Book 2: Chapter 48 - War Will Come

"It’s the sacrifice of Xue Gie’s, Khai’s, and Williams’s parents that exchanged for Noah City’s safety. They met death together with the Ghost Eclipsers. If you do not kill them all at once, they would come after you like jackals and wolves, they would eat you up like locusts.” Harry regained his calm and let go of his head. He looked down blankly and didn’t talk anymore.

My hand was on his shoulder all this while. His body stopped shivering but I choked with sobs. The profound hatred was something I couldn’t understand. To them who were the same age as me, it was a heavyhearted incident.

I believed in their determination to take revenge. They weren’t afraid of Ghost Eclipsers, nor were they lacking in the intention to take revenge and attack Ghost Eclipse City. But it was too difficult.

Many metahumans in Noah City had passed away; the best they could do was drag one of the troops from Ghost Eclipse City down to die with them. “Just how many metahumans does Ghost Eclipse City have?”

“No idea.” Harry shook his head, “To survive in this world, choosing not to be selfish is to choose to be exterminated. Hence, many metahumans joined Ghost Eclipse City in order to survive. As they killed too many people, they became numb. Their forces continued to expand. Then, the more they expanded, the more metahumans joined them.”

Yield to the demons if you don’t want to die.

What sorcery is this?!

No, it was because this world lacked a God. A God that could win against the Ghost Eclipsers, a God that could give a brutal hit to the Ghost Eclipsers!

My father once said that humans were unstable creatures. When they didn’t have a strong belief, they would yield to demons easily. If a person’s mind was weak, no one would be able to drag him out from the darkness in time to avoid turning bad. He would fall into the abyss and become a bad person. Hence, that moment of wavering before the abyss was very important. That moment would determine if he would become bad or remain good.

Hence, he hoped that I could join the military, because the military would help me strengthen my beliefs. Then, I wouldn’t be bewitched easily and I wouldn’t waver between the good and the bad.

“Why didn’t you join Silver Moon City?” I asked, “Doesn’t Silver Moon City take metahumans as well?”

“Humph.” Harry smirked coldly. “Because Ghost Eclipsers can make you release the demon in you.” He looked at me and continued, “If you can grab the mantou (Chinese bun) from someone else’s hand, why not? It is easier to be a bad person than a good person. A good person? Humph, it’s too difficult to be a good person in this world.” Harry turned around and smirked in disdain. “Is everyone from Silver Moon City good? Silver Moon City merely did things more gracefully than Ghost Eclipse City.”

I finally heard pertinent feedback about Silver Moon City from Harry. Is everyone from Silver Moon City good? They made no efforts to save anyone whose life was endangered. Ghost Eclipsers killed directly while they killed indirectly. There was no difference. Just as Harry had said, Silver Moon City merely did it more gracefully.

I became quiet. The remark was too heavy. The hatred was too hefty. I, who was about the same age as Xue Gie and the rest, almost couldn’t imagine a world that was covered in blood. In my own world, blood was only visible when fishes and chickens were killed. Other than that, I wouldn’t see anything bloody.

However, war would come because the different cities would run into each other on this planet. It was only a matter of time. By then, what role would I be playing? Can I pick up a weapon to fight the war? To fight the enemy?

I looked at my hands and my vision became blurry. I was afraid. I felt that I couldn’t do it.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t tell you these things.” Harry rubbed my back, “I originally came over to congratulate you for becoming a captain then wanted to call you my wife and take petty advantage of you but…”

“Sorry, I simplified too many things.” I looked at him and said, “I didn’t know everyone has a past like that. Should I not bring them out of the city?”

Harry smiled. “Why did you want to bring them out?” His amber eyes were glistening like a light shining in gold.

“For them to look at the world.”

“Then, believe in what you believe in. Why? Did you hesitate when you heard them saying they want to take revenge?” Harry crossed his arms and smiled. “It is only a matter of time until the enemy attacks. Hence, we have to prepare ahead of time. To be honest,” he blinked his eyes, “Xue Gie and the other girls hardly have any true fighting experience. If the Ghost Eclipsers were to attack now, they would only be a burden.”

I was stunned.

He immediately raised his index finger. “Shh! Don’t tell them. You know, Xue Gie is very powerful! Psst!” Harry hugged himself tight and quivered. “Waifu, you must protect me if they were to hit me.” He suddenly acted spoiled and moved closer to me.

I turned away angrily and he stumbled as he leaned on nothing. My expression grew annoyed. “You are behaving light-heartedly again. Oh yeah, I have something to tell the light-hearted you."

“What?” He lifted the corner of his lips and smiled maliciously.

“Do you know that Xiao Jing likes you?”

“Yeah,” Harry’s straightforward answer surprised me; he didn’t seem to care. He flipped his hair proudly. “I am the most amazing metahuman in Noah City! And I am the most handsome man!” He lifted his face and put a hand on his chest. “I am too charming. I can’t stop the girls from liking me!”

I didn’t want to spend another minute with him like that. I walked back to my room straight away.

“Hey! Waifu, I’m not done yet!” He caught up with me as I closed the door behind me. He managed to stop me by blocking the door. He smiled playfully at me. “Waifu, are you jealous? I said that I will only call you my wife from today onwards.”

“Dream on!” I couldn’t bear looking at him. “If you don’t like Xiao Jing, you’d better tell her. Did you give her any wrong signal that she misunderstood to think that you like her?”

“No.” Harry was confused. “Xiao Jing should know that it is impossible for me to like her.”

“What?” So Xiao Jing had developed an unrequited love and it was very bad. That was why she was so upset.

Harry continued, “Metahumans would only marry another metahuman. It is the rule in this world.”

“Huh? What if it’s true love?”

“That would be treated differently.” Harry let go of my door. He supported his cheek and thought, “In normal situations, a metahuman would only be with another metahuman, especially in this world where metahumans are extremely important. Any city would need strong metahumans to guard. Only a combination of metahumans would bring about improvisations to the genetic code, so that the next generation of metahumans would be even stronger. For example, me!” He broke into a smile and pointed at himself with his thumb.

*Bang!* I closed the door on his face. I didn’t want to talk to him.

*Ah!* Harry groaned in agony. “Waifu, say something when you are going to close the door! It hit my handsome nose!”

I rolled my eyes. Harry isn’t just a show-off. I can’t take him anymore.

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