Book 2: Chapter 50 - First Day As Captain

My face instantly reddened. I happened to glimpse the time and said casually, “I’m going for training now.” I quickly turned off the communicator, my heart still racing. The dream had been so scary.

Whatever that had happened back in Kro had caused me psychological pressure. 

I took a deep breath and picked up the communicator. I connected to Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, Ming You and Xiao Ying at the same time and shouted, “Alpha She-Wolves! Wake up! I don’t care if you want to find more men, or if you want to go for an adventure, or if you want to take revenge, you have to work hard! The person to arrive last for the highest number of times will lose her chance of going outfield!” Then, I stood up with my head held high and my chest out. The first day of me being captain begins!

Five in the morning and the sky was growing bright. I stood at East Square with my hands behind my back as I waited for my teammates to arrive.

*Pitter-patter.* Hasty footsteps cut through the quiet of Noah City. Xue Gie was the first to arrive, followed by Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying. Everyone normally woke up at seven.

Sis Cannon was still yawning.

The last was Ming You. She was in a hurry and had yet to put on her battle uniform properly. It was her first time putting on a battle uniform. She stood at the back of the line as she smoothed out her battle uniform. “Am I the last?”

“Mm.” Sis Cannon looked at her regretfully.

Ming You immediately looked at me apologetically. “Sorry, captain. I…”

“Don’t apologize to me,” I looked at her sternly. “Ming You, I understand that you are from the medical team. You don’t normally train. However, you are going outfield with us. In other words, you are a field worker! My requirement of a field worker won’t lax just because you are a healer! You must apologize to yourself!”

Ming You was stunned. “Yes! Captain! I will not be late tomorrow!”

My girls aren’t spoiled and they obey commands. That’s great!

“Begin long-distance running!” I said. Then, I led everyone in jogging out of Noah City. The most important element as a field worker would be stamina.

*Pitter-patter.* The synchronized jog reverberated in the tunnel.

Out of all the members of the DR team, I worried most about Ming You. As she didn’t normally join for training, her stamina would be the worst of all. However, the battlefield was fair to everyone. It wouldn’t let you off the hook just because you were a healer. The world wouldn’t shower you with lesser radiation just because you were a healer.

The door of Noah City was wide open for us. The grey sky outside and faint morning sunlight shone through the door gaps. There was a zone painted in gold on the ground.

When I jogged out of the city gate, Harry jumped out from the side and ran next to me. He smiled cheekily. “Waifu, are you jogging? Such a coincidence! Me too!”

I didn’t bother about him but continued to jog forward. Since when did Harry start jogging in the morning?

“We are jogging too!” Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying’s voice resounded from behind. Harry was stunned and he looked back. He stiffened at the sight. The girls ran past him as they chuckled. Ming You looked away and sighed.

“You? Why are you here?” Harry looked at them stupidly. He obviously didn’t expect that today would be different. I’ve always been jogging alone but today, I brought the entire DR team with me.

Sis Cannon and the other girls stopped before him with mischievous smiles. Only Xue Gie continued to follow behind me. Sunlight threw our shadows across the ground.

“Hahaha! It seems like someone wanted to spend some time alone with our captain. You don’t have a chance. We will be here every day!” Xiao Ying smiled smugly at the failure of his plan.

I turned around and shouted, “Did I say you can stop?”

Sis Cannon and Xiao Ying’s bodies stiffened and they immediately caught up.

Ming You looked at Harry. It seemed as if she didn’t know what to say. She shook her head and followed behind Xiao Ying.

I turned and continued to jog forward while the girls followed behind me.

Harry caught up with me again and ran next to me. He jogged while he looked at me, “Waifu, why are you bringing so many people to jog with you?”

“Do not talk when you jog! Otherwise, don’t follow us!” I replied straightforwardly.

Harry didn’t speak anymore. He pouted but smiled as he jogged next to me. We continued to run under the sunlight that was pouring down from the sky.

After running for about three thousand meters, Ming You couldn’t take it anymore. She was panting, her face pale. Evidently weak, she fell on the ground.

“Captain! Ming You can’t do it anymore,” Sis Cannon helped Ming You up. We had no choice but to stop.

Ming You panted as she said, “So-sorry.”

“Ming You, as I have mentioned, don’t apologize to us.” I squatted before her and she looked at me apologetically. I smiled and continued, “You have never gone through training before. Your training has to be step by step too. Harry!”

“Coming, waifu!” Harry ran over with a smile. He had great endurance. He didn’t even pant after three thousand meters.

I looked at him and instructed, “Carry Ming You back.”

“What?!” Harry was stunned.

Ming You was shocked too. She looked at Harry embarrassedly, then lowered her head.

Harry looked at Ming You and smiled. “Alright!”

He squatted in front of Ming You. “Hop on, Ming You.”

“I-I’m okay. You don’t have to carry me.” Ming You was embarrassed.

Harry shook his head. “Hop on. It’s okay. My dad said that I have to follow my wife’s command. My wife wants me to carry you back, so I will carry you back.”

Ming You was lost in Harry’s remark.

“Ming You, what are you thinking about.” Sis Cannon helped Ming You up and put her on Harry’s back. “You can’t even stand on your feet!”

Xiao Ying looked at Ming You in concern.

Xue Gie continued to look straight ahead. “Can we continue now?” she asked monotonously.

Harry carried Ming You and faced me with a cheeky smile, “Waifu, wait for me. I will come back to you after I send her back.”

I furrowed my eyebrows and rolled my eyes at him. I turned around and said, “The rest of you, let’s continue!” I continued to lead everyone in jogging. Glancing back, I could see Harry carrying Ming You back. Under the morning light, his figure moved very quickly. What exactly is his superpower?

“What’s Harry’s superpower?” I slowed down and asked the other girls.

“You’ll find out when you see.” Sis Cannon chuckled and looked at me. She wanted to make it mysterious.

I looked at Xiao Ying and asked, “Xiao Ying, how about your superpower?” During training, I had never seen Harry and Xiao Ying use their superpower. I only knew that Harry could heal himself, which I witnessed with my own eyes on Ice Dragon. However, if his superpower was only self-healing, he didn’t live up to his reputation as the strongest metahuman in Noah City. The strongest metahuman should be offensive

“Hehe, you’ll find out soon.” Xiao Ying was trying to be mysterious too.

Alright then. There is no mission in the near future. With Ming You’s current situation, we won’t leave Noah City in the next two to three months.

I roared, “Go, girls! Don’t run like a soft-legged prawn!”

“Yes! Captain!”

“What’s a soft-legged prawn?”

“I don’t know. A blind man whose legs are weak?” 

In this world that lacks resources, they have never seen prawns. Judging from their looks, they haven’t even heard of the word ‘prawn’.

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