Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Venus No.2’s vision sensors detected No.1 dropping away, but the current energy level was not enough to allow Venus No.2 to record this information. Without the clear communication through the shared system, No.2 could only rely on the message that it obtained from No.1’s actions. The determination that they “could not use any energy on anything outside of rescue” and the resolution to save the young robot girl.

No.2 did not host No.1’s accurate calculation program, so it could not obtain an accurate numeric result. Perhaps No.1’s energy was enough to support it till sector z-b23, perhaps not. However, No.2’s system reminded it that No.3’s model consumed slightly less energy that its own. Although the difference was essentially negligible under normal circumstances, No.2 still chose to transfer all of its energy to No.3, allowing itself to break off and remain in the universe.

“Go save her,” No.2 “said” before leaving No.3.

“Being a bit more cautious is good,” Venus No.2, the only robot with version 2.0 of the “Human Emotion” program, thought to itself. As it watched No.3 leave, No.2 used its final bit of energy to remember Dr. Wen. This doctor had finished the update for its “Human Emotion” program at the very end of her life.

“Perhaps, the meaning of us being created was not to ‘exist’.” This final calculation of such a result used up the last remnants of No.1’s energy. The vision sensor was the last thing to shut down, before it too became a tiny floating automaton, devoid of life.

No.3’s sensor was able to receive this information, and although it was just mechanical language, No.3 was able to understand the message of this “sound” without any issues. Even though it was also a message, the feeling was different from No.1’s.

However, the current situation did not allow No.3 to explore deeper into this difference, because the sensors showed that the young robot girl’s energy level had already dropped to 30%. No.3 took off all of its external equipment, leaving only the energy storage and the robotic arm that could take off its energy transfer line and connect it onto the young robot girl’s cabin. Even so, at its fastest speed, when it reached the young robot girl’s cabin in Sector z-b23, No.3 only had 4% of its energy remaining. Breaking the transfer line used up another 1% of energy. No.3 was able to finish the connection of the energy transfer line at the limit of 3%. When No.3’s energy storage dropped to 2%, the young robot girl’s cabin came back to life, revived by this new infusion of energy. The “Suns” began to resuscitate, and the young robot girl also “awoke” from her dormant state.

No.3 was unable to see all of this, because it was unable to conduct any activities without energy.

It didn’t know why, but No.3 also really wanted to run that meaningless program that No.2 ran everyday. No.3 had no “rebuttal” program, so it did just as it thought.

“Live on, Light.”

As the mechanical language rang out, the tenth “Sun” finally bloomed.

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