Book 2: Chapter 46 - A Girl’s Heart

Harry and Raffles returned after going one round with the crowd. Raffles hugged his robot and he loathed to let go of it. Harry helped him to push the robot back to his maintenance warehouse. There, Raffles would begin dissecting it again. 

Everyone carried hope and expectations towards Kro. However, would it still be a successful trip to Kro on our next visit?

I had been exposed. Xing Chuan would definitely send people there. I wonder if there would be people from Silver Moon City standing guard there.

Uncle Mason contacted Khai and the other guys. They were still on their way to Blue Shield City. When they heard the news, we could hear their cheering from the other side of the communicator.

However, Uncle Mason didn’t tell them to come back although I had found a huge mall in Kro with all sorts of resources. As Silver Moon City’s people had seen me there, we wouldn’t be heading there again in the near future. Hence, the resources that Noah City required would still need Khai and the troop to exchange for them in Blue Shield City.

In the test cabin, I looked up at the window. Raffles was looking at me through the window, excited yet also nervous.

Elder Alufa, Arsenal, Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci and Harry stood behind the anti-radiation window. Actually, there were a few layers of windows made of special materials. It could zoom and magnify. Hence, I could see them clearly. However, the anti-radiation wall could only resist the level nine radiation that Raffles and his research team had calculated.

“Luo Bing, are you ready?” Raffles asked.

I nodded.

Elder Alufa looked at me with anticipation.

When Raffles activated the radiation test, the entire test cabin was covered in the blue light and it engulfed me. In the silent world, only these blue elves kept me company.

“Look! Elder Alufa, the radiation volume is diminishing!” Outside the blue world, I could hear Raffles’s voice.

“I saw, I saw!” Elder Alufa’s voice was shaking in excitement. “This isn’t Noah City’s hope. It is the entire world’s hope.”

My superpower was finally known. I was like a blue crystal energy. I could absorb radiation and crystallize them into energy then release them.

However, after a few rounds of tests, no one knew what my absorption limit was, or if I could continue to take it in without limit. Still, Raffles assumed that I was like a container and a container would have its limitations. Hence, I definitely had a limit but the limit simply couldn’t be determined in the test cabin in Noah City.

The level nine radiation in the test cabin originated from the one and only simulated blue crystal energy in Noah City. The simulated blue crystal energy was a crystal from the radiation zone. Under special circumstances, it crystallized the radiation and became simulated blue crystal energy. Simulated blue crystal energy was limited. It could absorb light and radiation like blue crystal energy, but the crystal was like a tiny diamond. Hence, it would be easily used up.

However, simulated blue crystal energy was safe and wouldn’t explode.

The simulated blue crystal energy in Noah City was only used in the test cabin and to activate weapons. They wouldn’t use it unless it was at a crucial time.

Due to the limited energy of simulated blue crystal energy, they couldn’t continue the test. Raffles was worried that they wouldn’t find out my limit even after I absorbed all the energy from the simulated blue crystal energy. Hence, the test was merely to show Elder Alufa and the others my superpower.

When I returned to my room after the test, Raffles and the other scientists in Noah City were still working. They started to analyze the data that Ice Dragon had brought back from Kro and also the mysterious things in Kro, spirits.

Right before my eyes, there had been spirits standing at the opening in the wall of the building as they had watched us leave. They’d looked like adults and children. Some of them had even looked like women. Their roars had sounded like sobs. In the pale world, only they had been glowing with light.

Xing Chuan had said that they consumed energy. When I had been dealing with them, I had felt that their superpowers were similar to mine. Their bodies had been covered in liquid light spots. They had not been consuming but instead absorbing, like me.

If I were to reach my limit, would I be covered in blue light spots like them? Would I glow?

When I had touched the light wall in Kro, the radiation volume had seemed to be extremely high. Hence, my arms had started glowing. I could glow, just like the spirits. However, I hadn’t turned translucent like them. They had looked empty, like a human’s soul without a body.

I looked at my hand on the bed. I had a feeling that they were human, just like me. However, they had lost the signs of life. They were sealed in the historical site. They were the people of Kro.

My hands started shivering and turned cold. In other words, I had killed two people.

“What are you thinking about? Why are you so pale?” It was Sis Cannon’s voice.

I put my hands down and looked to the door. Sis Cannon, Xue Gie and Xiao Ying entered.

“What about Ming You?” I looked at them.

“Ming You is still burying herself in the medicines you brought back. Judging from her looks, she is going to eat one of each. Hahahaha!” Sis Cannon made a joke. She sat down next to me while Xiao Ying sat on my other side. One of them held my shoulders and the other held my arm.

Xue Gie sat on the chair in my room and fixed her gaze in front of her. I didn’t know if she was daydreaming or if she was thinking of a cool speech again.

“Thank you! Captain! We finally have a chance to go out!” Xiao Ying said happily. Her boobs pressed on my arm. They were soft and bouncy, their bulk blocking her from getting close to me.

“Little girl, don’t be so happy just yet. It’s so dangerous outside!” Sis Cannon said. Her voice was always bright and clear. She looked outside the door as if she could see the outside world through it. “The law of jungle applies out there. It is full of beasts and Ghost Eclipsers! And all kinds of men!” Sis Cannon said and smirked. There was a maiden’s craving in her eyes as if she could see all kinds of handsome and muscular men.

“Control yourself!” Xiao Ying rolled her eyes. “Which girl would be so perverted! Sis Luo Bing, stay away from Sis Cannon. She likes to talk about men. Sis Cannon, you already have Khai and the others. Aren’t they enough?”

“I’m so bored of them.” Sis Cannon waved her hand in disdain like a queen. “Besides, there are quite a number of handsome men in Noah City but who does Arsenal like?”

“His Highness Xing Chuan!” Xiao Ying let go of my arm and supported her cheeks. She let out a sigh, her eyes taking on an infatuated shine. “His Highness Xing Chuan is so handsome. Every time he comes, Sharjah would be here to look for Sis Xue Gie too. He is so handsome too. The men from Silver Moon City are so handsome!”

Every time he comes…

“Sis Cannon, what kind of girl does His Highness Xing Chuan would like?” Xiao Ying asked as she blushed.

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