Book 2: Chapter 45 - Captain Luo Bing

I faced Sis Ceci excitedly, showing my determination and commitment. From her burning gaze, I could see the same desire.

“Luo Bing, tell me, can you ensure the girls’ safety?” Sis Ceci asked.

Elder Alufa, Arsenal, Uncle Mason and everyone else looked at me attentively.

I replied loudly, “No!”

Sis Ceci was shocked; everyone was confused.

Uncle Mason looked at me in shock. “You can’t? If you can’t, then why do you think you can bring the DR team out from Noah City!” he questioned me loudly.

I faced forward solemnly. “ Because I believe the girls in the DR team can protect themselves!”

Everyone was stunned.

I continued and said, “In this world, if you need the others to protect you, you don’t have the ability to go on fieldwork nor do you qualify to follow me on fieldwork! So,” I looked up at Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason, “when you asked if I could, I couldn’t! But I would like to ask the girls in the DR team, can you protect yourselves? Do you have the ability to protect yourselves during fieldwork?” My bright and clear voice reverberated throughout the hangar.

After a short silence, there was an answer in unison from behind me, “Yes!”

I smiled. I believe in the girls in the DR team. I believe in their ability. Just like how Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci believe in Harry and his scouting troop.

Harry is their son. If they didn’t believe in his ability to protect himself, why would they let him take the risk to go out?

In a strong team, besides the fact that everyone was assigned to their own role, they had to be able to take charge of something on their own. Because in a war, anyone could be sacrificed, including their captain. Would it become a group without a leader after the captain died? No, a strong team would continue to advance and complete their mission even after their captain died!

Hence, I needed such a team, a Detachment of Women!

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci studied me for very long.

They glanced behind me; I could jogging noises coming up behind me. Sis Cannon, Xue Gie, Xiao Ying and Ming You stood at my sides and they gave a military salute. “Please allow us to go on fieldwork!” Their voices had a young girl’s timbre but they sounded sonorous and forceful! They were like wild roses blooming in the desert. They were the tough roses!

Sis Ceci became emotional too. She looked at Elder Alufa and Elder Alufa nodded. Then, her gaze became even more determined.

“Alright, Luo Bing!” She looked at me solemnly.

“Yes!” I held my head high and my chest out.

“I command you to be the captain of the DR team! From today onwards, you will lead the DR team out for missions!”

“Yes!” I smiled faintly. Even since I had left Noah City on Ice Dragon and saw the broad sky, I had an idea in my head. I wanted to bring the DR team out for them to fly in the sky freely, instead of being flowers protected in the greenhouse that was Noah City.

“Sis Cannon!” Sis Ceci shouted again.


“I now assign you as the vice-captain of the DR team!”

“Yes!” Sis Cannon smiled happily.

“Xue Gie, Xiao Ying, Ming You!”


“When you are on fieldwork, follow Luo Bing’s command strictly!”


Sis Ceci looked at her DR team proudly and her eyes started welling up with tears. Her expression grew gentle and she looked at every girl’s face in the DR team. “Girls, you have all grown up!” She sounded extremely gentle when she said that; she was just like our mother. “My only regret is that I couldn’t let you fly. But now, Luo Bing can.”

“Sis Ceci.” The girls choked with sobs.

“The next time Luo Bing heads out, follow her. But, be careful, okay?”

“Sis Ceci.” Everyone hugged Sis Ceci while she kissed all the girls’ foreheads. They were like her children, her blood and flesh. I knew how dangerous the outside world was. Hence, Sis Ceci loathed to let the DR team leave Noah City to deal with the brutal outside world, where the law of the jungle applied.

Elder Alufa nodded and smiled gratefully. The members who were unloading the cargo looked envious.

Arsenal walked up to me and smiled at Uncle Mason. “Uncle Mason, from today onwards, your scouting troop has a competitor.”

“Hehe.” Uncle Mason nodded and smiled. “And a strong one to boot.”

“Sis Ceci.” I looked at Sis Ceci and the girls let go of her. I said solemnly, “Before I bring the DR team out on fieldwork, I want them to go through some field training.”

“Alright, you can take charge.” Sis Ceci had faith in me. She then looked at the girls and said, “Follow Luo Bing’s lead and go through the training from tomorrow onwards. You have never gone through field training, so it’ll be tough. But I believe you can do it.”

“Mm!” The girls nodded determinedly. I also believed that they had a persistent and strong character that was unwilling to lose to the boys. Besides, I needed to understand their ability to assign their roles during fieldwork.

It seemed that we would have to go through a lot of training before we head out.

Including myself. I learned about my flaws during my last mission.

“Captain!” Suddenly, Sis Cannon and the other girls called me. I looked at them and they leaped at me. Xiao Ying was the fastest. Before she could reach me, her boobs reached first. Due to the strong impact, I stumbled.

“Xiao Ying! Keep your boobies in!” Sis Cannon said and everyone burst out in hearty laughter. “Hahaha…”

Xiao Ying pouted then laughed proudly. There was no girl who wasn’t envious of her boobs.

“Ah!” Someone shouted and everyone looked. They thought something had happened. It turned out that they had seen Ice Dragon’s claw bring out the Silver Moon City’s robot. It shocked everyone who was unloading the cargo.

“What’s the robot?” Everyone looked curiously.

I smiled. “The captured Silver Moon City robot.”

“Silver Moon City?!” Everyone exclaimed in surprise and surrounded it out of curiosity. It represented the highest technology in the world.

“Everyone can see and touch but be careful,” Elder Alufa exhorted. That was Raffles’s baby!

“Congratulations, Luo Bing.” Arsenal smiled at me; I smiled back at her too. She looked envious. “You are a captain now.”

“Mm!” I am a captain. I will continue to grow with my team members!

The resources were allocated to Sis Meizi and the others. The children received milk powder and rice flour. Although they were for babies, Elder Alufa said that everyone can try since they had never tried before.

Only the children had the privilege to eat while the adults could only eye ravenously. In the end, Sis Ceci opened a tin of milk powder and everyone came to try some. Everyone dipped their fingers to try the milk powder and the adults started tearing with joy. It was a memorable scene.

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