extremely serious too. He listened and nodded, his eyes glistening with excitement as though an idea had popped up in his head when he heard Elder Alufa’s speech.

Harry supported himself on the edge of the meeting table as he listened attentively, unlike his usual self.

Arsenal furrowed her eyebrows slightly, as if there was an issue that was bothering her.

“According to our transportation means, we can’t bring back too much.” I seemed to understand Arsenal’s trouble then.

With our limited resources, Noah City’s flying vehicle couldn’t enter Kro to transport the items out.

Even now, only Ice Dragon was equipped with blue crystal energy and Noah City’s more advanced AI and technology. Ice Dragon had a claw that could pick up things on its own but the other vehicles didn’t.

For instance, Khai and the other members drove ordinary flying vehicles. Most of them were flying vehicles because tires would have severe wear and tear issues, and rubber had become extinct long ago at the end of the world. Hence, tires were obsolete in this world.

The vehicle that Khai and the other team members used only had an autopilot system to allow the members to sleep at night. There wasn’t any better energy source that could support a better system.

Hence, power source was the root of the problem.

“Therefore, the resource that we intend to collect during the next visit, is here!” Elder Alufa pointed at a towering building in the middle of Kro. My gaze followed and fixed upon a pyramidal building. It looked like a crystal building towering in the middle of the city.

Elder Alufa said, “According to the scouting robots, there are simulated blue crystals there!”

“What?!” Harry and I exclaimed in unison.

Raffles nodded excitedly. “That’s right. There are a large number of gemstones in this building. Hence, the probability of finding a simulated blue crystal is very high! There might be a lot of them!”

Harry and I looked at Raffles then at everyone else. They looked surprised too.

With simulated blue crystals, it meant that they could gain a power source!

I had seen the spaceships and flying vehicles that were deep under Noah City. The spaceship and flying vehicles that were hibernating underground, waiting for power sources that would allow them to soar up into the sky!

“Luo Bing.” Elder Alufa looked at me seriously. “As long as we find simulated blue crystals, the flying vehicles in Noah City can be activated. They will be like your Ice Dragon. They can enter Kro to transport the resources without any allocation of dockers.”

I was pumped up with enthusiasm. I could almost see before my eyes the spaceships and flying vehicles that were lying quietly in Noah City getting busy once more.

Suddenly, blue lights flew past my mind’s eye. The scene where those spirits had watched me from the tall buildings as I left replayed in my head.

“How about the spirits?” I looked at Elder Alufa, “They consume energy. That’s why Silver Moon City’s robots couldn’t leave after they’d entered Kro.”

Elder Alufa furrowed his eyebrows and he looked worried.

“The issue about the spirits, we have yet to come up with a solution,” Sis Ceci frowned and said, “As there was too little data about the spirits, Raffles and his team couldn’t analyze what exactly the spirits are. Hence, we can only act according to changing circumstances and try to avoid them.”

“Yes, Luo Bing.” Raffles looked at me with excitement dancing in his eyes. “We didn’t come across any spirits when we first entered Kro. Hence, we are guessing it takes time for them to detect life forms or energy from outside. We will try to complete the mission during that time frame!”

I nodded. I had felt the same when I’d been there. The spirits hadn’t appeared very quickly.

“And we must be quick!” Uncle Mason added in a deep voice.

Everyone looked at him while he stared at me, “Because you have been exposed.” His deep remark made me feel bad. How great would it be if I hadn’t touched that robot.

Uncle Mason’s eyebrows were tightly knitted. “Silver Moon City most likely didn’t send any drones to transport the resources because their first batch of robots had been broken apart by the spirits. They had suffered a great loss from their scouting trip to Kro. Hence, they hadn’t acted recklessly to barge in again since that might inflict higher losses.” Uncle Mason looked deep in thought. “However, now that they know of your existence, they might send another scouting troop again. They would most likely think the same as us, to bet on the timing of when the spirits would appear. Then, within that limited time frame, grab for resources. Elder Alufa, what do you think about my speculation?”

Elder Alufa furrowed his eyebrows and didn’t reply while Sis Ceci wore a worried expression. Uncle Mason’s speculation was most likely right. If we had thought of moving the resources before the spirits appear, why wouldn’t Silver Moon City think of the same? Just as Uncle Mason had mentioned, Silver Moon City had suffered a great loss during their first scouting trip. Hence, they hadn’t acted hastily.

“If so, we are fighting against time with Silver Moon City!” Harry looked at everyone while everyone was in deep thought.

“We sent Qian Li to take a look today. Silver Moon City did send drones over.” Raffles looked at me. Harry was shocked and anxious when he heard Raffles. “Then? What did Qian Li say?”

Raffles looked at Harry. “They should be searching for Luo Bing but there were no signs of them revisiting Kro.”

Harry immediately looked me at me, while I lowered my head and furrowed my eyebrows.

“That’s a good sign,” Elder Alufa suddenly said. Everyone looked at him again. He smiled and explained, “That means they are refraining from entering Kro. Ice Dragon is well hidden so they didn’t know Ice Dragon had been there. Now, they are checking if you came out alive. If not, they won’t get close to Kro in the near future. Hahaha.”

“Wouldn’t they want the resources in there?” Resources are so important to this world. Would Silver Moon City not want them?

“They do but they are not in a hurry,” Arsenal spoke. Her gentle timbre revealed her steadiness and dignified manner as a princess. “Silver Moon City was once the starship for inter-planetary migration. Hence, there are gene banks, seed banks and living organism banks. Silver Moon City has already collected all kinds of species so there are some seeds and living things in Silver Moon City. Their ecology system is also the most advanced. If there’re seeds, it can be self-sufficient for five hundred years. Now, as it revolves on the orbit of Kansa Star, they have sufficient sunlight and the plants should grow well there,” Arsenal said, hope in her beautiful eyes. 

No wonder she had said that Silver Moon City was humankind’s hope. It turned out that Silver Moon City was Noah’s Ark! Hence, no matter how much He Lei hated Silver Moon City, he too had admitted that Silver Moon City was the planet’s hope.

As long as the planet resumed its health, Silver Moon City could collect all kinds of seeds and living things back to Kansa Star so that the plants would flourish all over the planet again.

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