Book 2: Chapter 47 - Noah City’s Past

“Not you, for sure. Otherwise, he would have brought you back to Silver Moon City. Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon laughed too.

“Hold on. Xing Chuan comes very often?!” I looked at them anxiously and they nodded.

“Yeah, once a year,” Xiao Ying replied chirpily. “They would visit the bigger cities in every district that they go to. Then, they will give assistance to places in poverty.”

“They would help people?!” I found it unbelievable. The Silver Moon City in Xiao Ying’s mouth was simply a sacred saint, a communist. 

“Hehe. Thanks to you, they came twice!” Xiao Ying squinted her eyes and smiled. “Sis Luo Bing, we heard about what had happened to you. Can you tell us what happened exactly? Did you really steal Silver Moon City’s things? Or are you an escaped criminal from Silver Moon City?”

“Didn’t Luo Bing lose her memory? She’s now Noah City’s people. Regardless of who she used to be, we don’t care! Now, she’s our captain!” Sis Cannon pulled me into her embrace. She was upright and faithful like a Shandong man who disregards a hero’s origin.

“I am curious. It was the first time His Highness Xing Chuan had come to look for a person personally. I felt that something must have happened between His Highness Xing Chuan and Luo Bing. Oh! Could it be that His Highness Xing Chuan likes Sis Luo Bing!” Xing Ying’s eyes were wide open as if she had found out a huge secret. There was anticipation in her eyes.

“Are you silly! When His Highness Xing Chuan found Luo Bing, Luo Bing was still known as a boy!” Sis Cannon pushed Xiao Ying’s head. “Mm! So His Highness Xing Chuan likes a guy. Then all of you stand no chance. Hahahaha…” Sis Cannon laughed as she made fun of Xiao Ying.

“No!” Xiao Ying covered her face in terror. “His Highness Xing Chuan can’t like guys!”

“Ha!” Suddenly, just as Xiao Ying was ‘sobbing’, Xue Gie stood up and punched the air with her right fist. We immediately looked at her and she turned to face us. She pointed her right foot and put her hand on her waist while she performed an uppercut. She looked up at a forty-five degrees angle and said, “Sinners! Be baptized in my snow!”

In an instant, the three of us stood by the bed.

Xue Gie retracted her fist and looked at us. “What do you think? About this opening speech?”

The three of us continued to be stunned. Then, Sis Cannon shook her head and replied, “No, change it.”

“No?” Xue Gie furrowed her eyebrows and sat back down. She put her hands on her knees and daydreamed again.

I was stunned. “So, Xue Gie isn’t cold when she is quiet.”

“Ha! You’re fooled!” Sis Cannon patted my back. “She is always thinking of her opening speech.”


“Xue Gie,” Sis Cannon called Xue Gie, who looked at her. Her gaze was cold without emotions. She was just like a wooden puppet. Sis Cannon smiled and asked, “I am going out to look for more men. What about you?”

Xue Gie blinked her eyes and looked at Xiao Ying. “What about you?”

“I want to see the outside world!” Xiao Ying replied excitedly.

Xue Gie looked down and thought for a while. There was determination in her eyes when she lifted her head. “I want to go to Ghost Eclipse City to take revenge,” she said calmly. She turned around and faced forward again. However, the room turned quiet because of her reply.

Sis Cannon didn’t speak again while Xiao Ying became quiet too.

Xiao Ying breathed in and out, then stood up, “I am going to bed. There’s training tomorrow.”

“Mm,” Sis Cannon replied. She patted my shoulder and walked to Xue Gie with Xiao Ying. Xue Gie stood up and followed them. The three of them suddenly became extremely quiet.

Xue Gie didn’t speak with any emotion but the atmosphere had become heavy-hearted. What happened to Xue Gie? What did Noah City go through in the past? Why did the others have parents but I’ve never seen them?

I walked out of the room door and stood in the corridor, looking around at the underground city that was falling asleep. What story does it carry?

In the corner of my eyes, a figure peered. I got a shock and quickly took a closer look. It was actually Harry. I didn’t know when he’d come by; he was leaning against the side of my door with his right leg bent behind his left.

He was in deep thought too. I wonder what he was thinking about.

“When did you get here?” I looked at him with my guard up.

He came back to reality and looked at me. Then, he returned to his deep thought. “Long ago. I was already here when Sis Cannon talked about how Xing Chuan might like you.” He walked forward and leaned against the railing. Harry seemed different. His silence was normally bad news.

“Xue Gie’s parents,” Harry said with sorrow shimmering in his amber eyes, “sacrificed themselves for Noah City.”

“What?” I felt my heart aching. Xue Gie is an orphan.

“Not only Xue Gie, but also Sis Cannon, Xiao Ying, Khai, Williams…” As the names were spoken from Harry’s lips, Harry’s fist clenched tighter and his body became tenser. His anger and hatred made his body quiver. The familiar feeling reminded me of He Lei. “Bill, Sia, Mosie, Moorim, Joey and the others.”

I looked at his angry expression and it overlapped with He Lei’s in my mind. Their anger and their hatred were identical. I couldn’t help but lift my hand to press on Harry’s shoulder.

He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. He slowly calmed himself down. When he opened his eyes again, his face was calm. However, it was still full of sympathy. “Before you came, Noah City wasn’t here,” he said softly. He had calmed down much faster than He Lei. “It was during a migration, back when Xue Gie and the others were still young. When we were migrating, we ran into a large troop from Ghost Eclipse City. They had just massacred a tribe. Their trucks were filled with bloody corpses.” Harry’s face grew pale. The memory brought him fear. His voice and his shoulders began to shake uncontrollably. “In the prisoner’s cage, there were children and women. They immediately attacked us. Mom and dad, and the other metahumans fought with their all. It was a tragic war.”

He lowered his face and held his head in agony. He leaned against the railing for very long and he didn’t say a word.

I had never expected that the Noah City I saw wasn’t always a comfortable and peaceful kingdom. It had once experienced such a terrifying past. The peace and happiness now had been exchanged with the blood of the martyrs; to make it worse, this was only temporary. No one knew when they would run into the Ghost Eclipsers again and a similar war would take place once more.

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