Book 2: Chapter 52 - Harry In The Past

I had come from a different world, like a meteor that had fallen here from outer space. I looked at everyone and said, “My code name is Meteor. Everyone, report your code name.”

Sis Cannon furrowed her eyebrows for very long, as if she was constipated while her face distorted in agony. Suddenly, she smiled and said with her chest out, “Report, captain. My code name is Queen!” She lifted her chin proudly, her queen’s attitude on full display.

Ming You and Xiao Ying glanced at Sis Cannon in unison. Then, Ming You nodded. “Heh, this code name is very suitable."

Sis Cannon winked at them. She had the most men, which really made her the Queen. That’s why only she had cared about the cucumber topic back then.

Noah City didn’t bother about girls flirting with guys. The men in Noah City were up for grabs for any woman, because women only numbered one-tenth of the total population in Noah City.

Setting aside those who were married and had children, there were only ten girls who were of marriageable age. The DR team took up five of them, and Arsenal would be sixth. The remaining four were ordinary girls, like Xiao Jing.

If Noah City didn’t approve polygamy, many men would be single forever.

Due to the disproportionate ratio of men to women, there were also men who liked men in Noah City. For example, Winkelried and Lee Da from the mechanic team, Yue Hua and Ou Ning from the technology team were two of many other sweet and happy couples. Sometimes, they would hold hands and behave intimately in public.

In Noah City, there was a requirement for male metahumans to reproduce. However, it didn’t apply to the other non-metahuman men. For example, if Harry liked a man and Arsenal chose him, he had to first marry Arsenal and make a baby, before he could be with the man he liked. That was how important a metahuman’s genes were.

In these unique times, everyone in Noah City viewed reproduction as their obligation and duty. No one would feel like they were forced. On the contrary, they even felt proud about contributing their genes as they viewed it as an honor.

It turns out that the environment could change people’s minds. I guess this is why it’s called worldviews.

Then, who would Harry and Raffles marry in the future? According to the rules, they are metahumans and they will have to get married and make babies with either these DR team members before me, or our Princess Arsenal.

“Goddess!” Xue Gie voice pulled me back from my thoughts. She continued to look in front without moving an inch.

Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying and Ming You looked at the unflinching Xue Gie. It was just like the first time I had seen her. She was just like a cold Ice Queen.

“I am Queen and you are Goddess. What are Xiao Ying and Ming You going to do?” Sis Cannon looked at Xiao Ying and Ming You.

Xiao Ying immediately replied, “Shuttling Elf!” She smugly added, “It couldn’t be apter!”

Sis Cannon and Ming You looked at her and nodded. “You’re right!”

Judging from Sis Cannon and Ming You’s response, could Xiao Ying’s code name be related to her superpower? Xiao Ying named herself Shuttling Elf. Would her superpower be shuttling between spaces?! If it was, Xiao Ying’s superpower is amazing!

“Butcher!” Ming You clenched her fists and said. She seemed excited by the code name.

Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying looked at her anxiously while Xue Gie continued to face forward. As I had spent more time with Xue Gie, I leaned that she wasn’t cold nor was she unconcerned with her surroundings. It was merely her behavior. Actually, she was looking from the corner of her eyes and listening with her ears.

“Ming You, you don’t suit the name at all.” Sis Cannon looked at Ming You. Ming You was a healer, after all.

“Yes, Sis Ming You. Your name sounds so scary!” Xiao Ying looked at Ming You in fear.

“Yeah? Hehe!” Ming You smiled. She looked friendly and honest. “I think I’m too weak so I wanted a scary name, so that others would feel afraid of me!” Ming You nodded. She seemed really fond of her name.

Sometime, a person’s appearance could fool everyone, including oneself. Hence, the occasional display of unexpected behavior might show another hidden side of the person.

“Queen! Goddess! Shuttling Elf! Butcher!” I called their names, which felt strange. It felt like I was calling their usernames in a role-playing game.

“Yes!” They stood straight.

“Flying training! Begins!”

“Yes! Captain Meteor!”

Out of all field training, flying is the most important training. Ashamed of myself as I am, I will work harder in this training.

The training was intense and mostly focused on stamina. Sis Cannon and Xue Gie were fine but Xiao Ying was weaker, while Ming You looked like she was about to asphyxiate.

After a day’s training, she was pale as a sheet and had been retching to boot. Her stamina was too weak and the food in Noah City wasn’t sufficient to support high-intensity training.

“Gather tomorrow at five. Don’t be late!”


Ming You stood wobbling in the line. Sis Cannon immediately caught her and I looked at Sis Cannon. “Help Ming You back to her room to get some rest.”

“Yes.” Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying helped the pale Ming You.

“Waifu, this is too intense. I think Ming You can’t do it.” Harry looked at Ming You with concern but Ming You glared at him. “Who can’t do it?! You’re the one who can’t do it!”

Harry was stunned.

Sis Cannon suddenly laughed. “Hahahaha… Harry, Ming You said that you can’t do it. It turns out that you can’t do it! Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon’s laughter caught the passers-by’s attention.

The people walking past looked confused, then they realized and started whispering in one another’s ears.

Harry blushed then grew pale in embarrassment. He crossed his arms and pointed at Ming You. “Ming You! Take back what you said! You made everyone misunderstand me!” Harry was embarrassed.

Ming You didn’t care about him. “You only know to fool around with girls. It’s best that you can’t do it! Otherwise, Noah City will be filled with your children! Humph!” Ming You was obviously upset with Harry. She seemed irked by the fact that Harry flirted around with girls.

Before I knew Harry, Ming You and the other girls had grown up with him. Hence, Ming You and the other girls would know Harry better than I did.

I remembered when I had held Harry hostage back then, the girls had come and Harry had called each and every one of them his wives. Hence, Ming You’s judgment about Harry fooling around with all the girls was accurate.

Harry had also mentioned to me a couple of times that he wouldn’t call the other girls his wives. That testified to how he used to fool around with girls in the past.

Ever since I’d come here, although I hadn’t seen him flirting with other girls because he was always around me, it might be because he found me novel and fresh. Oncethe sense of novelty had passed, he would return to his normal self and fool around again.

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