Book 2: Chapter 53 - Heart Racing With Fear

“Hahaha… Hahaha…” Sis Cannon laughed heartily and Xiao Ying chuckled to herself as they walked Ming You back to her hostel room.

Harry stood dumbfounded on the spot, blushing so hard that he’d turned purple.

“You, can’t,” Xue Gie walked past Harry and said expressionlessly. Then, she left.

Harry looked like he was going crazy. He held his head but he could do nothing about the girls.

*Bzzt.* My communicator buzzed. It was a message from Raffles: Come to the meeting room after you’re done with training. Get Harry to lead the way.

I looked at Harry who was still fuming. “Raffles said to head over to the meeting room.”

Harry let out a sigh, rubbed his forehead and nodded.

I turned to leave.

“Waifu! Waifu!” Harry caught up with me and asked, “Are you tired? Do you want to drink some water?” He handed me a bottle of water.

I didn’t accept it.

He moved closer to look at me, smirking suggestively. “Waifu, you are jealous! Hahaha!”

I rolled my eyes at him and said, “If I say that I like you more when you are serious, would you be more serious?”

Harry’s amber eyes beamed with joy. “If I become more serious, would you marry me?” He stunned himself when he said that, blushing and not daring to look me in the eyes.

“Impossible,” I replied straight away. Harry halted his footsteps and went blank.

I continued to walk forward, shaking my head at him. “I won’t talk to you again if you make that kind of joke again.”

He quickly ran up to me and said anxiously, “I’m sorry. Pretend that I didn’t say what I just said.” He looked to the side in distress and muttered to himself, “How can I say such things? What if she really agrees?”

I rolled my eyes at him impatiently again. He thought too highly of himself. Who would agree!

“I don’t care who you flirted with before. Don’t fool around with me. I’ll beat you up!” I expressed my stand directly.

Harry followed next to me and chuckled. “That’s because I let you. Do you think you can really hit me?” He lifted his chin and was smug. He is really asking for it.

I lifted my hand. I couldn’t help but punch him in the narrow tunnel. *Pak!* The punch that was originally supposed to land on him was blocked.

He’d lifted his hand to block my punch with ease. His amber eyes were shimmering like crystal, filled with pride and confidence. “Come on!” He beckoned his finger at me casually as he raised his eyebrows. He’s teasing me!

Since he’d invited me to punch him, I would match his courtesy. I turned around and made a clean and smooth punch. 

He was swift in action too, flexible as a jaguar. He leaped and turned. We fought closely in the narrow tunnel.

He seemed to be very familiar with my patterns and actions. Quoting my dad, Harry was a great seedling in martial arts. He’d memorized all my teachings in his heart and would apply his understanding into his grappling skills.

I punched, then he quickly gripped my wrist and swung me out using the Taichi techniques that I taught. However, I was their coach after all. I exerted force while using his strength and ran against the wall of the tunnel. I leaped and turned in the air. Then, I kicked Harry’s neck. Harry flew out from the hit, stumbled and rolled on the ground. He didn’t move an inch after that.

I landed on the ground steadily and looked at him. He didn’t move at all as if he’d fainted.

Although I knew that he was durable and he wouldn’t be broken easily, I had kicked him really hard. Did I actually hurt him?

I became anxious and ran to squat next to him. I poked and called, “Harry! Harry!”

He didn’t respond at all. Sh*t!

I became worried and patted his face. “Harry! Aren’t you durable? Why did you faint all of a sudden? Hello? Wake up!!”

*Pak pak pak.* I patted his face but he was still unconscious. I quickly leaned against his chest to hear his heartbeat.

*Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub-dub-dub!* His heart suddenly sped up, which was abnormal. 

My face grew glum and I got angry. Seeing a water bottle on his trouser leg, I grabbed it, opened the cap and poured the cold water on his face.

*Ah!* He woke up with a start, sitting up and wiping his face. “Waifu, you are so wasteful!”

*Humph!* I threw his water bottle and stomped past him.

Harry quickly got up and picked up the water bottle. He caught up next to me and commented, “Luo Bing, I realized that you’ve improved your skills yet again.”

I heard him call me Luo Bing and knew that he was being serious.

I looked at him and he chuckled, “It feels awesome to fight with you."

“Why didn’t you feel awesome when you got beat up?” He was always getting beat up. Actually, I felt awesome too. I could learn a lot about fighting with Harry. Plus, he was the strongest metahuman in Noah City. Challenge the strongest person was of course the best way to improve.

Harry shook off the water on his head and looked at me. “Why not we fight a battle every day? Just like Sis Cannon and Khai.”

I was stunned. “They see each other every night to fight?” I was surprised. I’d thought… I suddenly blushed. It turned out that it was me who was dirty-minded!

“Huh? Waifu, what did you think it was?” Harry moved closer to me cheekily; water ran down his fringe, his face looming close enough to almost touch the tip of my nose. Seeing my face, he seemed lost in thoughts. His amber gaze fixed upon my blushing face.

“Go away!” I immediately pushed him. I didn’t want him to see me blushing. He stumbled and took a step back, still deep in his thoughts.

I looked away and stomped forward. This is so embarrassing.

However, there were no footstep following me. I turned around and looked at him. He was still standing there, staring blankly into space.

“Harry! To the meeting room!” I shouted, shocking him back to reality. Suddenly, he blushed again. He lowered his head and caught up with me.

I turned and continued to walk forward while he followed behind me. The strange part was that he became quiet and didn’t speak again.

At the end of the tunnel was an elevator. I had never taken this tunnel. This route was connected to Noah City’s control center. A person without senior rights couldn’t enter as they wished.

Harry and I entered the elevator. When the door closed, it shut Harry and I in the white elevator.

Harry was behaving a little strangely. His uncharacteristic silence made the atmosphere in the elevator awkward.

I refused to look at him.

“Luo Bing,” he suddenly called me.

“Huh?” I responded casually.

“I-” He stopped at ‘I’ without continuing.

“What?” Just as I wanted to turn to look at him, the elevator door opened. I was greeted with a spacious white meeting room. In the middle of the meeting room was a huge, oval silver table. The table resembled a control desk, with its smooth surface that was akin to a liquid crystal display.

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