Book 2: Chapter 51 - Point of Attention During Fieldwork

*One, two! One, two!* We crested a cliff, and suddenly a boundless world stretched in front of us.

The red barren soil that had once been a sad sight to me now excited Xue Gie, Xiao Ying and Sis Cannon. They had never left Noah City. They were like precious daughters who had been carefully raised in their delicate bowers, never stepping foot outside. They were already excited to see just one corner of the world.

“Ah!!!” Xiao Ying and Sis Cannon screamed at the cliff. Then, they played boisterously and laughed. Although the ground was muddy and there was acidity in the wind, they were hopping about in excitement. It was as if they had stepped foot into a new world.

The stamina of a combat metahuman was different from ordinary people. They were evolved humans, even superhumans. Even as the catastrophe had brought about the end of the world, it had also brought human evolution.

Of course, not everyone could evolve. Evolution seemed to have its own consciousness. Only a person who was chosen by it could evolve. As for the others, they were unlucky. They would either die or mutate into monsters, such as flying corpses.

After I had realized my superpower, my body had also experienced an unbelievable change.

My listening became sharper, my responses became faster, my stamina and my speed continued to improve as well. 

I was originally worried that my superpower would be like Ming You’s, which could only be auxiliary. However, as I sped up and grew stronger, I started to believe that I too could kill an enemy in a war zone!

Xue Gie and I stood by the cliff. She looked in front of her without any emotions on her face as usual. Her pale eyes were tainted with pink from the reflection of the burgundy ground.

“Ha!” Abruptly, she swung her right hand out as though she was unsheathing a sword. Then, she aimed in front of her to the north, and said, “Sinners! Accept your punishment! We are the nobles! Shiver in fear!

My body stiffened.

Sis Cannon chuckled and walked forward. She poked Xue Gie’s arm and Xue Gie maintained her wooden puppet-like expression, ignoring Sis Cannon.

Xiao Ying looked at Xue Gie with an amused smile.

Sis Cannon pushed Xue Gie’s hand to the west and adjusted her at an angle to the sun. She said, “Xue Gie, Ghost Eclispers are in the west. You pointed in the wrong direction.”

Xue Gie blinked but remained composed. “Oh.” Then, she narrowed her eyes. Her gaze seemed to turn into an aurora, shooting straight towards Ghost Eclipsers residing in the west to turn their city into a flatland.

“Alright, girls. Let’s head back. From today onwards, we will come here every day. Save your screams for the day we are heading out!” I said.

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison. This was only the first step they had taken towards the outside world. This was still far from them stepping foot in the outside world for real.

As we ran back, Harry caught up with us. He seemed to be very familiar with my jogging route.

“How’s Ming You?”  I asked.

He smiled and said, “She’s okay. She’s taking a break and she said that she can continue with the next training.”

I nodded. Ming You is mature and steady. She gives me a feeling like an elder sister. It might be related to her role as a healer. Healing requires her to be extremely attentive and careful.

A new day in Noah City began alongside our new training.

The mechanic team continued to maintain the operations in Noah City, the construction team ensured that electricity wasn’t wasted, the agriculture team took care of the maturing crops, the research team taught lessons to the children on how to pass down the culture in Noah City.

There was only the DR team on the battlefield, while Harry sat by the side and grinned at me. His gaze was making me uncomfortable. I looked at him and he smiled maliciously. It was as if he was waiting for me to make a mistake and embarrass myself.

I furrowed my eyebrows and redirected my gaze to the girls in front of me. Ming You had returned to the team in good condition. I can feel Harry staring at my back. I have to find something for him to do.

“The scouting troop has great field work experience. Now, I invite the scouting troop captain to share with us some of his experience.” I turned around and looked at Harry. “Harry!”

Stunned, he blinked. Then, he smiled and got up quickly, and ran to stand next to me. He glanced playfully at me but when he turned to look at the DR team members, his expression turned solemn. His expression looked just like the expression on Sis Ceci’s face when she trained us.

He put his hands behind his back and said in a bright and clear voice, “The most important thing about going out to field is to… return safely!”

Everyone immediately became serious and listened to Harry attentively.

“You must remember that the resources are not as important as your lives!” What he said reminded me of what Elder Alufa had told me when I had gone on a mission. This was Noah City’s principle, and also the heartwarming characteristic of Noah City.

Although Harry had said that the people in the outside world either became selfish or died, things were different in Noah City. Everyone shared everything. Their kindness, gentleness, yearning for a beautiful future… They weren’t selfish. I believed that there were many villages like Noah City in the livable zones between the radiation circles.

I believe that humanity will not vanish.

“Secondly, do not tell anyone your real name and where you are from. Do not believe anyone outside!” I watched Harry as he spoke. He remained solemn as he continued, “This is very important. When you are out there, observe more,” Harry pointed at his eyes then at his mouth, “speak less.”

“Yes!” the girls replied.

“Exposing any clue about Noah City would bring Noah City immeasurable danger! Do you understand that?”


Harry nodded. “Lastly, complete the mission and return triumphant!” Harry looked up in pride and smirked, his solemnity fast fading. He pointed at the silver star badge on his chest and said, “See this? This is the evidence of strength, me!”

“Alright.” I pushed him away before he could finish. He was only bullshitting after he became frivolous in his manner.

He stumbled from my push. Then, he stood by the side and chuckled as he looked at me.

I looked at my girls and asked, “Did you hear what Captain Harry shared?”


“Now, think of a code name! Use it when we are out!”

“Yes!” Everyone began to think.

Sis Cannon furrowed her eyebrows and frowned. It seemed that figuring out a code name would be torturous for her.

Xiao Ying’s eyes glistened. It was obvious that she already had a name in her head.

Xue Gie continued to look in front of her expressionlessly.

Ming You looked calm as she nodded faintly.

A code name was necessary during a mission. When I trained with my dad back then, we used code names too. Most of them were things like eagle, white tiger or just a number. As I was the youngest, the uncles would just call me Kiddo.

I am a captain now. ‘Kiddo’ doesn’t sound cool at all.

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